Opinion: China move should be treated seriously
Guang Niu/GettyImages

The prospect of playing matches Premier League in China has been put on the table, according to The Athletic, and that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. 

China has a huge love for football. President Xi has stipulated that he wants China to win the World Cup by 2050. This ambitious aim is a long-term goal that is being worked on right now; Shenzhen has football pitches and training facilities scattered all across the city. Sessions for schoolchildren have become mandatory as the nation seeks a rise in their footballing credentials. 


The virus may have originated in China but the Chinese Government did remarkably well to counter it. They were quick to impose tough measures and they now look like the country in the best shape. It was also a small minority of people that started this pandemic, a small minority that do not represent the majority of the Chinese population.

My personal experience of China is that the people are generally misrepresented by certain western media. The majority of people are honest and hard working. It has a great number of football fans who are in awe of teams from the west. What an opportunity it would be for them to see their heroes in action. 

People will question the country ethically. Sure, you will be able to dig up dirt if you go digging but almost every country is flawed or tainted in some way. Need one be reminded about Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup; ethically, they think very differently to many countries.

There would be an obvious backlash from supporters in England. That is understandable. Many fans follow their team to every match but would be unable to make the commitment on the other side of the world.

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It might be appropriate, now more than ever, to share some of that enjoyment. What an opportunity it would be for Chinese followers to get a front row seat to the Premier League. What gives us the sole right to English football? It is bought and cherished across the entire world. 

Even with the 2022 World Cup, it is ignorant to think that there won't be a lot of people in the United Arab Emirates that are so excited by this. Many in the middle east would not have the opportunity to see top quality footballers; in 2022, they'll be seeing some of the world's best. Football is a global game. It's important not to let political systems get in the way of that.  


Financially, a deal with China could also be beneficial. Of course, the country would have to agree to a deal but why wouldn't they? It gives a once-in-a-lifetime exposure to top-level football and the buzz it would give the nation would be huge. Imagine the money generated from tickets, shirts and other merchandise. It could be lucrative for everybody involved. 

Finishing this current season isn't going to be straightforward. This China idea may seem radical but it really shouldn't. Everything is up in the air, right now, and if this idea turns out to be the most feasible solution then so be it.