Mount: I'd been over-thinking scoring goals
(Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has revealed that discussions with Frank Lampard and his father helped him to score his first goal since early December.

Mount scored the opening goal of the blues 4-0 victory against Everton last Sunday, his first since December 4th against Aston Villa. 

His struggle for goals coincided with Chelsea's struggle for form and the England international began to obsess over breaking his duck.

  • "I've been over-thinking"

Speaking to the club website, Mount said: "I feel like recently I've been trying too hard to score, snatching at shots and trying to take shots when I'm off balance. 

"When you're so focused on 'I want to score, I need to score', then that does happen- you don't take your time and focus on the technique.

"I've been over-thinking and it's not been going my way so I was trying to stay calm and not trying to look for it as much as I have been."

Mount has six goals in his debut Premier League and his latest, a lovely drive into the bottom corner, came naturally to him.

"I was just focused on the performance and then it happened," he continued.

"I turned, took a touch and finished it. It's something where you don't have to try that hard, it just comes at the right time and obviously it did today."

  • "He watches every game I play"

The 21-year-old discussed his issues in front of goal with his coach and with his father while also looking through his match footage for a solution.

"Against Bournemouth, I took a shot in the first half where it was an impossible angle and I was just trying to maybe score a worldie when it wasn't on.

"In the Bayern game, I snatched at a shot with my left foot when it just wasn't on but I wanted to score so much."

"I spoke with Frank about that but it's been more just me personally looking at my game and I've been speaking to my dad as well.

"He's very into football and watching my game, looking at where I can improve and he helps me a lot.

"He watches every game I play and then tells me after what I did well and what I didn't do the best.

"He used to play- not at a high level- and he's been a coach as well. He just wants to help make me the best I can be so I listen to every bit of advice and try to learn from it. 

"Coming off the pitch and speaking afterwards in the car is something we've done ever since I was a little kid so nothing really changes."

Mount looked to be in a bit of discomfort as he left the pitch early on Sunday, but the midfielder has confirmed that his substitution was "precautionary" and hopes to be involved at Villa Park on Saturday.

"I took a little knock, a knee in the back of the knee," he stated.

"It feels fine. The next couple of days I'll go in, get treatment and hopefully i'll be fine."