As it happened: Leeds United 0-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League
Third time lucky: after goals from Patrick Bamford and Romain Saiss are ruled out by offside calls, Raul Jimenez's goal counts | Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images


22:1410 days ago

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22:1310 days ago

Full-time thoughts

Credit to them, Leeds were consistently threatening through that match. With the number of crosses they put into the Wolves box they arguably deserved a goal, but the fact that they couldn't score off any of their numerous chances is testament to a solid defensive performance by the Wolves back three, and especially by Max Kilman, who at this point has a valid claim to a spot in Nuno's starting XI. Wolves captain Conor Coady revealed after the game that Kilman has been improving his close-quarters defending by regularly practicing one-on-one against Adama Traore, and the quality that Kilman now shows in defence is a credit to his dedication. Regarding Kilman's man of the match award, Coady said "He deserves it, he's been brilliant ... he's learnt the role inside out ... he gives us balance on the left with Saiss ... he's a pleasure."

After a nervy first half with very few attacking opportunities and a lot of defending to do, Wolves came out much the stronger side in the second half, overpowering Leeds at times, and as more and more opportunities presented themselves a Wolves goal started to seem inevitable, and Jimenez's goal was well deserved. The moment when he dedicated his goal celebration to his unborn daughter Arya was touching. Jimenez then did well to finish the game without a booking or a sending off after kicking upwards at Koch after he was taken down, and after a dodgy challenge before Neves' double-chance. Unlike what so many predictions said, including my own, this match was hardly a goal-fest. In this game of tight margins, Wolves' discipline and resilience won the day.

21:5510 days ago


Dallas long ball cleared by Saiss. Neves clears the last attack of the game. Wolves hand Leeds their first home defeat of the season.
21:5510 days ago

96' LEE 0-1 WOL

Klich collects it. Neves and Dendoncker combine to send it back. Phillips collects. Poveda tries the cross but can't find a way through.
21:5410 days ago

95' LEE 0-1 WOL

Leeds have a corner.
21:5310 days ago

95' LEE 0-1 WOL

Jimenez wins the ball off Raphinha on the edge of the Wolves box. Wolves defending hard now.
21:5310 days ago

94' LEE 0-1 WOL

Free kick conceded inside the Wolves half by Marcal, unnecessarily.
21:5210 days ago

94' LEE 0-1 WOL

Max Kilman is today's man of the match. Fully deserved after an exemplary defensive performance.
21:5210 days ago

93' LEE 0-1 WOL

Raphinha crosses into the side netting from the left.
21:5110 days ago

92' LEE 0-1 WOL

Wolves attack is on. Neves has two shots blocked by Phillips and Ayling after running from the halfway line to the edge of the box. Goal kick.
21:5110 days ago

91' LEE 0-1 WOL

Wolves holding the ball very well, preventing Leeds from attacking.
21:5010 days ago

90' LEE 0-1 WOL

6 added minutes to come.
21:5010 days ago

90' LEE 0-1 WOL

Argument around the referee between Wolves and Leeds players. VAR is looking at it. Jimenez appears to have kicked Koch lightly in the groin after going down. Lucky to not be sent off for that.
21:4810 days ago

89' LEE 0-1 WOL

Marcal coming on for Neto who has had a brilliant game on the right.

Jimenez has been taken down violently.

21:4710 days ago

88' LEE 0-1 WOL

Right-sided Leeds attack cleared away by Neves. Throw-in. Wolves defending well. Very dangerous head-height byline cross by Ayling, caught by Patricio.
21:4610 days ago

87' LEE 0-1 WOL

Wolves counter on with a long diagonal to Traore who is robbed by Dallas. Leeds on the attack.
21:4510 days ago

86' LEE 0-1 WOL

Neto carries it into the corner trying to win a corner, without success. Marcal about to come on. Coady cuts out a dangerous through ball and knocks Bamford over with his clearance. Throw-in won.
21:4410 days ago

85' LEE 0-1 WOL

Wolves forwards pressing well, stopping Leeds from playing out in the way they'd like to.
21:4410 days ago

85' LEE 0-1 WOL

Bamford takes Semedo down cheaply, free kick to Wolves.
21:4310 days ago

84' LEE 0-1 WOL

Hernandez to Bamford, poor touch, Patricio collects.
21:4210 days ago

83' LEE 0-1 WOL

Very dangerous Leeds attack half-cleared by Dendoncker, chance squandered.
21:4110 days ago

82' LEE 0-1 WOL

Neves on for Moutinho. Raphinha on for Harrison, making his debut.
21:4010 days ago

81' LEE 0-1 WOL

Phillips' corner cleared by Jimenez. Neto tries to run it up the pitch but Ayling wins the ball. Leeds in possession. Neves warming up. Jimenez takes it high up the pitch again, Phillips goes down hard in a 50-50.
21:3910 days ago

80' LEE 0-1 WOL

Hernandez's corner is taken away by Dendoncker and Neto. Given away cheaply high up. Leeds attacking again. Klick central to Ayling. Over the top to Hernandez, Harrison, Hernandez again. Shot cleared over the bar by Boly for a corner.
21:3810 days ago

79' LEE 0-1 WOL

Free kick comes to nothing and Leeds have the ball again. Bamford wins a corner off Semedo's foot from a massively overshot long pass.
21:3710 days ago

78' LEE 0-1 WOL

Leeds passing it around inside the Wolves half. Hernandez out to Poveda, back to Hernandez, in to Harrison, Semedo cuts it out and passes to Traore. Traore taken down by Dallas. Free kick prevents a counterattack.
21:3510 days ago

77' LEE 0-1 WOL

Harrison cross misses everyone in the box after a promising buildup with Rodrigo.
21:3510 days ago

76' LEE 0-1 WOL

Poveda cross cleared away by Coady.
21:3410 days ago

75' LEE 0-1 WOL

Neto corner finds Dendoncker who fouls Rodrigo in the box. Pablo Hernandez on for Struijk who has had a great game but picked up some kind of injury.
21:3310 days ago

74' LEE 0-1 WOL

Neto smartly wins a corner in a tight situation near the left flag.
21:3210 days ago

74' LEE 0-1 WOL

Traore dribble, pass to Neto, blocked away by Ayling.
21:3010 days ago

71' LEE 0-1 WOL

Ian Poveda replaces Helder Costa for Leeds.
21:3010 days ago

70' LEE 0-1 WOL GOAL


Kilman intercepts and plays a beautiful lobbed ball over the top to Jimenez who dribbles on the edge of the Leeds box, switches from his left foot to his right, takes his shot which flies into the bottom left corner with a very heavy deflection off Kalvin Phillips' head.

21:2810 days ago

69' LEE 0-0 WOL

Neto holds the ball well under pressure and on his own on the left flank. Possession lost centrally and Harrison plays a long ball towards Bamford which is cleared away.
21:2510 days ago

66' LEE 0-0 WOL

Jimenez drops into midfield to steady things and hold possession. Ball to Coady, to Kilman who dribbles a long way into the Leeds half before the ball is passed back to Coady. Possession lost in central midfield, Moutinho booked for taking Klich down trying to regain the ball.
21:2410 days ago

65' LEE 0-0 WOL

Dallas long ball over the top to Harrison who can't control it. Goal kick. Traore on for Podence.
21:2310 days ago

64' LEE 0-0 WOL

Meslier has to come a long way off his line to deal with a through ball before Saiss can reach it. Quick counterattack is killed by Kilman. Leeds attacking down their right flank again. Bamford gets a touch on a lobbed ball but can't control it.
21:2110 days ago

63' LEE 0-0 WOL

The magic spray goes on and Moutinho is back on his feet. Traore is about to come on.
21:2110 days ago

61' LEE 0-0 WOL

Moutinho taken down by Phillips off the ball. Phillips picks up a booking. Moutinho needs medical attention for his foot.
21:2010 days ago

60' LEE 0-0 WOL

Wolves moving the ball well. Out for another throw on the Wolves right. Possession lost and Leeds counter but Kilman and Saiss combined to kill the attack. 38-62 possession now - Wolves in a position of much greater control.
21:1810 days ago

59' LEE 0-0 WOL

Jimenez holdst the ball. 1-2 with Podence, tries dribbling in the box but falls over. Moutinho now has the ball, to Neto on the right, back to Moutinho, Semedo, out for a throw.
21:1710 days ago

58' LEE 0-0 WOL

Again Kilman is crucial. Semedo is bypassed by Harrison but Kilman clears it calmly within the 6-yard box.
21:1710 days ago

57/58' LEE 0-0 WOL

Neto corner finds Jimenez. Jimenez tries to help it on but puts it out for a goal kick. Quick Leeds attack almost leads to a Costa goal. Neto counters quickly, Struijk prevents a Jimenez shot.
21:1510 days ago

56' LEE 0-0 WOL

Wolves playing much more positively than in the first half; attacking well. Podence takes a great shot from the edge of the box which is saved well by Meslier for a corner.
21:1310 days ago

52' LEE 0-0 WOL

Moutinho free kick finds Struijk. Leeds counter stopped by Coady, long diagonal to Podence. Long cross to Saiss on the edge of the box via a Leeds head. Saiss controls it beautifully and drills it into the bottom corner from the edge of the box. Podence ever so slightly offside so VAR chalks the goal off.
21:1010 days ago

51' LEE 0-0 WOL

Wolves lose possession quickly after a throw; Leeds attack down the right, Wolves counterattack is on. Jimenez to Saiss, robbed by Costa, poor clearance and Wolves are back in possession. Harrison brings Semedo down for a free kick.
21:0910 days ago

49' LEE 0-0 WOL

Patricio catches the free kick, sends it up the right. Wolves lose it, Leeds switch the play, a cross comes in from the Leeds right and Patricio catches it. Out for a Leeds throw deep on the Leeds left. Traore warming up.
21:0710 days ago

48' LEE 0-0 WOL

Leeds win another free kick higher up in the Wolves half; Phillips to take.
21:0710 days ago

48' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips brought down by Dendoncker; free kick to Leeds.
21:0610 days ago

47' LEE 0-0 WOL

Leeds play it out calmly from the back, building up the left side slowly.
21:0610 days ago

46' LEE 0-0 WOL

No changes at the break, the second half gets underway. Wolves start positively with a long push up the left flank.
20:5810 days ago

Half-time thoughts

Leeds dominated that half, in almost every way. Leeds have had 69% possession to Wolves' 31%, 9 shots to Wolves' 2, 5 corners to Wolves' 1, and 235 successful passes to Wolves' 84 with 86% overall pass accuracy to Wolves' 64%. Leeds' press has been merciless; Wolves have spent the majority of the game pinned back in a 5-2-3 struggling to move the ball out of their own half, with threat after threat to content with. Leeds have been consistently threatening from the wings, and Wolves need to start shutting them down out wide before Bamford can get on the end of one of these crosses - if they keep coming in, he will score from one eventually.

Credit to Romain Saiss for a brilliant cutback at the end of the half from Dendoncker's byline cross, finding Podence with pinpoint accuracy (Saiss difficult to identify at a glance as it happened).

20:4910 days ago

47' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips' corner misses everyone. Harrison collects wide on the left and the ball goes back to Meslier. Moutinho wins it back in midfield. Ball finds its way to Dendoncker via Neto and eventually to Podence whose powerful shot is parried then saved by Meslier. End of the half.
20:4710 days ago

46' LEE 0-0 WOL

Kilman tackles Costa and concedes a corner.
20:4710 days ago

45' LEE 0-0 WOL

2 minutes to be added on.
20:4710 days ago

45' LEE 0-0 WOL

Neto free kick punched away by Meslier.
20:4610 days ago

44' LEE 0-0 WOL

Harrison down the left; Wolves win the ball back, Semedo, Moutinho and Saiss hold it well against the press. Neto holds the ball well high up. Klich floors Moutinho for a free kick inside the Leeds half.
20:4510 days ago

43' LEE 0-0 WOL

Kilman's ball over the top only finds the goalkeeper; possession wasted.
20:4410 days ago

43' LEE 0-0 WOL

Costa, Klich and Ayling combine well down the right; Ayling's cross flies over the bar.
20:4310 days ago

42' LEE 0-0 WOL

Leeds passing it around; Phillips to Klich on the left wing, back to Phillips, over the top towards Bamford, cleared away by Kilman to Ayling, Leeds have it again.
20:4210 days ago

41' LEE 0-0 WOL

Neto attempts a quick burst forward but loses it; Leeds comfortably in possession again.
20:4110 days ago

40' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips corner finds Harrison on the edge of the box; cleared for another corner. Rodrigo shoots; saved by Patricio.
20:4010 days ago

39' LEE 0-0 WOL

Harrison wins a corner after crossing the ball into Semedo.
20:4010 days ago

39' LEE 0-0 WOL

Dallas cross from the byline cleared by Boly.
20:3910 days ago

38' LEE 0-0 WOL

Moutinho inadvertent handball in the Leeds half.
20:3910 days ago

37' LEE 0-0 WOL

Harrison looking for Bamford; Kilman sends it out to the opposite wing. Harrison sends it back towards Bamford from the left; smart instinctive defending from Coady keeps Bamford from scoring.
20:3810 days ago

37' LEE 0-0 WOL

Long free kick goes straight to Meslier. Now with Ayling on the right.
20:3710 days ago

36' LEE 0-0 WOL

Dendoncker brought down in central midfield by Phillips. Clumsy tackle.
20:3710 days ago

35' LEE 0-0 WOL

Moutinho corner to Jimenez close to the near post who can't control his shot. Goal kick.
20:3510 days ago

33/34' LEE 0-0 WOL

Great attack down the Leeds left cleared away by Boly, ball finds its way to Ayling, Costa, Rodrigo, Phillips, before Kilman finally gets a foot on it and gets it away. Podence carries it up the pitch on the counter. To Moutinho, Dendoncker, Leeds reset, Neto wins a corner. What a game Kilman is having here.
20:3310 days ago

32' LEE 0-0 WOL

Long ball from Ayling to Rodrigo comes to nothing - jump for the header mistimed.
20:3310 days ago

31' LEE 0-0 WOL

Leeds holding the ball well high up the pitch. Long ball Phillips to Costa. Kilman clears it. Ayling to Rodrigo from the throw. Ayling to Bamford who can't control the header. Out to Dallas on the left, infield to Klich, out to Harrison, to Ayling, Kilman doing brilliantly in defence. Cleared out but Leeds are on the attack again. This is the definition of relentless.
20:3110 days ago

30' LEE 0-0 WOL

Semedo throws, Jimenez helps it on, Podence offside, Leeds now attacking quickly.
20:3010 days ago

29' LEE 0-0 WOL

A second Wolves attack is cleared out for a throw high up on the right.
20:3010 days ago

29' LEE 0-0 WOL

Semedo throws to Jimenez deep in midfield, Wolves attacking after a Moutinho long ball forward; Jimenez loses possession near the box.
20:2810 days ago

26' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips' free kick leads to a Wolves counterattack. Neto carris the ball forwards and accidentally gives away a free kick in the Leeds box, ending the move.
20:2710 days ago

26' LEE 0-0 WOL

Ayling attepts a long ball to Bamford. Semedo intercepts, Dallas attempts to rob Semedo and is tripped by Neto. Leeds free kick in a dangerous position.
20:2610 days ago

24' LEE 0-0 WOL

Neto attempts to win a corner by pressuring Dallas near the corner flag, unsuccessful.
20:2510 days ago

24' LEE 0-0 WOL

Semedo outnumbered while defending deep on the Wolves right and is fouled.
20:2210 days ago

20' LEE 0-0 WOL

Dribble up the right flank by Semedo cut out; Leeds attack the Wolves left and unsuccessfully attempt to win a corner.
20:2010 days ago

18' LEE 0-0 WOL

Kilman dribbles into the Leeds half and just misses a through ball to Podence who was in a dangerous position.
20:1910 days ago

17/18' LEE 0-0 WOL

Podence and Jimenez unable to take full advantage of some sloppy Leeds defending. Wolves in possession in the Leeds half now.
20:1810 days ago

16' LEE 0-0 WOL

Saiss long throw up the field headed out 20 yards further forward. Second throw to Neto who almost wins a corner. Leeds on the counter. Bamford cross finds Rodrigo who passes to Costa whose shot from the edge of the box goes wide of the far post.
20:1610 days ago

15' LEE 0-0 WOL

Lobbed ball Phillips to Ayling on the right wing. Ayling booked for taking Podence down hard just outside the Wolves box.
20:1510 days ago

14' LEE 0-0 WOL

Coady breaks up a promising Leeds attack; Leeds have the ball again within 10 seconds.
20:1410 days ago

13' LEE 0-0 WOL

Play resumes after Podence rejoins the game.
20:1310 days ago

11' LEE 0-0 WOL

Podence has some blood on his hand and is being looked at by Wolves' medical staff but he looks alright.
20:1210 days ago

10' LEE 0-0 WOL

Podence brought down by Phillips in the midfield for a free kick. Contact looked light but Podence is still on the floor holding his face after about 45 seconds.
20:1110 days ago

9' LEE 0-0 WOL

Costa dives behind Moutinho looking for a penalty; referee having none of it.
20:1010 days ago

8' LEE 0-0 WOL

Possession quickly lost after a Semedo throw-in. Podence presses high near the Leeds left corner flag but Dallas resists the pressure and Leeds keep the ball.
20:0810 days ago

7' LEE 0-0 WOL

Patrick Bamford's header taken from an offside position; his goal will not count.
20:0710 days ago

6' LEE 0-0 WOL

Crossfield ball from Ayling finds its way up the Leeds left and Leeds win a corner.
20:0710 days ago

5' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips takes the free kick quickly to Ayling who crosses in, nervy clearance.
20:0610 days ago

5' LEE 0-0 WOL

Costa fouled by Saiss for a free kick. Phillips to take.
20:0610 days ago

4' LEE 0-0 WOL

Phillips' corner not dealt with well; Leeds recycle it back into the box, good movement to get the ball to Bamford who can't quite bend it into the far top corner.
20:0510 days ago

3' LEE 0-0 WOL

Costa bypasses Saiss; Coady clears it for a Leeds corner.
20:0410 days ago

2' LEE 0-0 WOL

Leeds pressing the Wolves right hard - Semedo can't progress the ball forwards, out for a Wolves throw.
20:0310 days ago

1' LEE 0-0 WOL

Good pass up the Leeds right by Ayling, cleared by Kilman for a throw.
20:0210 days ago

Wolves bench

For some reason, the official Wolves lineup image did not upload. The Wolves bench tonight is:

Hoever, Marcal, Neves, Silva, Ruddy, Traore, Otasowie. New signing Rayan Ait-Nouri will not feature tonight.

19:5410 days ago


Leeds' Liam Cooper has reinjured his groin in the warm-up, and is being replaced at the last minute by Pascal Struijk.
19:2110 days ago

Neves on the bench

Ruben Neves, the standout performer in Wolves' midfield especially since the restart of football at the end of last season, has been benched for this game with Joao Moutinho and Leander Dendoncker starting in central midfield. Given the differing threats of Moutinho's range of precision passing in the final third and Dendoncker's ability to make dangerous runs into the box, who will be given the primary attacking role and who will have to stay further back to provide defensive cover?
19:1810 days ago

Rodrigo in Leeds' starting XI

Spanish striker Rodrigo is starting in central attacking midfield for Leeds. Given his natural attacking strengths, will he play more as a second striker behind Patrick Bamford, and will Mateusz Klich play deeper in the centre of midfield to progress the ball?
19:1510 days ago

Saiss and Kilman on the left again

Few would have predicted this - despite Fernando Marcal returning to fitness, Romain Saiss remains at left wing-back for Wolves with Max Kilman at left centre-back, and Marcal on the bench. Is Nuno simply being cautious with easing Marcal back into the team, or has he slightly re-aggravated his calf injury?
19:1310 days ago

Cooper recovers to start

Leeds captain Liam Cooper has recovered from the groin injury he picked up playing for Scotland; he is fit to start the game against Wolves.
19:1110 days ago

Wolves confirmed lineup

3-4-3: Patricio; Boly, Coady, Kilman; Semedo, Dendoncker, Moutinho, Saiss; Podence, Jimenez, Neto.


Image from

19:0810 days ago

Leeds confirmed lineup

4-1-4-1: Meslier; Ayling, Koch, Cooper, Dallas; Phillips; Costa, Rodrigo, Klich, Harrison; Bamford. Image from

22:3711 days ago

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22:3211 days ago

Bielsa praises "powerful competitiveness" of Wolves

Speaking to the media, Marcelo Bielsa shared his thoughts on Wolves:

“Wolves are a team that is consolidated in the league. They have some new players they are incorporating into their team, but they have a system ingrained within their players, with a powerful competitiveness and this shows with the job they have done in their two seasons.”

22:2711 days ago

Wolves boss Nuno expects physical challenges from Leeds

In an interview for, Nuno Espirito Santo had this to say about Leeds:

“It's a good group of players with a fantastic manager. Very aggressive and dynamic, physical, so we expect a tough challenge. It's what we know from Marcelo Bielsa, a special way of coaching teams to be dynamic.”

22:2211 days ago

How to watch Leeds vs Wolves Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Sky Sports Main Event or Sky Sports Premier League.

If you want to directly stream it: Sky Go, or through NOW TV with a Sky Sports pass.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL UK is your best option!

22:1711 days ago

Wolves: Predicted Lineup

Patricio; Boly, Coady, Saiss; Semedo, Neves, Dendoncker, Marcal; Podence, Jimenez, Neto.
22:1211 days ago

Leeds: Predicted Lineup

Meslier; Ayling, Koch, Struijk, Dallas; Phillips; Costa, Rodrigo, Klich, Alioski; Bamford.
22:0711 days ago

Wolves: Team News

Despite waiting for full confirmation that Rui Patricio, Nelson Semedo, Ruben Neves, Daniel Podence and Joao Moutinho were not infected with Covid-19 by Cristiano Ronaldo while away on international duty with Portugal, Nuno has little to worry about - the Portuguese Football Federation has confirmed that there were no other positive test results among their squad.

Wolves have two natural left wing-backs available for the first time since the Manchester City game - Marcal has returned from a calf injury while Rayan Ait-Nouri is available to make his debut appearance following his move from Angers.

Here are some of Ait-Nouri's highlights from his time in France:

22:0211 days ago

Leeds: Team News

Gaetano Berardi (torn ACL) and Adam Forshaw (hip) will miss the game due to long-term injuries, while Diego Llorente (groin) has been ruled out for three weeks after beoming injured on international duty with Spain. Club captain Liam Cooper (groin) is doubtful after picking up a similar injury while away with Scotland.

Pablo Hernandez (groin) has recovered from his injury and is set to be available.

Raphinha is available following his transfer from Rennes and could make his Leeds debut.

Here's a taster of what Raphinha has been able to do with Rennes so far:
21:5711 days ago

Will Marcal's return be pivotal for Wolves?

In the only full game Marcal has played so far, away at Sheffield United, Wolves looked very solid defensively. After he picked up an injury early on against Manchester City, Wolves have looked somewhat shaky on the left of the defence, notably conceding a penalty against City and a goal against West Ham down that side. With Marcal back to full fitness, how effectively will Wolves be able to counter the attacking threat of Helder Costa and Ian Poveda?
21:5211 days ago

Whites hoping that Wolves' problems continue

Leeds will be looking to rediscover the brilliant goalscoring form with which they started the season - the Whites scored seven in their first two games, but then only managed a goal per game in the two before the international break. Given Wolves' defensive capitulation at the London Stadium, Bielsa will hope that his men can be as ruthlessly effective as the Hammers and that Wolves continue to struggle with finding the back of the net.
21:4711 days ago

All eyes on the flanks

With both Marcelo Bielsa and Nuno Espirito Santo relying heavily on the wide regions for their attacking play, this match looks like it should be a battle of wingers, wing-backs and full-backs above all else.
21:4211 days ago

Kick-off time

Leeds vs Wolves will be played at Elland Road, in Leeds, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00 BST.
21:3711 days ago


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