As it happened: Leicester 0-1 Aston Villa - Premier League 2020
General View of of the King Power Stadium before tonights Carabao Cup match between Leicester City and Arsenal at the King Power Stadium, Leicester, England on 23rd September 2020. (Photo by Leila Coker/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


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Final thoughts

Villa dealt with Leicester's threats very well - they looked assured at the back and like they could steal a goal all night. 

Brendan Rogers' substitutes did improve Leicester, but Villa were able to weather that storm and score a late winner. 

This is Villa's fourth win in a row this season and extends their unbeaten run to eight going back as far as last season in the Premier League.

Plenty of positives for Dean Smith's side as they prepare to face Leeds United at home on Friday night. 

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FT: Leicester 0-1 Aston Villa

Ross Barkley's late goal seals three points for Villa, which sees them rise to second in the Premier League. 

Villa have managed to make it to 4 Premier League wins in a row. Some achievement for the side who narrowly avoided relegation. 

On the balance of play, Villa deserved the three points after a full-blooded performance away at the King Power. 

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With four minutes of added time, Villa are pushing for a second! 0-1.
21:0910 months ago

Ross Barkloey puts Villa ahead

Barkley recieves the ball and drives at the Leicester defence before letting rip from outside the box. His low driven shot beats Schmeical's right corner. 
Well deserved from Villa. 0-1.
21:0710 months ago

90' GOAL

Ross Barkley scores a screamer for Villa to go 1-0 right at the death!. 0-1. 
21:0710 months ago


Bertrand Traore nearly nets for Villa as Grealish crosses the ball in the box - the winger hangs in the air and his header is caught by Schmeical. 0-0. 
21:0610 months ago


Tyrone Mings stands up to Castange in the box, the Belgians effort goes wide for a goalkick. Villa look incredible at the back. 0-0. 
21:0410 months ago


Squeaky bum time for both sides. Villa are going for it late on, Jack Grealish dances through the Leicester midfield into the box and plays the ball to Barkley, who's surrounded by Leicester defenders. The ball is cleared. 0-0.
21:0310 months ago


Bertrand Traore makes his first contribution of the game with a cross which is deflected wide, the winger takes the corner but nothing comes from it. 0-0. 
21:0110 months ago


Villa finally manage to get out of their own half and trying to probe at the Leicester defence. 0-0. 
21:0010 months ago


Barnes finds himself wide on the left and tries to get a shot away, but is eventually dealt with by Cash and Luiz. Leicester enjoying more possession outside Villa's box and are looking to cross the ball into the box. It's all Leicester at the moment, still 0-0. 
20:5810 months ago


As we enter the final 10 minutes of regular time, Leicetser are looking more dangerous. James Maddison looks lively for the hosts and is causing a few problems for Villa in that '10' role. 0-0.
20:5710 months ago

80' Substitute

Bertrand Traore replaces Trezeguet on the right wing for Aston Villa. 0-0. 
20:5710 months ago


A smart freekick from Maddison finds Perez in the box, his shot is blocked by the Villa defense as they clear the danger. 0-0.
20:5610 months ago

78' Yellow card

Douglas Luiz is booked for a push on James Maddison. Freekick to Leicester. 0-0.
20:5510 months ago

77' Substitute

Mendy makes way for Choudhury as Leicester's final substitute. 0-0. 
20:5410 months ago


Barnes gets a yard to shoot just inside the Villa box, his effort is blazed well over. 0-0.
20:5410 months ago


Jack Grealish squanders a good opportunity in a 3v3 situation on the counter attack, he holds onto the ball too long, but manages to get a cross into the box. Watkins unable to meet the ball. 0-0.
20:5210 months ago


Barkley and Targett try a nice technique, as Targett rolls to ball to Barkley who runs at the Leicester defence and is eventually dispossessed. 0-0. 
20:5110 months ago

74' Yellow card

Jonny Evans cynically brings down Watkins in a 2v2 area and is in the books. Freekick to Villa roughly 40 yards out. 0-0.
20:5010 months ago


Matt Targett's freekick isn't able to beat the first man and Leicetser initiate a counter attack. The Foxes are growing back into the game, still tied. 0-0. 
20:4910 months ago

72' Yellow card

Castange is finally booked after another failed tackle on Jack Grealish. 0-0. 
20:4810 months ago


Maddison's freekick is deflected by the wall and Villa try to clear the chance, Barkley is dispossessed and Leicester go on the attack again. 0-0.
20:4710 months ago

70' Substitute

Islam Slimani comes on to replace Ihenacho. 0-0.
20:4710 months ago


Substitute Maddison is brought down outside the box by Douglas Luiz. Freekick to Leicester. 0-0.
20:4610 months ago


Leicester counter but the effort is cleared and Watkins finds the ball upfield for Villa. His left footed shot is deflected into the hands of Schmeical. 0-0.


20:4610 months ago


Ollie Watkins misses a volley at the back post, but Grealish recycles the play and finds Luiz outside the box who lets it rip - but his shot is straight at the keeper. 0-0. 
20:4510 months ago


John McGinn wins another corner for Villa with a lovely spin. 0-0. 
20:4410 months ago

67' Substitute

Denis Praet makes way for James Maddison. 0-0. 
20:4310 months ago


Corner to Villa, as a pass from Douglas Luiz to Trezeguet is intercepted. 0-0. Corner comfortably caught by Schmeical at the far post. 0-0. 
20:4210 months ago


Mings intercepts a pass from Tielemans and releases Grealish on the counter attack. Grealish then finds McGinn maurading forward, who blunders his cross which fails to find Trezeguet. A good opportunity passed up on there by Villa. 0-0.
20:4010 months ago

63' SAVE

Martinez catches the freekick from Tielemans who looks to beat Martinez at his near post. Routine for the Argentine. 0-0.
20:3910 months ago


Cash awkwardly falls on Justin just outside the box as Justin goes down very easily. Freekick outside the box for Leicester. 0-0.
20:3910 months ago


Matty Cash, a breath of fresh air for Villa. Intercepts the ball on the halfway line and crosses into the box for Watkins, the ball however finds Grealish wide left. He dribbles the ball out for a goal kick. 0-0. 
20:3710 months ago


Tielemans calls Martinez into action with a shot from range, which Martinez comfortably deals with. 0-0.
20:3610 months ago


Leicester beat the Villa press and Perez manages to get a cross into the box to Tielemans - who fouls Trezeguet who was on the recovery. Freekick to Villa inside their own box. 0-0. 
20:3410 months ago


Villa very much on the front foot now, pressing Leicester very well and looking assured at the back. They must take advantage of the set pieces they're winning. Much better though by Villa. 0-0. 
20:3310 months ago


Corner to Villa. Douglas Luiz wins possession back for Villa and plays in Grealish, who turns the Leicester defense and brings Trezeguet into the game. His effort is deflected wide, corner to Villa. 0-0.
20:3110 months ago


Ezri Konsa pops up to head Grealish's corner at the back post, his attempt however fairs just wide. Much better from Villa. 0-0.
20:3010 months ago


Targett's freekick is headed on by Tyrone Mings who's header is cleared away by Leicester. Konsa finds himself crossing the ball which is deflected out by Mendy for a corner. 0-0
20:2910 months ago


Jack Grealish is again fouled by Castange as the Villa captain attempts to dribble past the Belgian. Freekick to Villa. 0-0. 
20:2810 months ago


Villa wasteful of opportunity from the corner spot as Leicester head away their corner with ease. Villa must take advantage of these set piece situations. 0-0.
20:2710 months ago


Villa are again slow to grow into the half, though Grealish is toying with the Leicetser defence, the Villa captain finds Targett whos cross is cleared by Leicester. 0-0.
20:2510 months ago


Trezeguet catches Evans as he snatches the ball, freekick to Leicester on the halfway line. 0-0.
20:2410 months ago


Harvey Barnes gives away a freekick as he collides with Cash in Villa's half. 0-0. 
20:2310 months ago


Trezeguet brings Justin down and concedes a freekick. The ball put into the box bounces about as Perez strikes the ball. Corner to Leicester. 0-0
20:2210 months ago

46' Back underway

Both sides are back out as Leicester get the game underway. 0-0. 
20:0910 months ago

HT 0-0


20:0910 months ago

HT 0-0

After a bright start from Leicester, Villa have managed to weather the storm early on and have grown into the game very well. 

Both sides look evenly matched playing 4-3-3, with both Ihenacho and Watkins making intelligent runs beyond beyond the defense for their respective sides. 

Castange for Leicester has again looked like a brilliant attacking outlet from deep which we've become use to in the Premier League. 

Jack Grealish looks lively as always for Villa, Ross Barkley has taken his time to grow into the game and will be looking to cause Leicester more problems in the second half. 

20:0410 months ago


Grealish, Barkley and Targett link up beautifully down the left whcih leads to a Matt Targett cross into the box, which Trezeguet heads but is unable to steer it on target. Villa really giving it a go here. 0-0.
20:0310 months ago


Watkins flagged offside for a run which was timed to perfecting - his shot was hit wide anyway. 0-0. 
20:0210 months ago


As halftime approaches, Leicester look to launch another cross from deep to trouble Villa, which is cleared with ease. 0-0. 
20:0010 months ago


Matt Targett takes the freekick, which is hit just over the bar. 0-0. 
19:5910 months ago


Douglas Luiz initiates a counter attack and plays Trezeguet in. The Egyptian is pulled down outside the box and Villa are awarded a freekick. Tielemans booked for a previous offence. 0-0. 
19:5810 months ago

39' Yellow card

Barnes gets the better of Cash, the defender pulls back Barns with both hands and concedes a freekick on the halfway line. 0-0. 
19:5710 months ago


After some slight technical issues, we're back. Villa have enjoyed two spells in and arround the Leicester box, but haven't been without their own defensive blunders. Ezri Konsa was caught trying to play out from the back, thankfully, Cash was able to intercept the danger. 0-0. 
19:5010 months ago

31' Yellow card

Ayoze Perez is in the book as he brings down Grealish lazily as Grealish danced past him. Freekick to Villa is taken by Targett but the opprtunity is squandered. 0-0. 
19:4710 months ago


Leicester are looking to wear the Villa defense down, constantly looking for the space between the center halves and fullbacks. Castange gets another cross into the box which is again cleared by Matty Cash. 0-0. 
19:4510 months ago


Ezri Konsa is caught by the arm of Ihenacho and wins a freekick for Villa inside their own half. 0-0. 
19:4410 months ago


Villa are looking much more settled into the game. Matt Targett crosses the ball to Grealish, who switches the play to Trezeguet in the box - the Egyptian's shot fairs just wide but is brought down in the box. Penalty not given. 0-0.
19:4210 months ago


Ihenacho recieves the ball on the half turn between Targett and Mings and manages to get a left footed shot off from outside the box, which is caught well by Martinez. 0-0. 
19:4110 months ago


Grealish initiates a counter attack and finds Douglas Luiz, whos cross is headed away. John McGinn wins the ball back and looks to play Trezeguet in over the top but his cross is collected easily. 0-0. 
19:4010 months ago


Praet plays Ihenacho through, who manages to find Castange in space down the right hand side. He approaches Martinez on the  near post but his shot is saved by the Argentine. 0-0. 
19:3910 months ago


Grealish's freekick is met by Schmeical who launches the ball long to Perez on the counter attack. He however fumbels in possession and Villa clear. 0-0.
19:3710 months ago


Villa again look to Cash as an attacking outlet, though his cross is headed away. Soon after Jack Grealish is fouled by Praet, shock. Freekick to Villa 35 yards out on the right flank. 0-0
19:3610 months ago


Leicester beat Villa's press with a long ball and hit them on the counter attack, a fine dummy from Barns lets the ball fall to Perez - who's cross doesn't meet anyone. 0-0. 
19:3410 months ago


Matty Cash delivers a cross into the box, looking for Ollie Watkins - but his cross is headed away by the Foxes. 0-0.
19:3310 months ago


Ezri Konsa wins a freekick for Villa as Denis Praet brings down the Villa defender. Villa struggling to get out of their own half at times. 0-0.
19:3110 months ago


John McGinn comes to Villa's rescue as he intercepts a pass insde the box from Praet - a vital interception from the Scottish international. 0-0.
19:3010 months ago


Ihenacho is caught offside and collides with Emi Martinez for Villa, Martinez gets up and is fine. 0-0
19:2810 months ago


Villa are dealing with the pressure Leicester are putting on early on, Matty Cash heads away a deep cross from Mendy as Villa look to get up the pitch. 0-0. 
19:2610 months ago


Leicester are looking well drilled defensively - taking no chances with Watkins and the like. Fofona deals with a deep cross from Matt Targett easily. 0-0.
19:2410 months ago


Barkley looks to play Watkins in with a chipped pass over the Leicester back line, Schmeicel collects the ball comfortably. 0-0. 
19:2210 months ago


The game has been pretty start stop at the moment, with both Leicester and Villa already having freekicks early on in their own halves. 0-0.
19:2010 months ago


Villa wearly early as a cross from Castange loops to the back post, but no-one was there to head home for the hosts. Trezeguet clears the danger for Villa. 0-0.
19:1810 months ago


Villa get the game underway from the middle of the park. 0-0
19:1610 months ago


1' And we're off! 0-0.
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Final preparations


18:5210 months ago

Leicester the victors last time round

The last game of Premier League football before the nation locked down was at the King Power as Leicester hosted Villa. That was certainly a night to forget for Dean Smith's Villa...


18:4210 months ago

Leicester fan reaction


18:4110 months ago

Villa fan reaction


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Will Maddison feature?

Leicester City substitutes: Ward, Morgan, Choudhury, Maddison, Albrighton, Ünder, Slimani
18:3610 months ago

No Keinan Davis?

Aston Villa substitutes: Steer, Elmohamody, Engels, Nakamba, Hourihane, Traore, El Ghazi
18:3410 months ago

Debut for Fofona


18:1910 months ago

Starting XI's

Leicester City: Schmeichal; Castange, Evans, Fofona, Justin; Mendy, Praet, Tielemans; Perez, Iheanacho, Barnes. (4-3-3).

Aston Villa: Martinez; Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett; Luiz, McGinn, Barkley; Trezeguet, Watkins, Grealish (4-3-3).

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Leicester City team news


18:1610 months ago

Aston Villa team news


18:1310 months ago

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Rogers full of praise for Jack Grealish

Brendan Rogers had plenty of positive things to say about Villa's captain Jack Grealish:

"His personality on the field is absolutely fantastic. He's got a real in-built brain for football."

"When he carries the ball, his awareness of his space really shows me the talent he is. He understands where space is, he gets tackled a lot, he stays on the ball a bit longer than other people and draws fouls but also draws people out of position. His weight of pass is exceptional."

19:2910 months ago

Villa "tougher to beat"

Dean Smith insists that this new look Villa side is much different to the side which lost 4-0 to Leicester in March:

“We’re tougher to beat."

 “Defensively, from the front our work-rate and work ethic without the ball, and that’s down to a little bit of fitness introduced as well that we worked on during the lockdown and that’s certainly improved us.”

This game against Leicester will prove to be a good marker for how far Smith's Villa side have come in such a short period of time. 

19:2410 months ago

How to watch

Leicester vs Aston Villa will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office; kick-off is at 7.15pm. Highlights will also be published on the Sky Sports digital platforms and the Sky Sports Football YouTube channel shortly after the final whistle.
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Predicted line-ups

Leicester City XI: Schmeical; Fofona, Morgan, Fuchs; Castange, Justin; Mendy, Tielemans, Maddison; Iheanacho, Barns (3-5-2).

Aston Villa XI: Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett, Luiz, McGinn, Barkley, Trezeguet, Watkins, Grealish (4-3-3).

19:1410 months ago

Leicester City team news

Jamie Vardy is expected to miss the game with a calf injury, both Soyunchu and Jonny Evans returned from the international break with injuries and will likely miss the clash. 

Rogers is expected to run with a defensive pairing of two Wes' - handing Wesley Fofona his debut alongside club captain Wes Morgan.

Daniel Amart and Denis Praet are expected to be out with hamstring and knee injuries respectively. 

James Maddison may feature for some of the game, despite the midfielder carrying a calf injury.

19:0910 months ago

Aston Villa team news

Smith is happy to confirm his squad is fully fit, with the exception of long term absentees Tom Heaton and Wesley Moares.

Defender Bjorn Engels is back in training but not expected to feature for Villa. 

19:0410 months ago

Will Foxes recover from their West Ham hangover?

Brendan Rogers will have been thankful for the international break, as his side looks to recover from their 3-0 hammering dealt by West Ham United. 


Though, Leicester will be without a handful of key players:



18:5910 months ago

Can rampant Villa make it four in a row?

After Dean Smith's Aston Villa convincingly demolished Liverpool 7-2 before the international break and have impressed early on in the season, winning all of their Premier League games so far in the 2020/21 season. 


Can Villa get the better of Leicester to make it four Premier League wins in a row?

18:5410 months ago

A battle for 2nd

A win for either side gives both teams the chance to rise to as high as second in the Premier League very early on.
18:4910 months ago

Kick-off time

Leicester City vs Aston Villa will be played at the King Power Stadium, Leicester, United Kingdom. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:15 GTM.
18:4410 months ago


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