Burnley and Everton share the spoils: As it happened
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15:33a month ago


FULL TIME. That is all from me today! 

Thank you very much for watching along with me, of course this would be the game that sees the first draw in this fixture EVER. 

It's been great fun keeping you all updated, I will see you next time. 

Have a wonderful rest of your day, stay safe!

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FULL TIME. Burnley were much the better side over the 90 minutes and had plenty of chances to get the win. 

They dominated for much of the first half and defended well when under pressure at the start of the second half. 

The performance was promising and Sean Dyche will be happy with that on his 200th Premier League game as Burnley manager. 

Carlo Ancelotti should be the happier of the two managers with the result, but the performance from his once high-flying Toffees was woeful at times. 

Chris Wood had two great chances to win the game for the home side, before Gylfi Sigurdsson could have wrapped up the points at the death for Everton. 

For the time being, the result keeps Burnley in 19th place, Everton rise to 7th but could drop as low as 10th by the end of the weekend.

15:25a month ago


FULL TIME: Anthony Taylor blows his whistle for the final time.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin's sliding goal on the stroke of half time cancelled out Robbie Brady's third minute long range effort.

15:23a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


McNeil has space on the edge of the box as the ball bounces towards him.

He hits it back into the ground and it spins far wide of the post. 

15:20a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


The England shotstopper blocks from Sigurdsson from just 10 yards out. 

A fantastic save in front of Gareth Southgate as well. 

We have four minutes of added time.

15:18a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

89. Barnes wins another Clarets corner.
15:18a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

89. Everton substitution.

Allan is replaced by Cenk Tosun.

15:15a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

85. Brady is down on the ground and it seems like Josh Benson is going to replace the Burnley goalscorer.

He does. 


15:14a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

85. Burnley are really looking the more likely to score here.

They have the visitors pinned back into their own half.

15:12a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


Wood rises highest to attack McNeil's corner, and Pickford was equal to it, palming it to safety.

15:12a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

82. Pope blocks a Calvert-Lewin effort on the corner of the box.

Lowton clears the ball up to Wood, who wins a free kick from Yerry Mina. 

The free kick is headed up by an Everton defender for a corner.

15:10a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

81. Substitution for Everton.

Gylfi Sigurdsson replaces Abdoulaye Doucoure.

15:09a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

79. Mina gets to a Barnes cross before Wood. 

The corner is cleared and Everton break. 

But Gomes wastes the opportunity, taking too long before firing a curling effort over the bar.

15:08a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


The free kick comes in and falls to Brownhill.

He shifts the ball to his left foot and shoots, blocked behind by Calvert-Lewin.

Corner comes to nothing.

15:07a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

78. Taylor wins a free kick in the wide area.
15:05a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

76. Substitution for Burnley.

Rodriguez is replaced by Barnes for the final 15 minutes or so.

15:02a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

72. Burnley have grew into the second half much like Everton did in the first. 

Rodriguez tries to flick a cross towards goal, which was deflected behind by Keane. 

Yet a goal kick was given.

15:00a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

71. Wood is back on his feet and will continue.
15:00a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

70. Iwobi's cross is dangerous but Mee clears it upfield. 

Wood falls heavily and has stayed down. 

Ashley Barnes is warming up as the medical staff assess Wood. 

14:56a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


For the first time in today's game, a half-chance comes from a corner. 

McNeil's delivery was half-cleared and Brady's volley was blocked.

14:55a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

66. McNeil does well, slipping by two players, before crossing into the box.

It gets deflected for a corner.

14:54a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

64. Iwobi's cross evades everyone and Burnley clear. 

Pickford takes too long on the ball and is closed down before just kicking it towards this near touchline, straight out of play.

14:53a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

62. Bit of sustained possession for Burnley here, for the first time in this second half. 

James Rodriguez passes the ball to Godfrey ... about five yards too far in front of him and the hosts get the ball back. 

Godfrey is then fouled as Lowton tries to cross. 

14:50a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

60. Hour played and we are still level here. 

Brownhill awkwardly deflects the ball towards his own goal which, thankfully for him, loops over the bar.

Guess what? The corner comes to nothing. 

14:45a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

55. What is Pickford thinking?

He takes another touch on his less favoured right foot and he loses the ball to Rodriguez, who can't steer the ball into the Everton net.

Pickford is then fouled trying to claim a corner.

14:43a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

54. The sun is blindingly bright alongside this near touchline. 

That could cause some issues in this game.

14:41a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton


As soon as I say he looks disinterested, the Colombian Rodriguez curls an effort towards the top corner but Pope gets to it to push it behind. 

The corner comes to nothing, once again.

14:39a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

49. James Rodriguez looks really disinterested today, losing control of his pass. 

Maybe he doesn't like the wintry weather in East Lancashire. 

14:37a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

46. Calvert-Lewin gets down the side and Gomes' volley is blocked by Lowton with his arm.

However, Calvert-Lewin was already flagged for offside, which is very fortunate for the hosts. 

14:34a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

46. Everton get us back underway.
14:34a month ago

HALF TIME: Burnley 1-1 Everton

The teams are back out on the pitch.

This fixture has never finished as a tie, meaning that today will probably be the day!

We hope not!

14:25a month ago

HALF TIME: Burnley 1-1 Everton

Half Time. Robbie Brady gave Burnley the lead after three minutes, firing home from 20 yards and The Clarets were in charge of the game for the opening half an hour. 

After Fabian Delph was withdrawn through injury, Everton changed their system and reaped the rewards. 

Dominic Calvert-Lewin slid in from two yards out to make it level at half time.

Everton didn't deserve to be back into the game, but have grown into it towards the end of the half.

Burnley didn't take their chances and have been made to pay. 

Get the kettle on, get some lunch and join me back here in 15 minutes for the second half. 

14:20a month ago

HALF TIME: Burnley 1-1 Everton

Half Time. Anthony Taylor blows the whistle for half time. 

It is Burnley 1-1 Everton. 

14:20a month ago

Burnley 1-1 Everton

45+3. For once, Richarlison crosses the ball into the six yard area after Westwood was dispossessed. 

Calvert-Lewin slid in from close range, to get his 11th goal of the season.

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14:17a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

45+1. There will be a minimum of three minutes of added time.
14:16a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

45. Brownhill is down holding his head after colliding with the elbow of Gomes.

Nothing too malicious, it seems Gomes was protecting himself. 

Brownhill is back on his feet and should be able to continue. 

14:14a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

43. Everton are growing into the game very slowly, Gomes crossing this time. 

Burnley are holding firm so far, Mee and Tarkowski defending very well.

14:12a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton


The ball came long from Pope and Wood won the first ball. McNeil slides the striker in and he tries to place it under Pickford, who saves well with his feet. 

Will Burnley rue that miss?

14:11a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

40. Richarlison does cross the ball this time and Tarkowski has to head behind for the Toffees' second corner. 

It again leads to nothing, as Pope gathers.

14:10a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

39. The corner leads to nothing as Pickford punches clear.

Rodriguez breaks away with the ball but his pass is deflected back to Pope by Charlie Taylor. 

14:09a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

38. Dwight McNeil hasn't had a mention today, he has been very quiet.

The midfielder is fouled in the centre of the park, and the resulting free kick leads to a corner, which McNeil will take. 

14:07a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

36. Richarlison really wants his goal today, again shooting for goal instead of looking for better positioned players.

He fired his left footed effort past Pope's near post. 

14:06a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

34. Mee gets caught in possession by Calvert-Lewin and Iwobi's cross eventually found its way to an offside Richarlison.

Ten minutes to half time and the Clarets lead through Robbie Brady's early strike.

14:01a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

30. The change in formation almost works immediately.

Doucoure charges forward and slips it into Calvert-Lewin who tries to square it back across the box.

Mee slides in to put it behind for a corner, which comes to nothing.

14:00a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

28. We could see a change in shape here, potentially to a four at the back. 

Godfrey seems to have gone to the left side to play at left back, Iwobi drops to a more conventional right back. 

13:58a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

27. Problem for Everton, as Delph pulls up.

The England international came off of the left and reached straight for his hamstring after he was fouled. 

He can't continue, and hobbles away towards the tunnel. 

A big shame for Everton, Andre Gomes is going to come in.

13:55a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

24. Iwobi comes off of the right side, nutmegging two and getting by another before being snadwiched between Brownhill and Brady.
13:54a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

23. Wood is looking frustrated, as another pass misses him and goes through to Pickford.
13:53a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

22. Close by Brownhill!

Brady does well to evade a couple of half challenges off of the right hand side.

Brownhill dropped his shoulder and found a bit of space on the edge of the box, before firing his effort just past the post. 

13:52a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

20. Brownhill nips in and wins the ball back in the middle of the park, but his pass for Wood was too heavy and Pickford gathered. 

The pressing by The Clarets is causing so many problems in this opening 20 minutes. 

13:47a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

18. Richarlison gets down the left hand side, but goes for goal instead of crossing for Calvert-Lewin. 

Pope holds well.

13:42a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton


Point blank range, Pope denies Calvert-Lewin after Iwobi fizzed the ball into the box.

Good instinctive save by Pope to keep his side ahead.

Everton come again through Richarlison who finds Rodriguez and Iwobi, who's cross is well held by Pope.

13:37a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

12. Good chance for Burnley!

Pickford's throw was intercepted by Lowton who drives towards the edge of the box, but his dangerous cross is cleared.

13:32a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

11. Burnley have pressed and have rushed Everton into making mistakes when they have the ball. 

The visitors seemingly struggling to adapt to their system, as Pickford puts Godfrey under unnecessary pressure.

13:27a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

10. Cross field ball by Lowton to Wood was controlled excellently by the New Zealand international. 

His shot is blocked and cleared.

13:22a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

8. England manager Gareth Southgate in attendance today.

He will be very interested in the two goalkeepers especially today.

13:17a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

6. A lot of long balls from Everton so far, Delph this time looking for Calvert-Lewin.

Mee and Tarkowski winning everything in the air so far. 

13:12a month ago

Burnley 1-0 Everton

3. Allan gave the ball away just outside the Everton box and Robbie Brady picked the ball up and drove an effort into the bottom corner.

Fantastic start for the Clarets!

13:07a month ago


13:02a month ago

Burnley 0-0 Everton


Burnley get us underway.

12:57a month ago

Happy Place Turf Moor for who today?

After the end of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night (no spoilers, don't worry!), Burnley will be hoping to make their home a Happy Place once again.

Everton need the win just as much as Burnley today, this game will be a big turning point for the victors today.

Kick-off is in two minutes!

12:52a month ago

The teams are out

Here come the teams!

A quick reminder of the starting XIs: 


Pope; Lowton, Mee, Tarkowski, Taylor; Westwood, Brownhill; Brady, McNeil, Rodriguez; Wood


Pickford; Mina, Keane, Godfrey; Delph, Allan, Doucoure Iwobi; Rodriguez; Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin

12:47a month ago

VAVEL Prediction

Man City at the Etihad has been Burnley's nightmare fixture for a number of years. The Blues have beaten Burnley by a score of 5-0 in their last four clashes in Manchester, 20-0 over the four games! Now, Sean Dyche can focus his efforts on more winnable fixtures.

Everton have collapsed after their outstanding start to the season. Injuries are mounting up once again and they will be without Seamus Coleman and Lucas Digne. The two full-backs stretch opponents with their width and James Rodriguez picking out their advanced runs; he has been the architect for many pre-assists. Without the forward-thinking duo, Everton are much less dynamic going forward. 

Burnley will believe they can get something out of this. Everton are a little depleted, at the moment, and it feels like James or bust in terms of creativity. However, Dominic Calvert-Lewin is a predatory marksman and he doesn’t need a second invitation. 

Prediction: 1-1 

By Jonny Bentley.

12:42a month ago

20 minutes until kick-off

The floodlights are on at a crisp Turf Moor, kick-off is coming up in the next 20 minutes. 
12:37a month ago

J. Rodriguez, 19 meet J. Rodriguez, 19

12:32a month ago

Fans react to team news on Social Media

David is not happy at Everton's left wing back choice.


12:27a month ago

Premier League supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign

12:22a month ago

How will the Clarets set up?

Sean Dyche, who takes charge of his 200th Premier League game today, made a change to his formation for the defeat at the Etihad.

On first look at the Clarets team sheet, it seemed to me the traditional 4-4-2 had returned, with Jay Rodriguez partnering Chris Wood up front. 

However, on second viewing, Ashley Westwood and Josh Brownhill appear to be sitting in a holding midfield role. 

This would mean that Robbie Brady, Dwight McNeil and Rodriguez behind Wood.

12:17a month ago

Ancelotti makes two changes

Yerry Mina returns to the lineup after being dropped for Mason Holgate last week.

Fabian Delph makes his return to the starting lineup, in place of Tom Davies. 

Michael Keane captains the Toffees.

12:12a month ago

Three changes for Clarets

Sean Dyche has made three changes to the side who lost at Manchester City last weekend.

Nick Pope returns from injury in goal, and Josh Brownhill replaces Josh Benson in central midfield.

Robbie Brady comes in for Ashley Barnes.

12:07a month ago

The teams are in!


Pope; Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor; McNeil, Brownhill, Westwood, Brady; Wood, Rodriguez


Pickford; Mina, Keane, Godfrey; Delph, Allan, Doucoure, Rodriguez, Iwobi; Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin.

12:02a month ago

Visitors have arrived!

11:57a month ago

VAVEL Predicted Lineups

Burnley: Pope; Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor; Westwood, Benson; McNeil, Rodriguez, Barnes; Wood.

Everton: Pickford; Godfrey, Keane, Mina; Delph, Doucoure, Allan, Iwobi; Rodriguez, Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison.

11:52a month ago

It's Matchday!

It is matchday on Saturday 5 December, 2020! 

Burnley host Everton as both sides look to bounce back from defeats last time out. 

We will have team news in just under 20 minutes!

11:47a month ago

Live updates here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. 

Follow along with us for all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for Burnley vs Everton.

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How to watch Burnley vs Everton Live TV and Stream

Everton v Burnley is live on BT Sport at lunchtime.

You can keep up with the game live right here, on VAVEL!

11:37a month ago

Carlo Ancelotti on Burnley

"I think it will be the same game (as my first in charge)," Ancelotti said. "Burnley didn’t change its identity, it’s a strong one and a strong organisation. They are better now compared to the start of the season, we know what kind of game to expect." “We are good offensively, we had problems defensively. Every game is a test to see how we are & tomorrow I hope we can be better on this aspect.”
11:32a month ago

Sean Dyche on Everton

Sean Dyche has been taking a little bit of satisfaction out of the big team's downturn in form. 

“It shows the strength of the Premier League, you’ve never got it sussed in the Premier League," Dyche said.

“They had a great run of results, most of them they deserved, and played very well and then they suddenly had a tough run of results, the Premier League is a strange animal, it just sneaks up on you.

“That’s the reality of the Premier League and in a strange way it’s pleasing that even the bigger club with big resources and top managers find it tough at times and have bad spells, that can happen to anyone."

11:27a month ago

Team News - Everton

Lucas Digne and Seamus Coleman are missing from the Everton side, leaving Carlo Ancelotti with some defensive selection dilemmas.

Jean-Phillipe Gbamin is also absent, but the visitors have no other injury concerns. 

Yerry Mina could return after being dropped last weekend.

11:22a month ago

Team News - Burnley

Nick Pope missed the trip to the Etihad last weekend through injury but should be available here.

Josh Benson made his Premier League debut and could be in line to start again if injuries to Dale Stephens and Josh Brownhill do not clear up.

Robbie Brady and Phil Bardsley are also doubts. 

11:17a month ago

Toffees also on the back of defeat

After such a strong start to the season, Everton's form has really hit a rocky patch. 

Last week's defeat to Leeds United was The Toffee's fourth in their last five games which has seen them slide from the top of the table to eighth. 

A win would be very welcomed.

11:12a month ago

Burnley looking to bounce back

After last week's shocking yet not-so shocking 5-0 defeat at Manchester City, The Clarets will be looking for an instant recovery. 

Sitting on just five points in December would usually be typical relegation form, but a win for Burnley will see them out of the bottom three with a game in hand. 

11:07a month ago

Kick-off time

Burnley v Everton will be played at Turf Moor, Burnley. Kick-off is scheduled for 12:30pm GMT.
11:02a month ago


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