Jurgen Klopp gives his thoughts following Liverpool's 4-0 defeat to Manchester City
(Photo by Visionhaus via Getty Images)

Jurgen Klopp defended his team following a 4-0 defeat to Manchester City.

It was a tough game to watch, with Liverpool’s defence torn apart by City.

Whilst Liverpool played okay for large parts of the match, it was the quality and quick thinking of City’s forward players that punished the Reds.

Here is what Klopp had to say on the game via Liverpool’s official website.

  • Klopp on the defeat

"It has nothing to do with last week, to be honest. It hurts like defeats hurt. What I wanted to see tonight was a team who is ready to fight against Man City, who obviously had, I’m not sure if it’s the right saying, a point to prove or whatever. 

"They had easy motivation for Pep, let me say it like this and then the decisive moments, City used and we didn’t and that doesn’t help. So we had probably more chances than we had in games which we won, but we didn’t use them, or none of them, so City were there." 


  • Klopp on his team's mood and their reaction against Aston Villa on Sunday

After this disappointing result, his team his look to show their quality against Villa on Sunday.

"The attitude was good, the game was not bad - we lost 4-0, but what kind of reaction do we show? Do we show that we use the chances or whatever? That’s what we want to do of course but it has nothing to do with the game tonight. 

"I don’t know if we have to show a reaction, we have to show what we need against Aston Villa. Again, this game will be different to the game tonight."

  • Klopp on the 20-point gap to Man City 

Whilst there is a large gap between the two sides, Thursday night's game showed that this is not a gap based on the quality of the two teams.

Man City will be ready to push for the title again next season and Klopp must have his team ready for this battle.

"If anybody thought before this game that the quality gap between Liverpool and Manchester City is 20 or 23 points, I cannot help these people. Football is not about that; football is about winning games and we did that in a pretty impressive manner.

"I saw, I think, pretty much all of City’s games and even the games they lost were good, unbelievable. It is the truth, it is not that they didn’t perform or whatever. They had then the moments when the opponent scored – and that was tonight the case."