As it happened: Wolves 2-3 West Brom in the Premier League
"I've never faced Sam, unfortunately I cannot even shake his hand." - Nuno Espirito Santo, 15 January 2021. | Photos by Catherine Ivill and Alex Livesey/Getty Images.


16:288 months ago

Romaine Sawyers on the change of form:

"I think the upset in the cup kind of helped us, kind of woke us up a little bit."
15:268 months ago


Allardyce claims his first victory as Albion manager, against the team he supported in his youth. This is a huge 3 points for Albion in their quest for survival. They are only a draw behind Fulham and a win behind Brighton in 17th. A few more performances like that and there is no way Albion will go down.

Shocking and embarrassing from Wolves to concede three goals yet again. Nuno's men have picked up only five points out of a possible 27 and are only three points ahead of Newcastle (two games in hand) and six ahead of Burnley (three games in hand). He needs to turn things around. Fast. Otherwise, Wolves could very easily be dragged back down into the Championship.

15:228 months ago

94' WOL 2-3 WBA

Semedo finds Silva who sends a first-time cross in. Ball goes out left, Neto attacks it, ball goes behind, whistle goes.
15:218 months ago

93' WOL 2-3 WBA

Poor ball by Semedo and Robinson sends it up the pitch. Robinson and Robson-Kanu don't bother attacking when they get the chance and space opens up - they slow the play down and win the throw. Game over at this point.
15:198 months ago

92' WOL 2-3 WBA

Not a great delivery, overshooting everyone. Bad throw by Gibbs-White, then 10 seconds later he sends a great delivery into the box which is cleared. Traore loses the ball wide on the right. Robson-Kanu dribbles it into the corner and Semedo struggles to win the ball back.
15:188 months ago

91' WOL 2-3 WBA

Saiss drives a long way into field. Ait-Nouri's cross wins a corner. Neto to take.
15:178 months ago

90' WOL 2-3 WBA

4 minutes to be added on.
15:168 months ago

90' WOL 2-3 WBA

Silva booked for simulation as he goes down looking for a penalty with zero contact.
15:168 months ago

89' WOL 2-3 WBA

Wolves attack slowly through the centre, Semedo takes a throw, Gibbs-White squanders possession before hurting himself going for a tackle.
15:158 months ago

88' WOL 2-3 WBA

Cutrone goes down quite easily in the box, no foul.
15:148 months ago

88' WOL 2-3 WBA

Bartley shakes off some cramp and play continues.
15:148 months ago

87' WOL 2-3 WBA

Ait Nouri tries a shot from the left after beating a few men, can't get the effort on target.
15:138 months ago

86' WOL 2-3 WBA

Neto sends it to Boly, Boly wins the header, Semedo tries to drill a shot in from the edge of the box and Bartley gets in the way.
15:128 months ago

86' WOL 2-3 WBA

Cutrone brought down for a Wolves free kick in the left half-space.
15:128 months ago

86' WOL 2-3 WBA

Traore wins the ball from an Albion throw, Wolves pushing the defence high to make the pitch small.
15:118 months ago

85' WOL 2-3 WBA

Semedo pushes up the right, to Gibbs White, to Neto, long shot cleared. Wolves win it back in midfield. Coady-esque diagonal from Gibbs-White finds no-one.
15:118 months ago

84' WOL 2-3 WBA

Gibbs-White takes the free kick, Boly flicks it on and Button beats Cutrone to it.
15:108 months ago

83' WOL 2-3 WBA

Albion are sitting very deep now. Traore runs central, beats two men and wins a free kick in a great area.
15:098 months ago

82' WOL 2-3 WBA

Silva and Traore try to link up on the edge of the box. Nothing comes from it. Cutrone tries a very ambitious volley inside the box, fires it into the ground and it bounces over the bar. Golden opportunity to equalise.
15:088 months ago

81' WOL 2-3 WBA

Traore pushes up the right wing again and wins a corner for Neto to take. Wolves have had 10 corners to Albion's 0. Corner cleared, as is the second attempt at a ball in by Semedo.
15:078 months ago

80' WOL 2-3 WBA

Ait Nouri brought down deep and wide on the left flank by Robson-Kanu.
15:068 months ago

79' WOL 2-3 WBA

Wolves win a deep free kick from a shirt pull.
15:058 months ago

78' WOL 2-3 WBA

Robinson now on the left of midfield with Robson-Kanu as the lone striker. Another Wolves attack can't find a way through.

Moutinho coming off for Cutrone. Nuno's really going for it now.

15:048 months ago

77' WOL 2-3 WBA

Moutinho carries it to the byline with Albion sat deep. Low cross cut out, Wolves back in possession.
15:048 months ago

76' WOL 2-3 WBA

O'Shea aims a powerful cross at Robson-Kanu. Wolves break quickly. Neto dribbles to the byline, crosses it in, Traore and Silva get in each other's way. Goal kick. Cutrone getting ready to come on. Good, positive game management from Nuno.
15:028 months ago

76' WOL 2-3 WBA

Boly to Semedo, passes it in to Traore, through ball towards the byline, Semedo can't quite keep it in.
15:018 months ago

75' WOL 2-3 WBA

Boly seems to be in something like a Coady role at times, with Moutinho dropping deep.
15:018 months ago

74' WOL 2-3 WBA

Offside for Albion as they attack down the left.
15:008 months ago

73' WOL 2-3 WBA

Dendoncker's high boot earns him a booking - kicks Snodgrass in the head. Reckless and not quite a red but dangerous.
14:598 months ago

72' WOL 2-3 WBA

Saiss sends it wide to Neto, driving run forwards leads to a few changes in possession. Pereira goes down in pain after a challenge from Moutinho, no foul. Silva breaks forward quickly but can't get his low shot on target, goes wide of the far post.
14:588 months ago

71' WOL 2-3 WBA

Traore beats two men down the right, beautiful low cross in, Silva can't put either of his shots away.
14:578 months ago

71' WOL 2-3 WBA

Albion attack a little too aggressively on the right and concede the free kick near the Wolves box.
14:578 months ago

70' WOL 2-3 WBA

Long ball from Boly finds no-one.
14:568 months ago

69' WOL 2-3 WBA

Set-piece defence is a lot tighter from Albion than it was in the first half, very visible improvement.

Grosicki is subbed off for Hal Robson-Kanu, making his first appearance after his return from injury. Grosicki has contributed well in attack and can feel proud of his output today.

14:558 months ago

68' WOL 2-3 WBA

Boly heads it goalwards from the corner again, Bartley prevents the equaliser. The second corner comes to nothing.
14:558 months ago

68' WOL 2-3 WBA

Wolves inviting pressure at the back. Saiss slips it forwards to Gibbs-White near the byline. Cuts it back to Ait Nouri, whose cross is blocked for a corner.
14:548 months ago

67' WOL 2-3 WBA

Semedo wins a free kick deep on the right. Quick Saiss-Neto-Ait Nouri attack down the left comes to nothing. Wolves win possession back on the touchline and attack the same side. Neto can't get on the end of the through ball into the box.
14:528 months ago

66' WOL 2-3 WBA

Silva concedes possession again and concedes a free kick deep in the Albion half.
14:518 months ago

65' WOL 2-3 WBA

Silva loses the ball in the box, Ajayi clears it.
14:518 months ago

64' WOL 2-3 WBA

Strange times - Conor Coady has been subbed off for Ait Nouri. No-one saw that coming. First time he's ever been subbed off in the Premier League.
14:508 months ago

64' WOL 2-3 WBA

Neto beats his man, but the brilliant cross is too much for Silva and Traore wasn't far enough forward.
14:508 months ago

63' WOL 2-3 WBA

Wolves in possession, try an attack down the right but lose it.
14:498 months ago

62' WOL 2-3 WBA

Rayan Ait-Nouri about to come on for Wolves.
14:488 months ago

61' WOL 2-3 WBA

Lots of changes of possession in midfield. Albion break through the left half-space. Pereira's perfect cross finds Robinson, whose shot beats Coady and Patricio but goes wide of the far post.
14:478 months ago

60' WOL 2-3 WBA

4-2-3-1 for Wolves now? Dendoncker and Moutinho in holding midfield, with Gibbs-White helping out the forwards.
14:468 months ago

58' WOL 2-3 WBA

Saiss' central pass is lost and Albion attack again. The through ball breaks down. Silva loses it on the left. Snodgrass crosses in from the right. Sawyers can't get his shot on target and wipes out Neves who had gone down for a sliding challenge. Neves is replaced by Gibbs-White.
14:448 months ago

57' WOL 2-3 WBA

Albion hold the ball well in midfield, drawing a frustrated tackle and winning a free kick. Morgan Gibbs-White is getting ready on the touchline, receiving instructions from Rui Pedro Silva.
14:438 months ago


Pereira takes the penalty, sending Patricio the wrong way again, putting it into the bottom right hand corner.
14:418 months ago

55' WOL 2-2 WBA

Sawyers to Grosicki to Robinson, Coady brings him down for the penalty.
14:418 months ago

54' WOL 2-2 WBA

Semedo goes down near the edge of the box on a dribble forward with four men around him. There is contact but no foul is given.
14:398 months ago


Snodgrass almost reaches the byline and cuts it central, Neves makes the clearance. Long throw is met by Bartley in the box, heading it to Ajayi, with a looping header beating the outstretched Patricio and going in at the far post.
14:388 months ago

51' WOL 2-1 WBA

Neto's free kick is pulled back in the box by Silva to Saiss, whose shot is met by Button. Handball by Silva in the buildup. Free kick Albion as Dendoncker fouls Pereira.
14:378 months ago

49' WOL 2-1 WBA

Semedo picks the ball up centrally and drives forward. Passes out to Traore who passes central to Dendoncker. A heavy touch loses possession but Wolves quickly win it back in the midfield. Neto brought down by Snodgrass on the Wolves left for a free kick.
14:358 months ago

48' WOL 2-1 WBA

Moutinho takes the corner from the left and again Albion don't deal with it. Adama gets a head on it, Dendoncker sends it to Silva whose shot is deflected. Neto takes the next corner and Boly sends the header beyond the far post.
14:348 months ago

47' WOL 2-1 WBA

Saiss breaks up the left, Silva receives the pass, beats his man with a ball between the legs, cuts back towards Neto and wins the corner.
14:338 months ago

46' WOL 2-1 WBA

Semedo taken down for a free kick on the halfway line - Wolves send it back into the defence, looking to play it out, not rushing anything.
14:328 months ago

46' WOL 2-1 WBA

We're underway for the second half. No half-time substitutions.
14:258 months ago


This has been a hugely entertaining game so far - my own prediction of a 1-0 win or 1-1 draw has been completely proven wrong. No-one has enjoyed lengthy spells of possession - a lot of the game has been spent in transition.

Albion have looked very dangerous going forwards especially out wide - wing overloads and through balls have been a major problem for the Wolves defence and it seems like only a matter of time before Allardyce's men score again.

What Wolves cannot do now is sit back and defend the lead; they need to keep pushing for more goals. Silva has impressed up front - his aerial ability might not compare with that of Jimenez, but his intelligent runs and passes have opened up acres of space for his teammates.

Both wingers and both fullbacks have been threatening going forwards for Wolves, and Dendoncker has had a number of half-chances - it wouldn't be a surprise to see him burying one of them at some point. Albion need to start dealing with set piece scenarios, soon.

Both of Wolves' goals have come from moments of confusion at the back for Albion - the clearances need to be faster and more decisive if Albion are going to stay in the game. Patricio has done well - aside from the penalty, for which he cannot be blamed, he's not put a foot wrong.

Boly had a shaky start to the game, lunging in clumsily to give away the penalty in the first ten minutes, but he assisted the equaliser and scored the goal to put Wolves ahead at the end of the half.

A massive second half is needed from both sides now.

14:168 months ago

45' WOL 2-1 WBA

Albion holding the ball well. Amazing long diagonal to Snodgrass on the right flank. Left footed cross from the edge of the box is cleared by Boly to Gibbs who can't convert the opportunity.
14:158 months ago

45' WOL 2-1 WBA

O'Shea sends it long to Snodgrass who beats Saiss, low cross cleared away by Boly. Albion attacking the right again.
14:138 months ago


Moutinho delivers from the corner. Boly scores with another low shot along the ground. Wolves in front. Saiss got a foot on it in the confusion in the middle.
14:128 months ago

42' WOL 1-1 WBA

Traore makes an excellent run down the right, beating three men before attempting a cutback cross from the byline. Gibbs clears for a corner.
14:128 months ago

42' WOL 1-1 WBA

Traore makes an excellent run down the right, beating three men before attempting a cutback cross from the byline. Gibbs clears for a corner.
14:118 months ago

41' WOL 1-1 WBA

Coady sends it to the left, Neves crosses in, Livermore clears.
14:118 months ago

41' WOL 1-1 WBA

Neves wins a free kick just inside the Albion half. Coady to take.
14:108 months ago


Neto sends it into the box. Goes out wide right. Cross back in causes some confusion at the back for Albion. FABIO SILVA scores the equaliser after some excellent hold-up play and a reflex flick by Boly. Low and towards the back post. Great scrappy goal.
14:078 months ago

37' WOL 0-1 WBA

Saiss passes forwards to Neto who is brought down wide of the box by Snodgrass. Neto to take the free kick.
14:068 months ago

36' WOL 0-1 WBA

Albion corner from the right comes to nothing. Wolves break quickly. Ajayi spots the danger and takes a booking for dragging Dendoncker back in the centre. Attack stops.
14:058 months ago

35' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto loses it from a bad touch. Pereira dribbles like Messi, cutting in from the right before slipping a ball forward. Good creativity.
14:048 months ago

33' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto from the left half space lobs the ball forward to Silva and just in front - Silva is crowded out by defenders who make the clearance.
14:038 months ago

32' WOL 0-1 WBA

Wolves back in possession and holding the ball centrally. Traore loses it. Neves makes a mess of a clearance allowing a quick break down the Albion right. Shot over the bar - Albion are looking the more threatening side at the moment.
14:018 months ago

31' WOL 0-1 WBA

Short free kick sees a quick heading movement from the Albion left in the Wolves box and a shot by Robinson. A good reflex save by Patricio keeps Wolves in this.
14:008 months ago

31' WOL 0-1 WBA

Saiss brings Snodgrass down for a free kick just inside the Wolves half.
14:008 months ago

30' WOL 0-1 WBA

Wolves attacking on the left again. Neto sends it back to Coady. Pass to Dendoncker leads to a change in possession but Albion can't do anything with it. Wolves lose the ball on the left, Albionholding possession now.
13:598 months ago

29' WOL 0-1 WBA

Livermore to Robinson, out wide to Grosicki. Sawyers' pass goes off target and Wolves attack down the left. Snodgrass tackles Silva late, who goes down in a bit of pain but gets up quickly.
13:588 months ago

28' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neves to Semedo on the right. Semedo drags three men out wide. Ambitious looping cross towards Silva only finds Button.
13:578 months ago

27' WOL 0-1 WBA

Traore off-balance tries to send it central and loses possession. Bad clearance goes to Neto who crosses to Boly at the front post. If Boly was a yard or two further back, that was going in.
13:568 months ago

26' WOL 0-1 WBA

Another corner - Livermore heads it behind the back post. Neto to take.
13:558 months ago

26' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto takes the corner - overshoots it and Bartley sends it behind. Moutinho to take.
13:558 months ago

25' WOL 0-1 WBA

Coady ventures over the halfway line. Lobbed ball helped on to Traore by Dendoncker. Semedo wins the corner with an overlapping run.
13:548 months ago

23' WOL 0-1 WBA

Both teams are shifting the ball to the Wolves right/Albion left as often as possible - Wolves to take advantage of their two ex-Barcelona men's talents; Albion due to the success they're having when they overload Wolves' defensive regions there.
13:528 months ago

22' WOL 0-1 WBA

Wolves win possession on the left and cycle it to the right. Back to the left, then to the right, looking for an opening.
13:518 months ago

20' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neves loses balance and loses possession. Pereira to Gibbs. 1-2. Gibbs crosses to Neto who clears back to the Albion left. After some dangerous short passing, Saiss comes across to break up the flow.
13:498 months ago

20' WOL 0-1 WBA

Dendoncker to Traore, who beats two men before sending his cross behind the goal.
13:488 months ago

19' WOL 0-1 WBA

Pereira shoots from range, Patricio saves it.
13:488 months ago

18' WOL 0-1 WBA

Silva holds the ball well to drag defenders out of position before sending it to Dendoncker in space. The curling effort doesn't beat Button.
13:478 months ago

17' WOL 0-1 WBA

Robinson breaks forward after a quick through ball. Movement breaks down after Neves intercepts a ground pass in the box.
13:468 months ago

17' WOL 0-1 WBA

Great hold-up play from Dendoncker and Silva. Out wide to Traore, cross to Dendoncker near the penalty spot. Couldn't get over it - header off target.
13:468 months ago

16' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto drags four men onto the left flank to deal with his attacking threat - they do so eventually.
13:458 months ago

15' WOL 0-1 WBA

Moutinho goes in for a badly timed tackle - Button to take the free kick not far from the centre circle.
13:458 months ago

15' WOL 0-1 WBA

Traore to Dendoncker for a 1-2. Traore tries the shot but shoots right at Button. Easy save.
13:448 months ago

14' WOL 0-1 WBA

Dendoncker tries his luck from range, fires over the bar.
13:438 months ago

13' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto crosses in from the left - clear handball by Gibbs in the box as Button tries to catch the ball over Silva's head. Nothing intentional in it - a penalty would have been a very harsh decision.
13:428 months ago

12' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neto passes out wide to Saiss high up - powerful back post cross from Saiss is collected easily by Button.
13:418 months ago

11' WOL 0-1 WBA

Wolves holding possession well under pressure and slowly moving forwards.
13:408 months ago

10' WOL 0-1 WBA

Neves kicks into the wall. Traore and Semedo collect on the right. Traore's cross is cleared away.
13:408 months ago

10' WOL 0-1 WBA

Fabio Silva brought down by Romaine Sawyers just in front of the Albion box and slightly to the left. Definitely in Neves range.
13:398 months ago


Pereira sends Patricio the wrong way from the spot, cool delivery into the left of the net.
13:388 months ago

8' WOL 0-0 WBA

Pereira to take - VAR agrees.
13:388 months ago

8' WOL 0-0 WBA

Boly tackled Robinson hard just next to the box/on the line. VAR looking as this is a very close call.
13:378 months ago

6' WOL 0-0 WBA

Grosicki crosses from the left and the ball is cleared. Wolves struggling to get the ball away from their own box. Wolves concede a penalty.
13:358 months ago

5' WOL 0-0 WBA

Boly's return has forced Conor Coady into the left centre-back role - he's now played all three centre-back positions this season.
13:348 months ago

4' WOL 0-0 WBA

Albion clear; off-balance Neves can't score from range. Boly almost does with a low drive to Button's left but the 'keeper makes the save.
13:338 months ago

4' WOL 0-0 WBA

Semedo breaks forward, making a cross from the edge of the box and wins a corner. Moutinho to take.
13:338 months ago

3' WOL 0-0 WBA

Romain Saiss comes surging high up the Wolves left trying to win a throw. Could he operate as a wingback at times today?
13:328 months ago

2' WOL 0-0 WBA

Neves is playing deep and dropping into the back line. Coady is back to spraying long balls out wide from the centre.
13:318 months ago

1' WOL 0-0 WBA

Robinson makes an attempt early from a long throw from the Albion right. Patricio deals with it comfortably.
13:308 months ago


In this, the first Black Country Derby in nine years, players can make themselves heroes. Everything will be left out on the pitch today.

After everyone takes the knee, West Brom take the kickoff and we're underway.

13:278 months ago

Teams coming out

Both sets of players are lining up on the pitch - only a couple of minutes to go now.
13:168 months ago

Get well soon!

Sam Johnstone and Matt Phillips are missing from the West Brom lineup due to positive COVID-19 tests. I wish them, along with all of today's other absentees, a speedy recovery.
12:498 months ago

Wolves: Team news

With Wolves' strongest back three and only one wingback selected, the back line should form as a four when out of possession, shifting right to allow Nelson Semedo to push forward when Wolves attack.

Pedro Neto, listed as a wingback on Wolves' official lineup tweet, should play as a left winger. He and Adama Traore have both recovered from minor injuries (Neto - knock picked up against Everton; Traore - hamstring issue picked up against Crystal Palace).

Fabio Silva starts instead of Patrick Cutrone up front; the Italian will almost certainly feature off the bench as he has done in his last two appearances.

With three in midfield, Wolves will match West Brom man for man. Ruben Neves will likely be tasked with keeping Pereira quiet, while Dendoncker will likely cover the space in behind Semedo when he drives forward, preventing Snodgrass from being as effective as he could be.

Wolves will likely set up in a 4-3-3, shifting to a 3-4-3 in possession.

12:428 months ago

West Brom: Team news

Grady Diangana is absent due to a hamstring injury picked up yesterday.

David Button replaces Sam Johnstone in goal for his first start in two years.

Sam Allardyce's first signing Robert Snodgrass makes his debut for the Baggies, and should play to the left of Matheus Pereira.

Semi Ajayi partners Kyle Bartley at centre-back; Branislav Ivanovic is on the bench.

Hal Robson-Kanu and Sam Field, both of whom have struggled with injury, are on the bench and could make cameo appearances later on.

Former Wolves goalkeeper Andy Lonergan also finds himself among the substitutes for West Brom.

Allardyce's men should set up in a 4-2-3-1 based on personnel selection.

12:368 months ago

West Brom: Confirmed Lineup

Button; O'Shea, Ajayi, Bartley, Gibbs; Livermore (c), Sawyers; Grosicki, Pereira, Snodgrass; Robinson.

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12:328 months ago

Wolves: Confirmed Lineup

Patricio; Boly, Coady (c), Saiss; Semedo, Dendoncker, Moutinho, Neves, Neto; Adama, Silva.

17:478 months ago

That's all for now

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for Wolves vs West Brom.
17:428 months ago

Allardyce echoes Nuno's sentiment

"You get that instant feeling about how important it is to the fans. [...] I want this weekend to end with West Brom fans saying 'wow' and 'thank you for getting us that win'. That would give them a bit of joy on top of all the suffering that's going on at the moment."
17:378 months ago

Nuno missing Wolves fans

"I'm aware of what [the Black Country Derby] means to our fans, but we don't have them. [...] It's not only about the atmosphere, it's when you arrive to the stadium, after the game, the hotel, no fans. This is what I miss, it's the presence of them."
17:328 months ago

How to watch Wolves vs West Brom Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, head to BT Sport 1, where coverage starts at 11:30 GMT.

If you want to directly stream it, your options are the BT Sport website or a NOW TV pass.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL UK is your best option!

17:278 months ago

West Brom: Predicted Lineup

Johnstone; Furlong, Ajayi, Ivanovic, Gibbs; Sawyers, Phillips, Livermore, Diangana; Pereira; Robinson.
17:228 months ago

Wolves: Predicted Lineup

Patricio; Semedo, Coady, Saiss, Ait-Nouri; Dendoncker, Neves, Moutinho; Gibbs-White, Cutrone, Neto.
17:178 months ago

West Brom: Team News

Conor Townsend (knee), Hal Robson-Kanu (arm), Karlan Grant (foot) and Conor Gallagher (suspension - five yellow cards) are all unavailable for selection. Sam Field (knee) has been back in training.

New arrival Robert Snodgrass could feature in midfield to add some attacking experience to this depleted West Brom side, while Sam Johnstone, Matt Phillips and Callum Robinson are all expected to return from their injuries.

With Robson-Kanu and Grant both out, Robinson is likely to start up front even if he is not back to 100% fitness.

17:128 months ago

Wolves: Team News

Wolves' injury list is long and unenviable. Star striker Raul Jimenez remains ruled out due to his skull fracture, though he is recovering and in light training. Watching the game from the stand with him will be Jonny Castro Otto (ACL), Fernando Marcal (groin), Daniel Podence (calf), and possibly Willy Boly (hamstring) and Adama Traore (hamstring), though the latter two may be fit enough to make an appearance from the bench - both have trained ahead of this match.

After a couple of promising appearances off the bench, Patrick Cutrone will likely start at centre-forward for Wolves, giving young Fabio Silva an opportunity for a much-needed break.

If as expected Traore is not fit to start, Morgan Gibbs-White will likely start on the right of Wolves' attack.

17:078 months ago

First win for Allardyce?

New boss Sam Allardyce has not enjoyed an ideal start to his time at The Hawthorns. Aside from the impressive feat of holding Liverpool to a 1-1 draw, all of his other games have been losses: 0-3, 0-5 and 0-4 home defeats to Aston Villa, Leeds and Arsenal, and defeat on penalties away to Blackpool in the FA Cup.

Currently sat in 19th place and some way off safety, West Brom need to start getting results sooner rather than later. A win over local rivals Wolves would be hugely symbolic, and would put the Baggies just a win behind 17th-place Brighton.

17:028 months ago

Nuno in need of a turning point

After a hugely successful first three seasons - winning the Championship on the first attempt before back-to-back 7th-place Premier League finishes - Nuno Espirito Santo's Wolves have stalled in 2020/21.

Without a preseason to properly train and integrate new players, after selling two of his key attacking forces and facing the first real injury crisis of his time at Molineux, Nuno has struggled for results this season, with points routinely fought for and games not won by big margins. Occasionally passive defending and a severely injury-weakened attack have limited his side in recent weeks, with only five points picked up out of a possible 24.

Now facing two games of huge historic significance to the Wolves fanbase - West Brom at home and Chorley away in the space of a week, he will be hoping to win both to restore fans' trust in him and boost the morale of his players.

16:578 months ago


At the first Black Country Derby in almost nine years, Wolves will be looking to claim the region's bragging rights and move past the humiliating 1-5 home defeat suffered when this fixture was last played on 12 February 2012.
16:528 months ago

Kick-off time

Wolves vs West Brom will be played at Molineux, in Wolverhampton, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:30 GMT.
16:478 months ago


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