Ehab Allam gives first interview since The Athletic investigation: Part II
Above: Ehab Allam spoke with BBC Radio Humberside last week
 (Photo by Mark Leech/Mark Leech Sports Photography/Getty Images)

Following on from part one of the interview Hull City owner gave to local BBC Radio after the publication of a focused investigation into the East Yorkshire club, he discussed the potential sale of the Tigers with broadcaster and journalist David Burns.

Allam confirmed that the club was "still for sale", and "has been for several years.”

Fans of the club will remember very clearly Ehab's father, Assem Allam, promised to walk away from the club and sell it if the proposed name change to "Hull Tigers" was rejected back in 2014.

  • There is “heightened interest in the club"

On the question of whether the price he was asking was too high, Ehab Allam said:

”We have been close and unfortunately deals have fallen down not from our doing. When there is someone serious enough with the finances to back it up then a deal will get done.”

He was coy on whether there are currently interested parties, but said that despite the current pandemic, it’s hasn’t necessarily had a negative impact on the sale, saying:

"It’s a really strange set of circumstances but surprisingly, there does seem to be a heightened interest in the club at the moment.”

However, as to the possibility of a serious offer he would consider, he simply replied "only time will tell.”

He talked in detail about the asking price for the club, without specifically confirming an actual amount.

“The asking price will vary on the league we are in. If we are in the Premier League, it is a different price to the Championship, which is a different price to League One.

"There is a market price which the market establishes, we don’t necessarily set the price, there is a valuation. We seek advice from experts in the field and we have always felt that whichever league we are in, the price has been sensible.”

  • "I think we have the biggest headroom for profit and sustainability of any club in the Championship"

Burns astutely asked Allam whether the price would be affected should the club drop down a division at the end of the season. With no win in thirteen games in the Championship, the Tigers are in a precarious position with only seven games of the season remaining. Allam divulged:

“The figures will vary depending on how the deal is structured. You’ve had the figures before in the £30ms and £40ms depending on the way that the deal is structure, the payment plan, the level of add-ons and the condition of add-ons.

"We think that is a fair price what we are at now, the squad that we have now and the squad valuation. All the players are fully paid for and there are £13m-£14m worth that is still to be received from previous player sales. You are going to struggle to find another club that has the headroom for investment. I think we have the biggest headroom for profit and sustainability of any club in the Championship.”

Allam's claim that the club is one of the most sustainable in the second tier of English football will do very little to appease the fans, given a large number of them have been waiting many years for the sale of the club to be completed with no real concrete information as to when or if this will happen in the foreseeable future.

Look out for part III of the interview which will be published here on VAVEL.