Hull City vs Charlton Athletic: Charlton Win Away From Home (0-1)
Tune in for a live feed from the basement clash between Hull and Charlton
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17:032 years ago


Lee Bowyer's side have beaten Grant McCann's side 0-1 with the solitary goal from Jason Pearce proving to be the difference between the sides.

Hull City drop into the bottom three for the first time this season, while Charlton move above them. This is a massive blow to the Tigers' chances of staying up, but Charlton will be delighted with this result.

Thank you for joining me - Match Report to follow later on!

16:592 years ago

Charlton take all three points!

90+5 - As Dillon Phillips takes the goal kick, the referee blows the final whistle, and Charlton win at the KCOM!
16:582 years ago

One Last chance?

90+4 - City still trying to probe... but nothing doing currently.
16:562 years ago

Goal Kick

90+2 - The ball just drifts out for a goal kick. The points look to be Charlton's now.
16:562 years ago


90 +1 - Bad foul from Pratley. Not nice that one!
16:552 years ago

5 Minutes of added time

90' - There are 5 minutes of added time at the KCOM.
16:552 years ago

Free Kick!

90' - Phillips clattered and wins the free kick. Didn't look particularly like a foul, but the keeper gets the benefit of the doubt.
16:542 years ago


89' - Samuelson wins the fee kick, with Williams being booked.
16:522 years ago


87' - Frustration from Kane after a poor corner and he fouls Williams. Doesn't look good for Hull.
16:512 years ago


87' - Hull win a corner after good battling from Honeyman and confusion in the Charlton defense.
16:502 years ago


86' - Route one from Long and Samuelson should do better there. Still 0-1 to Charlton.
16:492 years ago

Charlton looking good to claim three points

85' - Charlton's defense has been resolute so far.
16:482 years ago

Hull Change!

84' - Samuelson is on for Wilks. Last throw of the dice for Hull.
16:462 years ago

Charlton Subs!

81' - Bowyer goes defensive with Williams on for Bonne and McGeady off for Field.
16:452 years ago


81' - Lewis Potter almost gets on the end of an Elder cross, but it is cleared. Great ball through from Kane.
16:442 years ago

Throw in

80' - Hull trying to put the pressure on Charlton, but look to still have no cutting edge going forward.
16:432 years ago

Free Kick!

79' - Hull get the free kick for a foul against Angus MacDonald.
16:432 years ago


78' - The ball flashes across the box, but the ball drifts harmlessly wide for a goal kick in the end.
16:422 years ago


77' - Lewis-Potter with a half chance after an Elder cross. Phillips gathers.
16:412 years ago

As things stand

76' - Currently, Charlton will leapfrog Hull out of the relegation zone if things stay as they are.
16:402 years ago

Player down!

76' - Josh Magennes is the player down, but he is soon back up on his feet. Phillips with the ball in his hands.
16:392 years ago


75' - Charlton looking most likely to score. Hull look weak at the back but Charlton put the ball over the bar.
16:382 years ago

Goal Kick

74' - Kane took the corner, and Honeyman's shot after a Charlton clearance is poor.
16:382 years ago


73' - Corner to Hull City with 16 minutes of normal time remaining.
16:372 years ago

Hull Substitute!

72'- Keane Lewis-Potter is now on for Dan Batty. Last throw of the dice from Grant McCann.
16:362 years ago
Oshilaja are Hemed are the Charlton players that make way.
16:362 years ago


71' - Purrington and Aneke are now on for Charlton.
16:342 years ago
69' - City knock the ball about but then Charlton win a free kick in the Tigers' half. Still looks like a lack of ideas from Grant McCann's side.
16:322 years ago

Back Underway!

68' - After the drinks break, Dillon Phillips takes the goal kick.
16:302 years ago

Goal Kick

65' - After a corner and slow build up play, the lack of quality for Hull shows yet again. We've now got a break for drinks.
16:292 years ago


64' - Hull clear their lines as Charlton put the pressure on.
16:272 years ago


62' - Wilks with the foul.
16:262 years ago


62 - Bonne should have scored there! Just headed wide.
16:252 years ago

Sub for Charlton

61' - Doughty is on for Morgan.
16:252 years ago


60' - McCann seems frustrated on the sideline as he watches Wilks foul the Charlton breakaway.
16:242 years ago


59' - Scott wins the corner for the Tigers.
16:232 years ago


58' - Magennes tries to get his head on Wilks's cross but Phillips gathers.
16:222 years ago

James Scott on for Bowler

57' - The former Motherwell man makes his debut wearing the number 44 shirt. He will look to get at the solid looking Charlton defense so far.


16:212 years ago


56' - Batty almost gets a shot away but it's cleared.
16:202 years ago

Toral not happy

55' - Jon Toral not happy as he is substituted, slamming his bottle down as he went off.
16:192 years ago


55' - Toral is off for Honeyman; Magennes comes on for Eaves and Scott is on for Bowler.
16:182 years ago


54' - Bowler's shot is deflected and Phillips takes it with ease.
16:182 years ago

Subs warming up!

53' - Looks like Scott and Honeyman are about to make an appearance. It will be James Scott's first game for the Tigers.
16:172 years ago


52' - Charlton win a corner after decent play from Cullen and Hemed with the header.
16:162 years ago


Morgan tries his luck but skies the ball over the bar.
16:132 years ago

Goal Kick

49' - Poor, poor free kick from Bowler. Out for a Charlton goal kick. Hull do not look like threatening at the minute.
16:132 years ago

Throw In

48' - Throw to Hull, and they then win a free kick with Bowyer very unhappy again at the decision.
16:112 years ago

Goal kick!

47' - Charlton goal kick after a Batty long ball bounces about the box.
16:112 years ago

Free kick!

46' - Bowyer not happy at the decision, but free kick to Hull.
16:092 years ago

Kick off!

45' - Both sides remain unchanged.
16:082 years ago

2nd Half Imminent!

Both teams are back out ahead of the restart.
16:062 years ago

Half Time

At the break, Hull are a goal down to Charlton.

What will the second half bring?


15:512 years ago

Hand ball!

Batty goes into the book for dissent.
15:502 years ago

Free Kick

45' +1 - Charlton now get the decision.
15:502 years ago

Free Kick

45' +1 - Long with the free kick.
15:492 years ago

Added Time!

There will be 4 minutes of added time.
15:492 years ago

Free kick!

44' - Free kick goes Charlton's way.
15:482 years ago

Throw In

44' - Elder with the throw.
15:472 years ago

Still 0-1 to Charlton

Hull are trying to put the pressure on the visitors, but the quality does not seem to be there currently.
15:462 years ago

Less than 5 to go...

41' - Hull knock the ball about and try to put pressure on.
15:442 years ago


39' - Poor free kick, and then a header from the cross from Toral drifts wide.
15:432 years ago


Charlton's Oshilaja goes into the book.
15:422 years ago


37' - Trickery from Bowler draws the foul on the edge of the area. Big chance for City to get back into this.
15:402 years ago


36' - McGeady's attempt is blocked and then Batty's pass is poor to try get City on the front foot.
15:392 years ago


34' - Bowler kicked from behind and wins the free kick.
15:372 years ago


33' - Batty with the shot, and Phillips turns it over the bar.
15:372 years ago

Back underway!

32' - City trying to probe the Charlton defense.
15:352 years ago

Throw in

30' - Hull with the throw, but there will be a break for injury with a Charlton player holding his face on the deck.
15:342 years ago

Goal Kick

29' - Frustrating for Hull as the free kick is too long and drifts out for a goal kick.
15:332 years ago


28' - Free kick to the Tigers after a foul on Herbie Kane.
15:322 years ago


27' - De Vijs wins the free kick.
15:312 years ago

Throw In

26' - Hull have a chance to cross with Bowler but it's a poor cross.
15:282 years ago

Back underway!

24' - George Long restarts the game.
15:272 years ago

Drinks break

22' - Charlton have got City on the ropes here. McCann will want his players to re focus and get a hold of this game. Lee Bowyer will be pleased so far.
15:252 years ago


21' - Charlton almost get a second. Their counter attacks a proving to be very dangerous and the ball just flashes across the area.
15:242 years ago


20' - City looking to get back into this game.
15:242 years ago


19' - Hull have a throw in the Charlton half.
15:232 years ago


19' - Corner to the Tigers.
15:232 years ago

Charlton Lead!

After Hull's bright start, they are punished by the Latics. McCann surely has to question the defense there.
15:212 years ago


17' - Charlton score from the corner. Jason Pearce takes advantage of poor marking from the Tigers.
15:212 years ago


16' - best chance of the game. Good save from Long - Hemed proving to be a handful and it was McGeady with the shot.
15:192 years ago
15' - Hull have the chance to counter but Batty's pass wasnt the best.
15:192 years ago

Free kick!

14' - Charlton with a free kick around 30 yards from goal towards the far side. Batty with the foul.
15:182 years ago


14' - Poor corner. Charlton throw.
15:182 years ago


13' - Corner to Charlton. De Vijs plays is safe and hoofs it out.
15:172 years ago


MacDonald blocks the Charlton shot. Half chance there for the Latics!
15:162 years ago


12 - Bowler heads wide after a Wilks cross, but the linesman had his flag up.
15:162 years ago

Free Kick

11' - Toral fouled yet again on half way. Free kick taken short.
15:152 years ago

Talking to!

Lockyer and Eaves tussled and the referee says no more.
15:152 years ago

0-0 after 10 minutes

Both sides trying to get into the game.
15:132 years ago
9' - Hull have the possession here but a good press from Charlton.
15:122 years ago


8' - Wilks's shot is blocked.
15:122 years ago


7' - Bowler should have squared it there!
15:122 years ago
7' - Bowler tried to go all himself but shoots into the side netting.
15:112 years ago
6' - Both sides look rusty as passes are going astray.
15:102 years ago
6' - Long takes the ball, and then Bowler is caught half way inside the Charlton half.
15:092 years ago
5' - Throw in at the near side for Charlton.
15:092 years ago
4' -  Wilks fouled on the half way line. Free kick.
15:082 years ago
4 - McGeady tries to cross after a short free kick but it's not a good attempt and it's a goal kick.
15:072 years ago
3' - Free kick to Charlton. Elder fouled Hemed.
15:072 years ago
3' - Charlton try get it forward but it's out for a City throw.
15:062 years ago

Free Kick

Bowler fouled on the half way line.
15:052 years ago


Just wide from the corner from Toral after Kane's corner. Very close.
15:042 years ago


1' - Toral's shot is blocked for a corner.
15:042 years ago

Take a knee...

All players take a knee before kick off.
15:032 years ago

Kick off!

We are underway here at the KCOM. Charlton will be kicking left to right, towards the South Stand. City will be shooting towards the North stand in the first half. Charlton will get us underway.
15:022 years ago

NHS tribute

The teams line up in their halves before paying tributes to those key workers who have helped in the pandemic.
15:002 years ago

Here come Hull City...

Here come the home team, making their way onto the pitch.
14:592 years ago

Charlton team emerge!

The away side are now out on the pitch.
14:592 years ago

Teams about to walk out!

We are almost ready for kick off in East Yorkshire.
14:552 years ago

5 minutes until kick off...

Not long before we get underway at the KCOM.
14:522 years ago

10 minutes to go...

Both teams are still preparing for the massive fixture ahead. How will the lack of crowd affect both sides?
14:452 years ago

15 minutes to go...

Just under 15 minutes to go until kick off at the KCOM.
14:362 years ago

Middlesborough beaten...

One positive for both teams will be Swansea's 3-0 victory today over Middlesborough. Both Hull and Charlton will be looking to leapfrog them by 4.50 this evening.


14:312 years ago
Half an hour until kick off...
14:262 years ago

Hull City: Injury updates

The word is that Da Silva is injured and Burke is not 100% fit, which is why MacDonald got the nod from McCann.
14:192 years ago

Last time out: Charlton

Charlton's last game before the league's suspension was a 1-0 defeat to Middlesborough. Lee Bowyer will be hoping for a much more positive result at the KCOM today.
14:182 years ago

Last time out: Hull City

Back on 7th March, Hull collapsed to a 5-1 defeat at Stoke City. That was over three months ago - will City put things right today?
14:152 years ago

No Da Silva?

The midfielder is the surprise omission from the 20 man squad. More as we get it!
14:132 years ago

Betting Odds!

Hull are currently 7/5 to win, and Charlton are 2/1 to come away with all three points. The draw is 21/10.
14:122 years ago

Last Time Out!

Back in December at the Valley, youngster Keane Lewis Potter rescued a point for the Tigers in the 96th minute. Will there be the same drama today?
14:112 years ago

Charlton Starting XI!

Charlton fans, are you happy with Bowyer's choices? 
14:092 years ago

Charlton Bench:

Amos, Purrington, Williams, Aneke, Sarr, Field, Oztumer, Davison, Doughty.
14:092 years ago

Charlton Starting XI!

Phillips; Matthews, Oshilaja, Lockyer, Pearce, McGeady, Pratley, Bonne, Morgan, Cullen, Hemed.
14:062 years ago

Hull fans - What do you make of the XI?

Plenty to discuss. MacDonald the surprise starter, with Kane and Wilks also starting ahead of Scott and Keane Lewis Potter. No Da Silva - waiting for word on that!
14:042 years ago

Hull Substitutes

Ingram, Tafazolli, Burke, Stewart, Honeyman, Magennis, Lewis-Potter, Samuelsen, Scott.
14:042 years ago

Hull City Team News! Starting XI

Long; Pennington, De Wijs, MacDonald, Elder; Batty, Kane, Toral; Wilkes, Bowler, Eaves. 
14:002 years ago

Last Time Out - Last Gasp Equalizer from Lewis Potter

13:582 years ago

JDV positive on City's chances

13:542 years ago

Team News to come at 2pm!

Not long until we find out the team news from the KCOM.

With Middlesborough currently losing 0-3 to Swansea, both sides will be keen to use this game to try to pull away from the bottom three.

13:492 years ago

90 minutes until kick off!

Hello, and welcome to the live coverage of Vavel UK's coverage of Hull City vs Charlton Athletic.

My name is Luke Flanagan, and I'll be covering the game today. 

19:512 years ago

Don't miss a minute of the action!

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for Hull City v Charlton Athletic.
19:492 years ago

Bowyer knows this will be tough ask for his players, but he remains optimistic

The Charlton manager admitted that Hull will be tough opposition, but thinks his team have got what it takes to get a result. “It’s going to be tough, there’s no getting away from that. But, as a group we have a good togetherness and good fighting spirit. We’ve been under pressure before – last season – I think we’ve learnt a lot.

“In some teams, once we get to the nitty gritty – i.e. this Saturday – some players aren’t going to be able to handle the pressure. That’s just natural. Some will grasp it, and some will fade away from the pressure. Im just hoping that my group stick together – which I know they will – and they will come through it. But its going to be tough, not just for us, but for all teams… it’s going to be difficult to sustain the level, especially towards the end of the games.”

19:482 years ago

McCann upbeat for bottom of the table clash

McCann told the media on Thursday, “Everyone in the group is really looking forward to the game. We’ve had a good few weeks of training and some good friendly games to help us prepare. We’ve trained at the KCOM as well and we understand what everything will look and feel like with no fans inside.

”I’ve been really impressed with the mentality of the group since they’ve come back. They understand we’ve got nine big games, starting against Charlton at the weekend, and we want to get off to a good start. As I say, it’s a game that we’re all looking forward to and hopefully we can come away with the right result.”

19:472 years ago

How to watch Hull City vs Charlton Athletic: Live TV/ Stream

This game will be exclusively shown on Tigers Player for Hull City fans and Valley Pass for Charlton supporters.

This game will not be available on "iFollow" as neither teams subscribe to this service.

VAVEL is your best option for text commentary!

19:432 years ago

Charlton Athletic: Predicted XI

Phillips; Matthews, Sarr, Pearce, Doughty; Pratley, Cullen, Lapslie; Williams, Hemed, Bonne.
19:422 years ago

Hull City: Predicted XI

Long; Pennington, De Vjis, Burke, Elder; Stewart, Da Silva, Toral; Scott, Bowler, Eaves.
19:402 years ago

Charlton Athletic team news

Lee Bowyer has no injury worries ahead of the game at the KCOM - both Lewis Page and Sam Field are both in line to return to the starting line up after time out through injury. However, Jonathon Leko, Connor Gallagher are back at their parent clubs, and Lyle Taylor, Chris Solly and David Davis have all reportedly refused to feature in the remaining nine games.
19:352 years ago

Hull City team news

After being hit badly during the second half of the season with injuries, Hull welcome back Reece Burke, Jordy De Vijs, Herbie Kane, James Scott and Tom Eaves amongst others. However, Eric Lichaj, Jackson Irvine, Stephen Kingsley and Marcus Maddison will all not feature again for the Tigers this season, after opting against contract extentions. Mallik Wilkes could feature but talks are still on going with his parent club Barnsley.
19:322 years ago

Charlton looking for only their fourth away win all season

Lee Bowyer will have hope that the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent suspension of the league didn't come at a bad time - they had registered wins against Nottingham Forest and Birmingham before the shut down in Mid March. How will his side fare against a Hull squad with plenty returning from injury?
19:292 years ago

Grant McCann's Hull City are looking to record only their second League win of 2020

Hull City have had a woeful start to 2020, with their last win in the league coming on New Year's Day away at Sheffield Wednesday. 

Injury and transfers out of the club saw Hull looking very likely to slide down the division and go down to League One for the first time since 2005.

However, could the suspension of the league have come at a good time for the Tigers, with plenty of players returning from injury?

19:242 years ago

Kick-off Time

The Hull City vs Charlton Athletic match will be played at the KCOM Stadium, in Hull, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 15:00 BST.
19:212 years ago
Welcome to’s LIVE coverage of the 2019/20 EFL Championship match: Hull City vs Charlton Athletic! 

My name is Luke Flanagan and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, squad updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.