Paul Pogba: Blessing or Curse?
Gareth Copley/GettyImages

Paul Pogba could be set to sign a new contract at Manchester United, according to some reports from the Mail

The news was met with lots of joy and excitement by United fans; they thought their star-man was on his way and now he may be staying beyond his current contract. Hooray! But it's not all sunshine and roses for the Manchester club. They should refrain from bowing down to the 26-year-old and making the same mistakes of recent past. 

Too good to be true?

Pogba is a sensational player. There is an argument that, other than Kevin de Bruyne, he is the best midfielder in the Premier League. At a time when they do lack genuine superstars, it's no wonder that supporters want him to stay.

However, they need to stop reminiscing about the Sir Alex Ferguson era and all the big-names that he brought in. More recent history hasn't been so kind to the marquee names.

Mega money

This is a great club with a great heritage. £300,000-per-week is a crazily high wage. The idea that Pogba could sign an extension worth £400,000-per-week is quite frankly insulting. He has been on the sidelines for most of the season after an indifferent 2017-18 campaign. 

If Pogba loves the club so much then he will sign a deal on the same terms. If he believes in the vision that is unfolding under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer then he will sign on the same terms. This isn't a dig at Pogba. If United are stupid enough to offer him that kind of money then that's their fault; it's not the player's fault! 

Big personality

Rightly or wrongly, Pogba has been a bit of a circus at Old Trafford. He has an agent, in Mino Raiola, who talks a little too much. His former manager, Jose Mourinho, also has a very combative personality. It's not all been down to the player. Nonetheless, he is a flamboyant spirit and he attracts a lot of off-the-field attention. 

Make no mistake, if Solskjaer can get the best out of Pogba then that would be amazing. On form, he could not be realistically replaced by anybody better. But it's a gamble.

Upsetting the order

He could get into any team in the world and he knows that. Pogba can dictate a game. He can change a game in an instant. That is all well and good but if he isn't delivering in eight out of ten games then it probably isn't worth it. £400,000 is crazy money. It really is! 

If his form fluctuates then there will be dissenters. Other players in the squad can simply march to the club and demand more money. If Pogba is on such a wage and isn't delivering then it's exposing the club. It risks the club losing a lot of unnecessary money on players. It also risks damaging the harmony and focus of the squad. We've seen it all before.

Alexis Sanchez, possibly the club's worst signing of the decade, signed a deal worth up to £500,000 a week, as highlighted by The Telegraph, after transferring from Arsenal. Since then, Marcus Rashford managed to get a hefty pay-rise and an under-performing David de Gea managed to swindle himself a crazy new contract. One bad decision has had a rippling effect. 

New dawn

United have been clever with their recent business. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Harry Maguire and Daniel James have all made a positive impact since arriving at the club last summer. All three are young, hungry and honest players. Football before anything else. Proud to be at Manchester United. A changing of the ways. 

Bruno Fernandes was a more high-profile buy but even he arrived with a genuine humbleness. This is a player who had spent many years in the Portuguese League with a fine club like Sporting Lisbon. Still, moving from Lisbon to United is a monumental step up. 

The club were quick to dispose of players who weren't 100% committed.

Romelu Lukaku was sold to Inter Milan. Sanchez joined him on loan. Ander Herrera was allowed to leave on a free. 

Signing up Pogba on a ridiculous salary is a huge risk because of his high maintenance. Solskjaer is a modest manager working with a modest group. It's working. The club have been making small steps in the right direction.

Pogba must know his place in the hierarchy. His manager should be the most important person at the club. Currently, it looks like he is with a stable group of players.

Jack in the box

If Pogba was up for sale, the club could generate up to £100-million, or more, and that money could be reinvested in a more stable head. Jack Grealish would surely be on the table.

The Aston Villa man represents one of England's most exciting talents and would certainly add something to the ranks at Old Trafford. He's not on the same level as Pogba but he would have the potential to grow into a truly world class player. 

The Grealish route would be the safe route. The Pogba route would be the spectacular route. United have gone for the spectacular route on many occasions over recent years. It hasn't paid off. It will be interesting to see the way this saga unfolds.