Harry Winks concerned about playing time
via:  Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images.

One of the many players at Tottenham Hotspur concerned about his playing time is Harry Winks. The central midfielder has reportedly asked Jose Mourinho about his lack of participation during the Premier League season.

The 25 year-old, who has only played four games in the EPL this season, was regular starter in last year's squad. Pierre-Emile Hojberg's arrival and Tanguy Ndombele's improvement are the main reasons why Winks has had limited appearances in the English competition.

Jose Mourinho's statement

The Portuguese managers was asked on whether the Tottenham product asked him about his playing time, and Mourinho confirmed they had a conversation about it. 

"Yes, he (Harry Winks) came to me," Mourinho confirmed. "He came to me, not just him. Many players come to me. I have my office on the first floor but I also have a little space on the ground floor next to the players' dressing room where I used to be before and after training session to make it easy for them. So it is easy for them to come around the corner to speak to me, so yes, Winks came to speak to me."

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'Winksy' has had his opportunity to showcase his work in the Europa League though, as he competed in 7 out of the 9 games Spurs played in the qualifying and group stage of the competition. 

The midfield is arguably the strongest area of Tottenham's squad this season. Therefore, if things stay the same and Moussa Sissoko and Hojberg keep performing, it will be hard for Winks to get the minutes he asks for.