As it happened: Leicester 1-0 Wolves in the Premier League
Dennis Praet dribbles towards Max Kilman. Praet's cross hit Kilman's naturally-positioned arm in the first half, leading to a penalty for handball which has proved the difference between the two sides after Vardy put it past Patricio | Photo by Rui Vieira - Pool/Getty Images.


17:1316 days ago

Thank you and goodbye

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17:1116 days ago

Full-time thoughts

As I wrote at half time, neither team especially deserved to win that. Leicester defended well and attacked deliberately, carefully and with intent. However, Wolves in the second half played with a great deal of intensity. While Leicester dominated most of the first half, Wolves showed a constant threat in the second half - it was only some good low-block defending and some incredible goalkeeping by Schmeichel that kept Leicester ahead, after going ahead through a very controversially awarded penalty.

The standout players today were Pedro Neto and Kasper Schmeichel - Neto was once again Wolves' hardest-working attacker, while Schmeichel did brilliantly to deny what could easily have been the equaliser from Neves. Honourable mentions go to James Justin, who played very well at wing-back, and Adama Traore, who instantly livened up Wolves' attack after coming on.

While Wolves are now 8th in the table, Leicester have gone top. All eyes will be on tonight's clash between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad, as 4th-placed Liverpool will be able to overtake Leicester with a win.

16:5716 days ago

95' LEI 1-0 WOL

Silva forward to Marcal. Long cross aimed at Jimenez. Schmeichel comes out fast and claims it to end the game. LEICESTER GO TOP OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE.
16:5616 days ago

95' LEI 1-0 WOL

Boly to Semedo, lobbed ball cleared by Evans. Leicester win a throw high up and it looks like that's it for today.
16:5516 days ago

94' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neves to Marcal, forward to Jimenez, back to Boy, Semedo, Boly, Neves, Marcal crosses. Albrighton hoofs it out.
16:5416 days ago

92' LEI 1-0 WOL

Kilman beats Barnes to the long ball. Cleared. Kilman booked for fouling Tielemans out wide after Neves missed his tackle.
16:5216 days ago

91' LEI 1-0 WOL

Kilman to Jimenez, to Semedo in the middle, out to Traore, Traore beats his two markers, cross doesn't find anyone.
16:5116 days ago

90' LEI 1-0 WOL

5 added minutes to come.
16:5116 days ago

90' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fuchs forward to Vardy from a loose Wolves pass. Leicester moving it back and holding possession. Forward to Varnes. Marcal wins possession. Albrighton attempts to rob him but it goes out for a goal kick.
16:4916 days ago

88' LEI 1-0 WOL

Jimenez goes down for a free kick in the centre circle. Taken quickly. Semedo to Coady, Kilman to Neto, back to Coady, Boly to Coady, Kilman to Marcal, in to Neves. Boly crosses forward to Silva who can't quite get the header on target.
16:4816 days ago

87' LEI 1-0 WOL

Semedo coming up the right, Silva to Traore. Semedo to Boly, back to Semedo, forward to Silva, pass cut out. Justin attacking. Traore almost robs Fuchs.
16:4716 days ago

86' LEI 1-0 WOL

Marcal dives in for a tackle from behind as Leicester break along the flank. Catches the ball and not the man.
16:4616 days ago

86' LEI 1-0 WOL

Marcal cross blocked by Albrighton, Wolves throw.
16:4616 days ago

85' LEI 1-0 WOL

Marcal wins a throw high up off Fofana.
16:4516 days ago

85' LEI 1-0 WOL

Coady to Traore who is pressured back by two Leicester players.
16:4516 days ago

84' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fuchs on the ground in pain after coming together with Traore. Both went up for a header, Traore's studs landed on the back of Fuchs' ankle. Completely accidental - no foul.
16:4416 days ago

83' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fuchs tries his luck with a venomous long-range shot, Evans caught in the firing line.
16:4316 days ago

82' LEI 1-0 WOL

Justin beats Semedo, cross into Harvey Barnes who misses the target completely from about 12 yards. Big chance blown there.
16:4316 days ago

82' LEI 1-0 WOL

Everyone is back on their feet and the game continues.
16:4216 days ago

81' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves free kick - Neves sends it towards Silva. Shouts of head injury.
16:4116 days ago

81' LEI 1-0 WOL

Silva taken down on his first touch of the ball. Fofana booked.
16:4016 days ago

80' LEI 1-0 WOL

Morgan coming on for Praet. Leicester needing to go defensive now.
16:3916 days ago

79' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fabio Silva coming on for Pedro Neto.
16:3916 days ago

78' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fofana clears Neto's ball in. Neves long ball to Dendoncker who can't quite put it away.
16:3816 days ago

76/77' LEI 1-0 WOL

Marcal on for Ait-Nouri. Traore to Semedo in the half-space. Out wide left to Neto. Cross cleared to Traore, back in to Semedo, fed to Neves who unleashes a powerful shot and draws a world-class save from Schmeichel. Neto corner.
16:3616 days ago

76' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto wins it back. Traore runs through the centre. 1-2 with Dendoncker then out towards Neto, cross to Jimenez and subsequent shot dealt with well. Wolves throw.
16:3516 days ago

75' LEI 1-0 WOL

Boly to Traore who beats both men, cross towards Jimenez cleared to Praet.
16:3516 days ago

74' LEI 1-0 WOL

Semedo long ball towards Dendoncker. Awkward defending and Leicester look uncomfortable. Wolves are picking their moments, and pressing hard when those moments come hard.
16:3416 days ago

73' LEI 1-0 WOL

Marcal getting ready to come on, likely for Ait-Nouri.
16:3316 days ago

72' LEI 1-0 WOL

Evans lobs it towards Albrighton from long range, Patricio clears it.
16:3216 days ago

71' LEI 1-0 WOL

James Maddison coming off for Harvey Barnes.
16:3216 days ago

71' LEI 1-0 WOL

Vardy wins it high up. Ait-Nouri dives in and only concedes a throw.
16:3116 days ago

70' LEI 1-0 WOL

Jimenez attempts a through ball to Traore, can't quite thread it between the Leicester defenders.
16:3016 days ago

69' LEI 1-0 WOL

Evans long ball finds no-one, Wolves going forwards.
16:2916 days ago

69' LEI 1-0 WOL

Coady cuts out the long through ball aimed at Vardy. Cleared out for a throw.
16:2816 days ago

68' LEI 1-0 WOL

Harvey Barnes is getting ready to come on.
16:2816 days ago

67' LEI 1-0 WOL

Semedo's free kick reaches Kilman in the box, who was just offside.
16:2716 days ago

67' LEI 1-0 WOL

Traore releases Semedo, back to Traore in the centre. Praet tries to pull him down and concedes the free kick. Neto to take.
16:2716 days ago

66' LEI 1-0 WOL

Maddison corner finds Jimenez, cleared to Justin, Tielemans long ball into the box caught by Patricio.
16:2616 days ago

65' LEI 1-0 WOL

Maddison out to Justin, back to Maddison. Out wide on the right to Albrighton. Corner won off Kilman's boot.
16:2516 days ago

64' LEI 1-0 WOL

Too close for Neves to curl it down into the top corner. Goal kick.
16:2517 days ago

64' LEI 1-0 WOL

Maddison kneeling behind the wall to stop the low shot.
16:2417 days ago

63' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto corner is cleared by Vardy. Neto drives forward from midfield after Dendoncker wins it back. Evans drags him down for a dangerous free kick on the edge of the box. Evans booked.
16:2317 days ago

62' LEI 1-0 WOL

Traore beats Maddison, wins a corner off Justin.
16:2317 days ago

62' LEI 1-0 WOL

Traore cuts infield, sends it back to Coady.
16:2217 days ago

61' LEI 1-0 WOL

Boly to Neto, to Ait-Nouri, cross cut out.
16:2117 days ago

60' LEI 1-0 WOL

Kilman keeps it away from Vardy, releases Ait-Nouri who passes back to Neves. Traore beats Maddison and Justin pushes him down near the byline without conceding a foul. Great run by Traore - what a way to make an entrance.
16:2017 days ago

60' LEI 1-0 WOL

Traore coming on for Podence. Expect Wolves to attack a lot faster now.
16:2017 days ago

59' LEI 1-0 WOL

Maddison to Evans from the corner. Out for a goal kick.
16:1917 days ago

58' LEI 1-0 WOL

Vardy pushes high and wins a corner. Rui Pedro Silva is briefing Adama Traore off to the side.
16:1917 days ago

57' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester corner. Maddison's ball cleared by Patricio to Albrighton who sends it deep. Schmeichel sends it forward, Semedo wins possession, crossfield ball Neves to Jimenez, pass to Ait-Nouri, cross cleared.
16:1817 days ago

56' LEI 1-0 WOL

Ball in by Justin cleared to Maddison. Boly slides in to send the shot wide of the far post.
16:1617 days ago

55' LEI 1-0 WOL

Podence is taken down on the edge of the box by Evans, advantage Wolves, ball comes left to Neto who drills a shot at Schmeichel. Good save. Leicester attacking again.
16:1617 days ago

54' LEI 1-0 WOL

Jimenez makes a rare appearance at right wing-back, before Coady launches a quick counter attack with a line-splitting through ball. Wolves have some good link-up play, but Leicester deal with the threat admirably as communication breaks down for the Wolves forwards.
16:1417 days ago

54' LEI 1-0 WOL

Maddison floats the ball into the area after a short corner, no-one is there to meet it.
16:1417 days ago

53' LEI 1-0 WOL

Vardy carries the ball out wide on the right of the box. Patricio makes a great save and tips the shot over the bar.
16:1317 days ago

53' LEI 1-0 WOL

Jimenez to Podence who can't quite control the ball on the edge of the box.
16:1317 days ago

52' LEI 1-0 WOL

Semedo wins a free kick deep on the right which Boly takes quickly and Neto can't get to it.
16:1217 days ago

51' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester have multiple players standing over the ball. Maddison rolls it to Tielemans who can't quite get his shot down.
16:1117 days ago

50' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto pressures Praet, forcing the ball all the way back to Schmeichel. Maddison drives forward, Neves makes minimal contact with him and he goes down theatrically for the free kick in the centre, just outside of shooting range.
16:0917 days ago

49' LEI 1-0 WOL

Ball comes forward towards Vardy, Kilman wins it before Maddison takes him down for the free kick.
16:0917 days ago

47' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto cuts it back to Semedo after a quick run onto a Boly through ball. Semedo fires his shot very high. Goal kick.
16:0817 days ago

47' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves are passing it around at the back looking for an attacking opening.
16:0717 days ago

46' LEI 1-0 WOL

Praet crosses from the right to Tielemans, whose header goes wide of the post.
16:0617 days ago

Leicester substitution

Luke Thomas has come off for Marc Albrighton at half time.
15:5517 days ago


Ait-Nouri to Podence on the left, Dendoncker to Ait-Nouri, cross to Neto, then to Jimenez who loses it.

After 2 minutes of stoppage time, the half finishes 1-0 to Leicester after a controversial penalty call. Wolves can have no complaints about the penalty conceded by Ait-Nouri (saved by Patricio), but the first penalty was less certain. Kilman's arm, while wide of his body, was in a natural position for sprinting balance, and there was little he could have done to move it out of the way of the cross. Further, Anthony Taylor was not shown the video replay at full speed, only the slow-motion version which makes all offences seem far worse than they actually are. Wolves played sluggishly and with a sense of injustice after the first penalty was scored, but were re-energised after Patricio saved the second. Leicester, credit to them, have dominated much of the game, crowding out the midfield to prevent the ball from reaching Wolves' forwards high up the pitch along the ground. Leicester have played better for longer, but neither side especially deserves to be ahead at this point.

15:4917 days ago

45' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto's ball in finds Thomas' ankles before being cleared to Coady. Ait Nouri crosses in, Evans clears to Podence. Neves shot blocked. Neto to Semedo, back to Neto wide right. Jimenez keeps the cross in. Ball comes back through the middle to Podence on the right, goal kick after Podence loses possession.
15:4717 days ago

44' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neves to Dendoncker, cross found by Neto. Neto's cross cleared by Fuchs. Neves out to Semedo to Podence. Cleared to Boly, back in to Neves, to Neto, back into central midfield. Out to Podence again who is taken down by Maddison high up on the right for a free kick.
15:4617 days ago

43' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves pass it slowly up the right, Kilman in the centre of midfield finds Podence whose ball in is cleared by Fuchs. Wolves still have it.
15:4517 days ago

42' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester attack again, out wide to Justin whose cross is cut out. Back to him again. Praet low cross from the byline cut out by Kilman. Kilman wins it off Maddison on the second Leicester attack and Wolves are going forwards.
15:4417 days ago

40' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves moving it slowly through the middle before a ball to Semedo, cutback fails and Leicester attack. Dendoncker goes into the book for taking Maddison down in front of Anthony Taylor.
15:4317 days ago

39' LEI 1-0 WOL

Vardy sent it down the middle, Patricio saves, ball catches Vardy's leg awkwardly on the rebound and flies wide.
15:4217 days ago

39' LEI 1-0 WOL

15:4117 days ago

38' LEI 1-0 WOL

VAR checking Penalty. Justin far from offside.
15:4117 days ago

38' LEI 1-0 WOL

Evans launches it forward to Justin in the box, who is taken down needlessly by Ait-Nouri. Penalty.
15:4017 days ago

37' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester holding possession in the Wolves half again, being very slow and methodical.
15:3917 days ago

36' LEI 1-0 WOL

Semedo carries it high, Neto's through ball only finds Schmeichel.
15:3817 days ago

36' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto takes the corner from the Wolves right, short to Podence, back to Neto, cross in cut out by Fuchs. Rapid counter by Vardy who takes Ait-Nouri down.
15:3717 days ago

35' LEI 1-0 WOL

Free kick back into the defence, passed around, Neves forward aerially to Dendoncker. Semedo in from the right. Neves forward to Semedo from higher, Fuchs stops the cutback.
15:3717 days ago

34' LEI 1-0 WOL

Kilman to Neto, Jimenez, central to Podence who is wiped out in the centre circle for a free kick.
15:3617 days ago

33' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neves to Semedo, back to Neves, to Kilman, back to Neves, Boly, Neves again. Neves is dictating Wolves' passing play.
15:3517 days ago

32' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto falls over and the Wolves attack breaks down. Possession switches hands a few times. Ball goes out for a Leicester throw deep on Leicester's left.
15:3417 days ago

31' LEI 1-0 WOL

Ball finds its way to Christian Fuchs on the left, who drills his shot low and just wide of the far post.
15:3417 days ago

30' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neves to Ait-Nouri on the Wolves left, possession lost, Leicester switch the play onto their left, then back into the middle and to the right, crossfield ball to Maddison on the left, forward to Tielemans, pass to Vardy cut out and cleared by Boly. Fofana to Praet, cross comes back to Tielemans, then the ball comes to Maddison, out right to Praet, to Mendy, Justin, Mendy, Tielemans.
15:3217 days ago

29' LEI 1-0 WOL

Fofana carries it high, passes it back to a high Leicester defensive line. Maddison pass cut out. Goal kick as Ait-Nouri plays the ball off Praet.
15:3117 days ago

28' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves back in possession, trying to attack but Leicester are crowding the midfield and cutting the passing routes. Boly tries to send it over the top for Semedo but Schmeichel gets there first.
15:3017 days ago

27' LEI 1-0 WOL

Praet cuts back to Justin, cross cleared to Thomas. Loose pass from Mendy concedes a throw which Semedo takes.
15:2917 days ago

26' LEI 1-0 WOL

Justin beats Ait-Nouri, makes the cross, Patricio collects it. Wolves on the counter. Pressure from Leicester forces the ball back into the Wolves defence.
15:2817 days ago

26' LEI 1-0 WOL

Ait-Nouri throws in from the left, ball finds its way to Evans. Leicester passing slowly again.
15:2817 days ago

25' LEI 1-0 WOL

Neto loses the ball high up on the Wolves right. Leicester comfortably in possession. Wolves are defending very compactly, everyone bar Schmeichel is in Wolves' half.
15:2617 days ago

23/24' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves on the counter with Neto and Dendoncker up the right. Neto passes to Ait-Nouri, ball comes to Neves, passed to Semedo, cross picked off and Leicester countering - Vardy leaves Coady on the floor. Cutback cut out by Neves and Fofana stops Jimenez's counter through the middle.
15:2517 days ago

22' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester pass it around with little urgency, slowly working the ball up the left and try to win a corner, though Patricio is able to collect the ball and send it up the pitch. Possession is quickly lost.
15:2317 days ago

19' LEI 1-0 WOL

Leicester passing it around with little urgency. Semedo clears, Ait-Nouri loses possession, Praet crosses in from the right after a Justin through ball and misses Vardy in the middle.
15:2217 days ago

18' LEI 1-0 WOL

Boly launches it forward for Neto, who can't get on the end of it. Maddison had called for a free kick after Semedo crashed into him but received no sympathy.
15:2017 days ago

17' LEI 1-0 WOL

Jimenez brought down for a free kick. Taken quickly. Wolves passing it around again.
15:1917 days ago

16' LEI 1-0 WOL

Wolves waste no time getting the ball moving. The look on Kilman's face is one of devastation.
15:1817 days ago


Vardy buries it. Sends Patricio the wrong way.
15:1717 days ago

15' LEI 0-0 WOL

Vardy steps up to take it.
15:1617 days ago

14' LEI 0-0 WOL

Penalty given.
15:1617 days ago

13' LEI 0-0 WOL

VAR checking penalty. Referee going over to the monitor now.
15:1617 days ago

12/13' LEI 0-0 WOL

Kilman wins a throw. Ball moves to the right. Neto loses possession. Praet, Tielemans and Maddison moving it through the middle together. Out wide to Justin, back through the middle to Maddison. Claims for handball as Praet's cross hits Kilman's arm in the box.
15:1417 days ago

11' LEI 0-0 WOL

Leicester try to shift the ball from the right into the centre, losing possession but winning a throw. Neves picks off the pass, sends it to Podence, to Coady, forward to Boly. Wolves passing it around comfortably now.
15:1317 days ago

10' LEI 0-0 WOL

Wolves free kick deep on the right in their own half goes out for a throw on Leicester's left.
15:1217 days ago

9' LEI 0-0 WOL

Ait-Nouri throws to Podence, Podence passes back, Ait-Nouri loses possession, Praet dispossessed by Neves, ball goes back into the Leicester midfield and switched onto the left.
15:1117 days ago

8' LEI 0-0 WOL

Play switched to Ait-Nouri, passes back to Neves who is comfortable to send the ball back into the defence.
15:1017 days ago


Semedo throws long, winning another throw about 15 yards further up the pitch.
15:1017 days ago

7' LEI 0-0 WOL

Long goal kick up the right from Patricio, possession lost, Vardy carries it high on the counter. Neto concedes the throw on the Leicester left.
15:0817 days ago


Boly clears, Fuchs can't get the second ball past Neto.
15:0817 days ago


Neto fell trying to win the ball back, Wolves counter breaks down, Leicester counter quickly up their right side and Ait-Nouri concedes the corner. Maddison to take.
15:0717 days ago


Poor delivery, Neto takes it back to Maddison and wins a throw.
15:0617 days ago


Semedo wins the ball on the right, Wolves lose it quickly, Semedo tries to win it back and gives away a free kick. Maddison to take.
15:0517 days ago


Leicester still have it, being patient, taking their time moving the ball around.
15:0517 days ago


Leicester are in possession, passing the ball around on the right before switching sides after getting no luck going forward.
15:0417 days ago


Wolves attack quickly but the byline cutback is taken care of by the Leicester defence.
15:0317 days ago


All players have taken the knee before Raul Jimenez gets the ball rolling.
15:0217 days ago


Nuno Espirito Santo and Brendan Rodgers have laid poppy wreaths, and a minute of silence started by a playing of the Last Post has been observed in remembrance of the fallen.
14:5817 days ago

Only Leicester can go top

Due to Tottenham's 1-0 victory at The Hawthorns in the earlier kickoff, only Leicester are able to go top of the table with a win today.
14:4417 days ago

What do Wolves need to improve on?

"All the things that all the managers want for their teams."

Nuno refused to give up any specific details when asked what he would like to see improve in his team.

14:2717 days ago

Wolves balanced with width

Playing two attacking wing-backs against Crystal Palace gave Wolves the width and balance that they had lacked in many of the opening games of this season. Given the pace and attacking ability of both, it will not be surprising if Wolves attack in a 3-2-5, with the wing-backs playing as an outside-left and outside-right, the wingers coming in narrow to play as an inside-left and inside-right, and the central midfielders waiting just behind the front line.
14:1817 days ago

Evans back, Albrighton dropped, Rayan Ait-Nouri will have space to attack

After starting at right centre-back for Leicester against SC Braga on Thursday in the Europa League, James Justin moves wider to replace Marc Albrighton at right wing-back as Jonny Evans returns to Brendan Rodgers' side. With a natural defender instead of a natural winger playing at right wing-back today, Nuno's decision to play the more attacking Rayan Ait-Nouri instead of the more defensive Fernando Marcal at left wing-back seems very wise.
14:0617 days ago

Wolves formation

3-4-3: Patricio; Boly, Coady, Kilman; Semedo, Dendoncker, Neves, Ait-Nouri; Podence, Jimenez, Neto.

Subs: Marcal, Silva, Ruddy, Saiss, Moutinho, Traore, Otasowie.

14:0517 days ago

Leicester formation

3-4-2-1: Schmeichel; Evans, Fofana, Fuchs; Justin, Mendy, Tielemans, Thomas; Maddison, Praet; Vardy.

Subs: Morgan, Albrighton, Ward, Iheanacho, Barnes, Under, Choudhury.

14:0217 days ago

Wolves confirmed line-up

14:0117 days ago

Leicester confirmed line-up

13:3117 days ago

No new injuries

It looks like there haven't been any changes from yesterday - no last-minute injuries or drama that could impact team selection.
12:4817 days ago

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17:2317 days ago

Conor Coady praised by former coach Rodgers

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers had this to say about Conor Coady, who was developing at the Liverpool academy during Rodgers' stint at Anfield:

"I’m so pleased for Conor because he was a young player at Liverpool who had a fantastic attitude. Mike Marsh always spoke highly of Conor, and when he stepped up to train with us, he was excellent."

"He loves football, it’s his passion. He’s gone on to be a full international and I’m delighted for him."

17:1817 days ago

"I look at Leicester with real admiration" - Nuno

Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo has praised the unity and strength of Leicester as a club, following the recent commemorations of the two-year anniversary of the tragic helicopter crash which claimed the lives of owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others:

“How they united as a club was amazing. To be able to overcome such a sad moment and be strong again and compete like they are doing is a big compliment for them, so I have huge admiration for Leicester as a club.”

17:1317 days ago

How to watch Leicester vs Wolves Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Sky Sports Main Event or Sky Sports Premier League.

If you want to directly stream it: Sky Go, or through NOW TV with a Sky Sports pass.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL UK is your best option!

17:0817 days ago

Wolves: Predicted Lineup

Patricio; Boly, Coady, Kilman; Semedo, Dendoncker, Neves, Marcal; Neto, Jimenez, Podence.
17:0317 days ago

Leicester: Predicted Lineup

Schmeichel; Albrighton, Evans, Fofana, Fuchs, Justin; Mendy, Tielemans; Maddison, Vardy, Barnes.
16:5817 days ago

Wolves: Team News

Wolves have far fewer injury problems than Leicester, with only left wing-back Jonny Castro Otto unavailable due to his long-term knee injury. However, he is recovering well and working hard in his rehabilitation programme, and should be able to play at some point around February.
16:5317 days ago

Leicester: Team News

Leicester's Jonny Evans is fit to play against Wolves, and while Caglar Soyuncu is still injured, he will not require surgery on his groin, meaning that he should be available next month as opposed to at some point in the new year.

Defenders Timothy Castagne and Ricardo Pereira are both still out with injuries (hamstring and knee respectively), but are expected back after the international break. Daniel Amartey (hamstring) is expected to be out for some time still.

Midfielder Wilfred Ndidi still has no concrete return date due to his hip injury.

16:4817 days ago

Wolves formidable in defence

Wolves may be a low-scoring team, but this is not a problem due to their strength in defence. Across four matches in October, the only goal Wolves conceded was a well-taken free kick by Jacob Murphy of Newcastle.
16:4317 days ago

Foxes doing well in Europe

Leicester fans couldn't have asked for a more promising start to their club's UEFA Europa League campaign. They've won the first three of their six games in Group G, scoring nine, conceding only once, and seeing off Wolves' 2019/20 Group K rivals SC Braga 4-0 at home on Thursday.

Brendan Rogers' side will be brimming with confidence coming into this weekend's fixture.

16:3817 days ago

Tight at the top

Both teams have started the season strongly, in what looks to be the most open Premier League campaign in years. At the time of writing (before Saturday 3pm kickoffs) Leicester are sat third in the table on 15 points, with Wolves in sixth only two points behind them. Depending on results elsewhere, a victory could carry either side to the top of the table.
16:3317 days ago

Kick-off time

Leicester vs Wolves will be played at the King Power Stadium, in Leicester, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 14:00 GMT.
16:2817 days ago


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