As it happened: Norwich City 0-2 Burnley


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And that's a wrap

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Lasting Thoughts

It was an efficient performance from Burnley. They got themselves in front and rarely looked like losing that control, especially when Norwich had two players dismissed. 

For Norwich, it was the ultimate story of the season. Too much naivety. A little unlucky in patches. A lot of heart but heart isn't always enough. If they come back, they'll come back stronger. 

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Instant Ratings

Norwich City: Krul 7; Aarons 7, Klose 6, Godfrey 6, Lewis 7; McLean 6, Tettey 6; Buendia 2, Cantwell 6, Hernandez 6; Drmic 2. 

Subs used: Zimmermann 7, Rupp 6, Idah n/a, Vrancic n/a. 


Burnley: Pope 7; Bardsley 7, Long 6, Tarkowski 6, Pieters 8; Gudmundsson 7, Westwood 7, Brownhill 7, McNeil 6; Rodriguez 7, Wood 7. 

Subs used: Brady 6, Vydra 6. 

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Full Time: Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

A tough watch for Norwich fans as they saw their side slip to another loss. Buendia and Drmic have a lot to answer for but their team-mates worked really hard to keep Burnley at bay. 

As it was, Burnley persevered and eventually added to Wood's goal in the first-half. It was tough for the Clarets to adjust to the situation but they managed to see the game through. 

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Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

90+3: McNeil with a corner to the edge of the box and Bardsley meets it with a first-time volley. His effort bounced into the ground and forces Krul into a solid stop. 
19:23a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

90+2: Pieters has been playing like a winger! Another surging run and his cross is deflected behind. 
19:21a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

90: Burnley set for their most victories in a single Premier League season (15). Pope also due his 15th clean sheet. Norwich continue their horrendous record of losing every match since the restart. 
19:20a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

90: Bardsley releases Vydra but Krul stands tall to make a fine save. 
19:18a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

87: Westwood played a lovely quick pass to Vydra and he finds McNeil. Godfrey is quick to snuff out the danger, though, and the Clarets can't find a way through. 
19:16a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

86: Vydra's flick invites Brady in on goal but Krul closes him down and the ball goes out for a goal-kick. 
19:15a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

84: Great save by Pope. Hernandez looks to have got the better of Tarkowski but his shot deflects off the Burnley man. The ball is goal-bound but Pope adjusts well to claw the ball behind. Fine stop!
19:14a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

83: Burnley looking to work an opening with some neat passes. Rodriguez finds himself a yard but his shot is tamely into Krul's arms. 
19:12a year ago

Norwich City 0-2 Burnley

81: Horrific from Godfrey! Pieters' cross isn't reaching anybody but the Norwich defender turns it past his own goalkeeper. A really poor touch from a man who has actually performed really well today. 
19:11a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

80: Wood off. Vydra on. A bit more wiliness from the Czech star. 
19:10a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

78: McNeil operating in a free role as Burnley are struggling to open up their opponents. 
19:06a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

76: Rupp on for Cantwell. Farke probably giving the youngster a rest.
19:05a year ago

Norwich 0-1 Burnley

74: Pieters surges forward and his deflected shot forces Krul into action. 
19:04a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

73: Brady chops inside and floats an interesting ball into the six yards box. Nobody is reacting to it and Krul gathers. 
19:02a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

72: Tarkowski appears to be okay and is back on the field.
19:02a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

70: Tarkowski down receiving treatment after McLean falls on him. Another little break for the players just moments after the last one!
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Norwich 0-1 Burnley

70: Drinks break 2.0! Burnley having more possession than they're used to and are having to be patient as they look to add to their lead. Norwich have adjusted to a defensive game-plan really well. They are fighting to keep the score respectable. 
18:59a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

68: Rodriguez's touch took a slight nick off Zimmermann and Krul's save was very impressive. The keeper would have seen that one late!
18:58a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

66: Rodriguez tries his luck from inside the box but Krul makes a fine save to deny the striker. 
18:57a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

65: Brady's ball is flicked on and Pieters keeps the ball in play with an improvised action at the bi-line. He spoons the ball back into the air and Krul has to palm the ball over the bar. 
18:54a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

63: Brownhill's ball into the box evades the two strikers but Brady is onto it. The Irishman fires over as he struggles to control the speed of the ball. 
18:53a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

60: A rare free-kick for Norwich but McLean's delivery is a little flat and is easily cleared. Norwich were also a little reluctant to push men forward, given the circumstances. 
18:50a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

59: Gudmundsson off. Brady on. Managing the minutes of two players who have struggled with injuries. 
18:49a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

58: Zimmermann making some brilliant blocks. Rodriguez finds room but cannot beat the substitute and then McNeil has a go but Zimmerman is there again! Pieters slices his follow-up shot wide. 
18:47a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

56: Rodriguez nudges Zimmermann as he challenges to reach Gudmundsson's cross. Free-kick to the home team.
18:45a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

55: McNeil isn't closed down by Aarons but his early cross is just too high for Rodriguez. 
18:44a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

53: The visitors still have an eye for more goals, though! Rodriguez finds space on the edge of the box but Godfrey does well to block his effort. 
18:43a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

52: McNeil just allows Cantwell to rob him of the ball with little challenge. Norwich trying hard to push up the pitch and will he hopeful of Burnley taking their foot off the gas. 
18:41a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

50: Great chance for Wood to get his second. Westwood picked him out with an excellent lofted pass but the striker skewed his volleyed effort wide. 
18:40a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

49: Norwich trying to push forward with Cantwell but Long makes a good tackle. Quite what Farke said at half-time is anybody's guess!
18:39a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

47: Burnley piling men forward and Norwich trying to sit deep and keep a solid shape. Could be a feature for the rest of the day: a somewhat goal-shy attack versus a flaky defence. 
18:37a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

46: Zimmermann is on for Klose. 
18:36a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

46: Back underway!
18:35a year ago

Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley


18:34a year ago

Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

How this second half goes is anybody's guess. Burnley aren't notoriously high scorers but they have a huge chance to win this by a landslide. Norwich struggle defensively and now they're down to nine men. The opportunity is there for them to hit three or four goals!
18:32a year ago

Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

Muprhy's Law for Farke. Solid start to the game followed by two red cards and a conceded goal. However, the German will know that his squad have a lot of learning to do. His squad will change next season but those that stay will be more streetwise and aware of the Premier League's challenges. 
18:28a year ago

Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

On reflection, Krul will be disappointed with the goal. Wood's bicycle kick is well executed but it comes off the striker's shin. Krul is quick to get down to the ball but the ball skips over his hands and into the corner. 
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Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

Burnley will be pleased. They haven't been at their best but they have the lead and a two man advantage! Pope will be delighted as his 15th clean sheet starts to look like more of an inevitability than a possibility. 
18:24a year ago

Half-Time: Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

It went from bad, to worse, to simply disastrous for Farke's team. Buendia saw red. Naive play. Drmic saw red. Also naive. Wood scored a great goal but the defending was horrendous. Norwich are learning some tough top flight lessons. 
18:21a year ago

Norwich City 0-1 Burnley

45+4: Burnley now ahead through Wood! A horror show from the Norwich defence who can't clear a basic punt forward. Gudmundsson pounces, crossing for Wood who executes an excellent bicycle kick. Krul wasn't expecting that one!
18:19a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

45+3: Drmic is off (for real this time)!
18:18a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

45+3: Norwich down to nine men! Drmic with a reckless lunge at Pieters and he's off too! He doesn't get much of Pieters but he doesn't get much of the ball, either! VAR are checking.
18:16a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

45: Norwich have weathered a little storm since losing a man. Krul has made some good saves and Burnley haven't been able to finish their chances. The hosts will be hoping to hold out until the break.
18:13a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

44: It looks like Wood tripped himself up! No penalty. 
18:13a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

42: McNeil whips a vicious ball into the box but Wood can't get there ahead of Klose. Did Klose foul Wood with his lunge, though? VAR are looking. 
18:11a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

42: Brilliant save by Krul. McNeil's effort takes a deflection off the wall and the keeper had to adjust to push his effort over. 
18:10a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

41: Cantwell bundles McNeil over and Burnley have a free-kick in a good position. 
18:09a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

39: Rodriguez is looking to make the extra man count, forcing Krul into a smart save from the edge of the box.
18:08a year ago

Norwich 0-0 Burnleyy

38: Norwich were well in this game. A very close affair. That really is a sucker punch. They've not had much luck this season and it's another example of their naivety. 
18:07a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

36: It seemed harsh. A coming together between two players but it wasn't too dirty. Still, Buendia has made the referee make a decision and that, in itself, is very naive. 
18:06a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

35: Friend went to the on-side television camera and deduced that Buendia's action was violent enough to receive a red card. Silly from the Argentine. 
18:05a year ago

Norwich 0-0 Burnley

34: Red card! Buendia swings his elbow towards Westwood and, after VAR intervention, he's off. 
18:04a year ago

Norwich 0-0 Burnley

32: The Clarets are trying hard to engineer a chance but Norwich are being rather resilient. Wood and Rodriguez are having to drift wide to get hold of the ball. 
18:00a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

29: A little scuffle between Tarkowski and Aarons but the former is quickly laughing. Friend brings the pair together and make amends. 
17:58a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

26: Disappointing delivery from Buendia who had a free-kick in a presentable position. Hernandez is also sloppy as he misreads a bouncing ball and allows it to brush his arm, wasting a good opportunity for the hosts to attack.
17:56a year ago

Norwich 0-0 Burnley

24: Drinks break! Fairly even showing. Burnley containing and looking to threaten from set-pieces. Norwich trying to pass the ball but struggling in the final-third. Both managers should be fairly content.
17:55a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

23: McNeil's corner has Krul scrambling but Friend adjudges that the keeper has been fouled and awards a free-kick. 
17:54a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

20: Rodriguez turns Klose but screws his shot wide. 
17:50a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

19: Norwich go very close! Pope makes a brilliant reaction save to keep out Godfrey's point-blank header and the follow-up volley from Tettey is turned away by Tarkowski. Great blocks all round!
17:46a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

16: A bit more possession for Burnley in the Norwich half. Rodriguez drifting wide to try and get more of the ball.

McNeil surges forward promisingly but lashes a long-range effort over the bar. 

17:44a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

14: McNeil moving centrally to get more of the ball. Burnley's most creative player has been starved on the ball in this opening period.
17:42a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

12: McNeil crashes a cross into the midriff of Aarons but, again, no handball is given. Looks to be the right call. The ball came at Aarons with pace. 
17:41a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

11: Three corners in the first eleven minutes for Norwich. Easy claim for Pope, this time, though. 
17:39a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

9: Norwich's fluid attack is on show. Cantwell in the centre and then out on the right. A free role. Buendia coming central as well. Lewis and Aarons always lookign to offer themselves in attack. 
17:37a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

6: Bardsley's early cross looks to have hit the arm of Lewis but Friend waves away any apepals. 
17:35a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

4: Sloppy pass by Brownhill but Norwich can't make anything of the turnover. 
17:33a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

2: Tidy from Norwich. Passing the ball around with confidence. Seems to be a real desire to win their final home match of the season.
17:31a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

1: Good start from the hosts. Lewis bombs down the right and wins an early corner with his cross deflecting behind off Gudmundsson. 
17:30a year ago

Norwich City 0-0 Burnley

1: And we're off! 
17:29a year ago

More freedom

Norwich looked more assured against Chelsea last week. They were pounded 4-0 by West Ham United in the match before, confirming their relegation to the Championship. 

Burnley have been playing wonderfully well but, like their opponents, are largely playing for pride now. The Clarets are safe in the top flight for another season and are only optimistically chasing a European spot. 

17:26a year ago


Kevin Friend is the man with the whistle today. Experienced man for the occasion. 
17:25a year ago

Fun Fact

This is the first meeting at Carrow Road between the two teams since the 1973-73 season. I'm sure Norwich would rather have more riding on it than this!
17:22a year ago

Hot Rod

Rodriguez has been great for Burnley since the restart. He's scored two winners and an equaliser at Anfield. The Burnley-born talent has always been positive with his attitude and his efficiency in-front of goal has been pleasing to see. 
17:20a year ago

No Pukki Party

Norwich's goal-scoring striker has been quite the opposite for some time now. He has been making less runs in behind and, like the team, has looked a lot more tentative when in possession. A team that took risks in the final-third now looks scared to make the wrong decision. 

Josip Drimic will continue to lead the line but the Swiss has rarely looked like filling that goal-scoring void. 

17:16a year ago

Oh Buen-dear

Norwich's creator Bunedia has suffered a slight injury in the warm up. We will see how this one develops.
17:15a year ago

Clean Sheet

Nick Pope is currently neck-and-neck with Ederson Moraes in the race for the Golden Glove. 

Both keepers have 14 clean sheets and favourable fixtures to extend their number of shutouts. 

The Clarets will back themselves to contain the goal-shy Canaries and then welcome Brighton and Hove Albion to Turf Moor in the final set of fixtures for the season. 

City have Norwich as their final match after a trip to struggling Watford. 

17:11a year ago


Farke's team seem to have lacked confidence and experience. They have a young team and very few players with Premier League know-how. 

Still, suggestions that they should have simply acquired some "experience" are a little misguided. Gary Cahill had been mooted by some. Cahill would have struggled massively with the progressive style of play that Norwich play with. 

On their game, these players had the capacity to stay up. Unfortunately for them, they seemed to dip mentally and going down could actually be a blessing in disguise. If they bounce back, they will have the come back with a thicker skin and a stronger character. 

17:06a year ago

Hold heads high

I took quite a strong stance against this piece in the Daily Mail. Norwich may be going down quietly but they can take a lot of heart from their Premier League efforts. They are going down debt free and in much better shape than what they were in when they came up to the top flight. 

16:57a year ago

Bulldog Burnley

The visitors have been vert stingy since the defeat to Manchester City. They haven't lost in six and they haven't conceded more than once in a game since that defeat. 

On the contrary, they haven't scored more than one in a game since the restart, either, so this could be a tight match. Burnley are efficient with their chances and back themselves to hold out once they go ahead. 

16:53a year ago


Norwich will hope that their vesatility in attack can reap some rewards. Cantwell, Hernandez and Buendia are versatile. The latter can thrive as a number-ten but also shifts to the right at times. 

Similarly, Cantwell started out as a left-winger but has played as the ten and can operate on the right. When Norwich were fast and fluid, teams struggled to cope with them. They've lost a lot of confidence since the restart and Farke will be hoping to see a late resurgence from their young stars. 


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Stay tuned

That's it from me for now, be sure to stay tuned for team news and live commentary on the events at Carrow Road. 
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How to watch

The game at Carrow Road will be shown on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League. It will also be available for free on Pick TV. Kick-off is at 17.30 on a Saturday. 
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Sean Dyche on continuing momentum

“We’ve got to safeguard against that by being ready to deliver another performance.

“So I think we go there open-minded as we have done with all these games after lockdown. We’ve got to remind the players that is going to be needed.

“We don’t take anyone in the Premier League lightly, nor should we, because it is so tough going around winning games.

“We’ve had that unfortunate experience like Norwich. We went down the first time we came up and I think we finished win, draw, win.

“I know it sounds crazy but the pressure release is off. It’s done now and weirdly that opens people up a little bit.”

15:12a year ago

Daniel Farke on Burnley

Taken from

“Burnley have shown so much consistency and resilience with one loss in 14 games, so it won't be easy. “It's important to be ourselves. Our ideas are different and we want to play on the front foot.

“They are role models for going down and coming back up. I'm full of praise for Sean's work. They proved you can come back stronger. Jurgen Klopp was promoted with Mainz, then got relegated, but now look where he and they are.

“Next time we will try to be better prepared and stay for longer.”

15:07a year ago

Predicted Teams

Norwich City: Krul; Aarons, Klose, Godfrey, Lewis; Tettey, McLean; Cantwell, Steipermann, Hernandez; Pukki.

Burnley: Pope; Bardsley, Long, Tarkowski, Pieters; Gudmundsson, Westwood, Brownhill, McNeil; Vydra, Wood. 

15:06a year ago

Team News

Norwich are in good shape ahead of their penultimate match of the season. Daniel Farke may call upon the presence of Teemu Pukki with the hope that their Finnish forward can rediscover his goal-scoring touch. 

Burnley's depleted squad has taken another hit with Jay Rodriguez and Charlie Taylor set to miss out of this clash. Rodriguez came off against Wolves with an ankle injury and Taylor was forced off, against the same opposition, with a knee problem. 

15:05a year ago

Key Clashes

Ben Godfrey v Chris Wood

The Norwich defender is already attracting suitors who like his composure on the ball. In Wood, he will face a tough physical battle. 

Todd Cantwell v Erik Pieters

Cantwell is another player who has impressed this season. The winger is tricky, hard-working and capable of making things happen. He will fancy his chances against Pieters with the Dutchman set to return to his more natural left-back slot.

Alex Tettey v Josh Brownhill

Tettey is an experienced head in a young Norwich team. New-signing Brownhill will be looking to make attacking runs from deep, through that double-pivot of Tettey and McClean, and it will be up to the latter to stop those runs being fruitful. 

15:00a year ago


Norwich City: LLLLLL

Burnley: WWDWDD

Relegated Norwich City have had a turgid return to football - losing every game after the lockdown. Emi Buendia's curling strike against Watford is the only goal that they have managed to score since the restart.

Burnley have shown character to fight back in the past two matches. A well-taken strike from Jay Rodriguez and a Chris Wood penalty was enough to share the spoils with Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers, respectively. 

Sean Dyche's men ran out as comfortable winners 2-0 in the reverse fixture at Turf Moor. 

Norwich will be hoping to end their rotten run by taking something out of their final home game this season. The Clarets have a faint chance of qualifying for the UEFA Europa League but will simply be focused on continuing their six-game unbeaten run.  

14:55a year ago

Greetings everyone!

Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK’s live text commentary of this matchday 37 fixture in the Premier League, Norwich City vs Burnley. Stay tuned for a comprehensive preview followed by live updates from when the match kicks off on Sunday 18 July at 17:30 BST.