Burger King becomes Burger Queen to sponsor Stevenage FCs women's side
Photo: Stevenage FC

Burger King have rebranded their name to Burger Queen in a bid to support diversity at Stevenage FC.

The fast-food giant's sponsorship of the lowly League Two side has already been making waves with their 'Stevenage challenge' which prompted gamers to play the club on the FIFA EA Sports game, sign world-class players and share successes on social platforms.

Unmatched support

But now, in a bid to boost Boro's women's team, Burger King are also backing the club's women's side, by altering their logo to support inclusivity. 

“We are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Burger King and the support that the brand is showing for the women’s team is unmatched,” said Stevenage FC CEO Alex Tunbridge. 

“The sponsorship from Burger King will be used to help grow the women’s program and support the team.

'The women's team faces the same challenges'

Burker King's sponsorship of the men's team became famous worldwide for their clever use of marketing to bring the Hertfordshire club to the screens of football fans worldwide.

“After successfully spotlighting the talent of the Stevenage FC men’s team last year, we wanted to do the same for the women’s team in 2020,” said Soco Nunez, Marketing Director of Burger King UK. "The women’s team faces the same challenges and hurdles as the men’s team and it’s only fair that it receive the same support from our brand with an equal sponsorship.” 

The new 'Burger Queen' logo will feature on the shirts of the FA Women’s National League South East Division side, bringing the promotion club-wide.