Opinion: Football risks its soul with early return
Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/GettyImages

"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance" - Socrates, the philosopher, not the footballer! One can't help but see the parallels in this as a select group of individuals try desperately to resurrect Premier League football whilst turning a blind eye to the adversity along the way. 

There are so many plates being juggled and it would be a miracle if none of them smashed! It is like a probability tree. One topic has three possible scenarios, then each of those have another three possible scenarios and so on. Theoretically, one pathway could lead to a conclusion for the 2019-20 season. 

Sportsmail reported that some drastic measure may be taken to ensure the survival of the season. These included not allowing the players to spit, potentially wearing face masks and toilets will be banned for the players. What about hazmat suits and a ball made of soap? It seems clear that certain people will to extreme lengths to bring the league back. Similar acts of delusion can be seen from other businessmen. 


Tim Martin has reaffirmed his determination to open Wetherspoons in the coming months. He has maintained that gatherings in pubs will not massively contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus. If you say something enough times then surely you'll believe it.  

The same principle applies for the Premier League. Some of the bigwigs seem undeterred by all of the warnings against its return. You could change the goalposts for basketball hoops and some people would still laud it as a return for our beautiful game! 

In many ways, this idea is rife within our political system. We heard our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, declare that he would "Get Brexit Done" for the entire of his political campaign. There was little substance to those words but it was enough to get him a huge majority last December. 

Brexit may be not be as advantageous as people once thought. Evidence suggests that no Brexit deal will be any better than that was in place with the European Union. Still, many people want to see it delivered in any way, shape, or form. It might not look anything like what was once advertised but it remains something that needs doing. 

There is a similar group of people with the unwavering view of finishing this season at all costs. What went from the possibility of finishing games in a normal way at a later date has since morphed into something quite different. 

Financial burdens

It is dictated by finances. Television companies want the most out of their rights deal. Premier League clubs don't want to lose a significant amount of their seasonal revenue. Money money money.

In fairness, if business owners could wriggle out of those tightly placed hoops of morality then they would absolutely do so. Money keeps the world running and keeps sectors alive. 

The desire to bring the top flight back will be illustrated as a necessity for fans who may be climbing the walls. It will claim to be for them. Of course, that couldn't be further from the truth but it's certainly something that will be used at the forefront of the argument. 

There is a choice between two evils. Football remains in the shadows, possibly for a long time, or football comes back as a shadow of its former self. Referring to Socrates, the biggest evil would be to ignore the glaring warning signs that oppose its return. 

Either way, nobody is going to be unanimously happy until this outbreak has passed.