Carlos Vinicius: The Back-Up Striker Spurs Needed 
via: Tottenham Hotspur / UEFA Europa League. 

Since Fernando Llorente's departure from the squad following the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final, Tottenham Hotspur had been looking for a back-up striker to reduce the fatigue for Harry Kane.

A little over a year later, it seems like they finally figured it out, as they have found someone reliable to play important games. 

Former Benfica striker, Carlos Vinicius arrived to North London on loan prior to the start of the 2020/21 campaign, knowing he was going to be substitute for Kane. 

By accepting his role and having the right attitude, the Brazilian has made the most out of his opportunities, performing at a high level in the UEFA Europa League. Not only has he been previously named a 'UEL Player Of The Week', but he has also been involved in six goals in five European appearances this season.

Three goals and three assists are a prove of his effort, being capable to play not only as a striker, but also with his back to the goal.

The conversations with his teammates may be limited considering he doesn't speak a word of English, but the environment with fellow Portuguese-speaking players and coaches seems to be enough for the 'Boliche' to perform at a high level.

Tottenham qualified first in Group J of the European competition, and with a heavy schedule which includes Premier League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League fixtures, it shouldn't surprise us to keep seeing more great performances by Vinicius.

There shouldn't be a doubt that at last, Carlos Vinicius is the back-up striker Spurs needed.