Millwall Lionesses announce a new partnership with "Be My Eyes"

Millwall Lionesses have announced an exciting new partnership with "Be My Eyes." 

"Be My Eyes" is a charity that connects blind people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance over a video call.

  • How it works

"Be My Eyes" is a charity that helps those who are visually impaired by pairing them with a volunteer who will assist them via a video call.

A visually impaired person or someone who's vision is low can request assistance from a volunteer who will assist them with whatever they need. This could be something as helping them with an expiry date.

Over 4.2 million volunteers have already signed up. The hope is that even more will now take the option to do so.

The "Be My Eyes" logo will appear on the shorts of the Millwall Lionesses this season. This service is a free service, in addition to the logo being printed on the shorts of the players, it will be paid for by the Millwall Supporters Club.

Here you can find a video which will give more information on "Be My Eyes."