As it happened: Chorley 0-1 Wolves in Emirates FA Cup 4th Round
Vitinha takes a world-class swerving shot from distance, which proved to be the difference between the two sides | Photo by Michael Regan - The FA/The FA via Getty Images.


21:522 years ago

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Thanks very much for following along with my live updates tonight, that was a hugely entertaining match to watch. Looking forward to next time, signing off for now. Have a great rest of your evening.


21:482 years ago


Chorley did themselves proud tonight. Wolves were limited to a single shot on target; Chorley had many, many more opportunities. The entire Chorley team ran themselves to exhaustion - there was nothing more that any of them could have done. The consistent long balls and direct pressing limited Wolves' opportunities to break forwards quickly, and Wolves were forced to play through the midfield, keeping the buildup slow and largely unthreatening. Despite the loss, a team of part-timers put up a better fight against Wolves than some Premier League and Europa League sides over the past couple of years - this will be a night to tell the grandchildren about for every man in that Chorley squad.

One positive for Wolves is that despite all the long balls into the box, which have so often proven their undoing, the defence held firm and, perhaps against the odds, kept a clean sheet. Boly, Ruddy and Hoever all played very impressively. Neto and Traore brought a new sense of urgency in attack, and Neves kept the midfield firm while strengthening the defence in set-piece and long-ball scenarios as he so often does. Nuno is regularly criticised for his substitutions, but he got his triple change spot on tonight. Cutrone and Silva did not look very natural together up front and struggled to work with each other - while this can be put down to a lack of shared playing time, this will be a concern for Nuno going forwards.

Wolves progress to the fifth round, and will face the winner of Southampton vs Arsenal. They will find out their next opponents tomorrow, with the game kicking off at 12:15.

21:352 years ago


Added time of added time now. Birch long throw. Urwin staying back. Neves heads it away to end the game.
21:342 years ago

93' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever goes down in the box, referee doesn't see it, ball comes to Ait Nouri whose shot is blocked. Kilman ventures high up and can't create anything. Goal kick.
21:332 years ago

92' CHO 0-1 WOL

Traore is triple-marked on the wing and wins a throw.
21:322 years ago

92' CHO 0-1 WOL

Ait Nouri and Neto on the left again. Brilliant pass to Silva. Neves' pass is then cut out. Chorley going for another long ball. Boly clears again.
21:322 years ago

91' CHO 0-1 WOL

First of three additional minutes. Long ball ater long ball now. Neto and Ait Nouri combine on the counter. Back to Neves, out to Traore.
21:312 years ago

90 ' CHO 0-1 WOL

Boly gets it away, Silva forces Baines deep. Urwin sends another long ball forwards. And another. Wolves are dealing with the pressure.
21:302 years ago

90' CHO 0-1 WOL

Ruddy launches a goal kick towards Neto, who fouls birch. Urwin comes out to take the free kick, everyone forwards to attack the long ball.
21:302 years ago

89' CHO 0-1 WOL

Kilman is down, looks hurt. Cardwell booked. Kilman is alright. Just a coming together in the air.
21:292 years ago

89' CHO 0-1 WOL

Neto runs central, tries a shot but mistimes it and send the ball a long way wide of the post, always curling wide.
21:282 years ago

88' CHO 0-1 WOL

Chorley attack breaks down. Traore breaks through the middle. Again, Hoever's cross is blocked.
21:282 years ago

87' CHO 0-1 WOL

Smith coming on for Hall, who has given everything and run his legs off up front for Chorley.
21:272 years ago

86' CHO 0-1 WOL

Birch booked for some painful looking contact on Ait Nouri. Both are perhaps lucky to still be on the pitch - that could have turned out very differently.
21:262 years ago

86' CHO 0-1 WOL

Neto to Silva, shot blocked, Urwin collects.
21:262 years ago

86' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hall fouls Kilman, but there are no hard feelings - Hall looks exhausted.
21:252 years ago

85' CHO 0-1 WOL

Chorley in possessoin. Leather sends a long ball forwards. Another long ball. Wolves clear again. Silva loses it high up. Bad pass forces Urwin a long way off his line to clear before Silva can run onto it.
21:242 years ago

84' CHO 0-1 WOL

Baines off for Miller, Shenton off for Henley. Double substitution for Chorley.
21:232 years ago

83' CHO 0-1 WOL

Neto has space on the left. Cuts inside, to Silva, movement on the Wolves right and Silva tries to feed a through ball to himself. Comes to nothing. Goal kick.
21:232 years ago

82' CHO 0-1 WOL

Silva causes some problems in the air for Tomlinson and the centre-backs after a Ruddy long kick. Wolves back in possession.
21:212 years ago

81' CHO 0-1 WOL

Neto takes the corner. Outcurling delivery overshoots everyone. Chorley throw.
21:212 years ago

80' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves attacking up the right again, Traore and Hoever combining on the right. Neto holds it in the centre and feeds it back to Traore. Neto to Neves. Neves floats it towards Ait Nouri on the edge of the box (just offside). Birch takes no chances and concedes the corner.
21:202 years ago

79' CHO 0-1 WOL

Traore beats his man on the right before casually winning a throw.
21:182 years ago

77' CHO 0-1 WOL

Silva puts it between Halls' legs with a backheel to Dendoncker. Possession lost. Hall, Cardwell, Calveley and Baines attack. Chorley pass into defence before Tomlinson sends a diagonal up the left. Ball comes loose, Ruddy collects.
21:172 years ago

76' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady diagonal finds Neto. Pass cut out. Ait Nouri robs hall. Traore comes in from the right, lays off to Hoever, back to Traore, cuts back to Moutinho. Wolves passing it around in the Chorley half.
21:162 years ago

75' CHO 0-1 WOL

Cardwell wins the ball from the Wolves throw. Neto drops deep to break up the attack. 1-2 with Silva on the counter before working the ball back into defence and up the right.
21:142 years ago

73-74' CHO 0-1 WOL

Another awkward clearance leads to another Chorley attack. Baines beats Traore. Ball bounces central. Silva heads to Neto who springs forwards. Neto double marked, sends it back to Ait Nouri, Neves, Hoever, Traore, Neves, Hoever, low cross cleared for a throw near the halfway line.
21:132 years ago

73' CHO 0-1 WOL

Long throw is cleared away by Kilman. Tomlinson's ball in bounces to Newby who wins another corner from a blocked shot.
21:122 years ago

72' CHO 0-1 WOL

Tomlinson finds Hoever, who heads clear strongly for the throw.
21:122 years ago

71' CHO 0-1 WOL

Tomlinson sends it into the box, clearance goes back to Halls. Hoever gives away a corner near the Wolves right flag after Halls sends a long ball towards Newby out wide.
21:112 years ago

70' CHO 0-1 WOL

Kilman tackles Hall, who goes down theatrically for a free kick in a good area.
21:102 years ago

68' CHO 0-1 WOL

Neves on for Moutinho. Traore on for Vitinha. Neto on for Cutrone.

Traore squaring up to manager Vermiglio after he takes Baines out near the Chorley bench.

21:082 years ago

67' CHO 0-1 WOL

Vitinha creates a gap in the midfield before sending the ball out to Hoever. Low ball in goes to Cutrone, short pass doesn't reach Silva.
21:072 years ago

66' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker gives away a free kick on the right. Tomlinson's strong delivery finds the gloves of Ruddy, who seems untroubled by it.
21:062 years ago

65' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady tries the diagonal again. Chorley throw on the Wolves right. Traore, Neves and Neto getting ready to come on. Formation change incoming.
21:052 years ago

64' CHO 0-1 WOL

Free kick is launched to the edge of the box, ball bounces between a couple of heads before the attack dies down. Goal kick Ruddy.
21:042 years ago

64' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady takes Cardwell out near the halfway line and is booked.
21:032 years ago

63' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady's diagonal goes up the right, Hoever to take the throw. Cleared for another throw.
21:032 years ago

62' CHO 0-1 WOL

Tomlinson sends it deep to Cardwell, goes out for a goal kick.
21:022 years ago

61' CHO 0-1 WOL

Retaken corner, Halls' header is saved perfectly with a reflex one-handed move by Ruddy, tipped over the bar. Corner.
21:012 years ago

61' CHO 0-1 WOL

Tomlinson takes the corner, whips it in to the far post. Referee stops play as Cardwell had made an illegal run into the goal.
21:002 years ago

60' CHO 0-1 WOL

Long throw into the box - Boly clears it behind for a corner, can't take any chances.
20:592 years ago

59' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hall and Newby win a throw high on the Chorley left.
20:592 years ago

59' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker is the centre of passing high up, almost able to feed a pass through to Cutrone but it goes out for a throw.
20:582 years ago

58' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wingbacks are essentially playing as wingers, with Dendonckeroccasionally dropping into the wingback slot on the left.
20:582 years ago

57' CHO 0-1 WOL

Long throw down the Chorley right, Vitinha keeps the ball under pressure, comes central to Silva via Hoever, Leather blocks the shot.
20:572 years ago

56' CHO 0-1 WOL

Chorley pressing high on their left with three men near the corner flag. They don't get anything from it but the intention is admirable.
20:562 years ago

56' CHO 0-1 WOL

Played short to Hoever, Cartwell heads the cross behind, somehow for a goal kick.
20:552 years ago

55' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker goes on a quick run along the byline looking to cut it back to Silva after a high throw on the right. Moutinho to take the corner.
20:542 years ago

54' CHO 0-1 WOL

Ait Nouri robbed on the Wolves left. Birch tries the cross; Hall tries a tough volley to equalise but puts it over the bar.
20:532 years ago

53' CHO 0-1 WOL

Aerial ball in the box floats towards Cutrone; Urwin leaps forwards and punches it clear.
20:532 years ago

52' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves are being pressed on the right again, but hold the ball and cycle it to the left instead of conceding the throw again.
20:522 years ago

51' CHO 0-1 WOL

Kilman shepherds a long pass out of play for a goal kick.
20:512 years ago

50' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves midfielders pass the ball between themselves before a loose pass allows Cartwell and Newby to counter. Kilman robs Cartwell in the box, and his long ball towards Silva is lost.
20:502 years ago

49' CHO 0-1 WOL

Silva gives away a free kick on the Chorley left. Ball lobbed in from distace, Newby crosses in from the right, ball shifts between players in the box and Wolves force it clear. It's not pretty but they've kept Chorley out in a very dangerous moment. Silva wins a free kick and slows the action down.
20:492 years ago

48' CHO 0-1 WOL

Chorley are pressing high now, limiting the Wolves defenders' time on the ball and forcing throws.
20:482 years ago

47' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hall heads goalwards after losing Kilman and Coady at close range, Ruddy saves it. Could have been the equaliser.
20:472 years ago

46' CHO 0-1 WOL

Second half underway. Long ball straight up the Chorley left, then a cross in from the right flank goes to the left, crossed back in from the left but dealt with by Boly. Long throw is hoofed into the box. Dendoncker clears it away after a few awkward bounces.
20:402 years ago


Credit to them - Chorley have looked threatening every time they've tried a cross with men forwards. They seem to have picked the Wolves right-centre of midfield out as something of a weak area when pressed in numbers, and have launched a couple of attacks by doing that, but little has come of them. Tomlinson has been dangerous whenever he's had the ball and a few seconds near the Wolves box, though unfortunately for Chorley that hasn't happened very often yet. A Chorley equaliser can't be ruled out - they've done well so far.

Wolves have largely attacked down the right, primarily by letting Hoever have the ball and push forwards, though long balls by Coady and Boly, and ground passes by the midfield three, have given other options. Chorley have looked quite strong defending on their right/Wolves' left, so Ait Nouri's attacking prospects have been limited. The two strikers have only had limited opportunities, with the Chorley defenders shutting down the chances quickly.

Vitinha's strike was brilliant - he might need to pull off a couple more like that one if Wolves are going to hold onto this lead, as their other attacking options haven't looked especially promising so far.

20:312 years ago


Hoever tries some stepovers, but the ball just goes back to the defence. Time for one more attack. Cutrone cuts inside from the left on a loose ball, tries a curling shot aimed at the same spot Vitinha scored in. Can't quite get it on target. End of first half.
20:302 years ago

45' CHO 0-1 WOL

Only a minute to come.
20:292 years ago

45' CHO 0-1 WOL

Cutrone's header high up doesn't find Silva, and the ball goes all the way back to Ruddy.
20:292 years ago

44' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady tries another diagonal, Hoever controls it well. Long cross comes to nothing. Vitinha tries to keep the loose ball in but can't. Chorley throw.
20:282 years ago

43' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever cuts inside again. Dendoncker overlaps and receives it out wide. His low cross is cleared. Chorley counter but can't make anything from it.
20:262 years ago

42' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker loses it again, but Chorley are quickly dispossessed and Vitinha's lobbed pass finds no one in the box after a quick counterattack.
20:262 years ago

41' CHO 0-1 WOL

Tomlinson's free kick is cleared. Newby wins it on the Chorley right. Ait Nouri tries to drive forwards and is wiped out. Anthony Taylor plays the advantage after Halls follows through. Leather takes Silva down. Wolves free kick, no cards shown. Both players are unhurt.
20:242 years ago

40' CHO 0-1 WOL

Boly tries the long ball, finds no one. Cardwell tries to get on the end of the clearance and takes some heavy contact from Boly. Free kick near the halfway line.
20:232 years ago

39' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves have a throw on the right after a long ball is cleared inside the box.
20:222 years ago

38' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker loses it, Cardwell tries a ball into the middle, Hall presses Coady who passes back to Ruddy.
20:222 years ago

37' CHO 0-1 WOL

Moutinho to take the free kick. Dendoncker wants it sent to him. Short to Hoever who mistimes his run onto the pass and sends his cross behind Urwin's goal.
20:212 years ago

36' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever drives inside on the underlap, winning a corner near the edge of the box as Tomlinson earns himself a booking.
20:192 years ago

35' CHO 0-1 WOL

Moutinho takes it, cleared to Hoever, Moutinho crosses again and Cardwell launches it clear.
20:182 years ago

34' CHO 0-1 WOL

Coady tries the same diagonal again towards Dendoncker at the far post, corner to Wolves.
20:172 years ago

33' CHO 0-1 WOL

Long ball by Chorley is dealt with, Wolves again passing slowly and methodically.
20:172 years ago

32' CHO 0-1 WOL

Big diagonal from Coady finds Dendoncker whose byline cross doesn't quite reach Cutrone. Wolves passing it around high up. Dendoncker's ball in finds Ait Nouri wide. He's dispossessed and Chorley attack.
20:162 years ago

31' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever is pressed out wide, stopping a Wolves attack and forcing the ball back into the centre of defence.
20:152 years ago

30' CHO 0-1 WOL

Shenton crosses in, brilliant ball, Birch crosses it back from the right, Boly clears. Chorley aren't afraid to keep sending the crosses at the Wolves back three. One of them will surely come to something at some point - they're good quality crosses.
20:142 years ago

29' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves throw. Hoever lobs it to Silva who holds it well high up. Vitinha and Moutinho start passing it around, looking for the line-breaker. Moutinho sends a pass wayward, allowing a counterattack and Boly bails him out. Chorley throw in the Wolves half.
20:132 years ago

28' CHO 0-1 WOL

Boly calmly deals with a Chorley through ball. Moutinho tries to play a ground pass to Hoever, who isn't quite on the same wavelength. Another long throw to come.
20:122 years ago

27' CHO 0-1 WOL

Long throw is headed to Silva by Dendoncker. Wolves under pressure high and wide. Leather concedes a throw on the Wolves left.
20:112 years ago

26' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever's slow, low cross doesn't find anyone and Hall and Birch launch a counter up the right, winning a throw near the corner flag.
20:102 years ago

25' CHO 0-1 WOL

Leather dispossesses Vitinha as he tries to drive forwards. Hoever tries to push forward but misplaces a pass. Shenton crosses it, Wolves can't quite get it away. Birch crosses in, Boly gets it away. Wolves trying to pass their way out of the pressure.
20:092 years ago

24' CHO 0-1 WOL

Moutinho takes it, too low to be dangerous. Newby and Shenton on the counter. Moutinho makes the tackle to kill the attack, conceding a throw but winning it cleanly as he goes to ground.
20:082 years ago

23' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves passing it around the back again as they slowly squeeze Chorley back. Ait Nouri loses it on the left but wins a free kick from Hall.
20:072 years ago

22' CHO 0-1 WOL

Quick changes in possession on the right flank; Wolves play it out to the left to re-centre the teams.
20:062 years ago

21' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker holds the ball well under pressure, Wolves keep possession. Big trademark Coady diagonal into the box from his own half doesn't quite find Hoever at the far post.
20:052 years ago

20' CHO 0-1 WOL

Rain starting to fall now - pitch could start deteriorating.
20:042 years ago

20' CHO 0-1 WOL

Newby loses the ball in the Wolves half - Ait Nouri can't keep it in.
20:042 years ago

19' CHO 0-1 WOL

Hoever tries a left-footed shot from the edge of the box, cleared for a throw. Moutinho loses possession and concedes a throw - another long one down the wing coming.
20:032 years ago

18' CHO 0-1 WOL

Dendoncker dispossesses Cardwell high up, Wolves passing it around again.
20:022 years ago

16' CHO 0-1 WOL

Free kick is headed away by Moutinho on the edge of the box, Newby finds it on the right. Coady heads away the second effort, comes out to Tomlinson 20 yards out who tries a Neves-esque chest-it-and-volley. Curls wide of the near post but not a bad effort by any means.
20:012 years ago

17' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves attacking up the left in numbers; Hall brought down by Kilman as Chorley try to counterattack.
20:002 years ago

16' CHO 0-1 WOL

Boly elbowed in the face by Cardwell as they go up for a header, free kick Wolves.
19:592 years ago

14-15' CHO 0-1 WOL

Wolves look quite comfortable now, trying to draw a high press from the Chorley forwards but they aren't taking the bait. Wolves back line slowly moving forwards. Hoever tries a long ground pass up the touchline, would have taken a lot from Cutrone to get on the end of it.
19:572 years ago


OUT OF NOWHERE Vitinha shoots, 35-40 yards maybe, beautiful right-footed curling shot finds the top right corner. Urwin had no chance of stopping that. Wolves in front.
19:562 years ago

12' CHO 0-0 WOL

Wolves are in no rush here, they've got all night to break down this Chorley side.
19:552 years ago

11' CHO 0-0 WOL

Wolves attacking slowly, Vitinha looking impressive on the ball in the centre of midfield.
19:552 years ago

10' CHO 0-0 WOL

Tomlinson steps up to take the free kick. Headed in from the right of the box, Boly clears, comes to Tomlinson on the edge of the box, shot only finds Ruddy.
19:542 years ago

9' CHO 0-0 WOL

Hoever throws, Vitinha loses it and Calveley wins a free kick off Hoever's foot. Long throw down the flank leads to a quick attack; Cardwell is fouled (lightly) near the centre circle by Kilman for a free kick.
19:532 years ago

8' CHO 0-0 WOL

Goalkeeper Urwin takes the free kick, Chorley quickly lose position and Coady starts a movement on the left before sending it to Dendoncker on the right. Long ball doesn't quite find Cutrone on the right of the box.
19:512 years ago

7' CHO 0-0 WOL

Wolves passing it about again. Lobbed ball to Cutrone. Cuts back to Hoever, cross slightly overshoots, Wolves collect on the left. Vitinha's chipped pass in is cleared, Hoever concedes a free kick in the box.
19:502 years ago

6' CHO 0-0 WOL

Newby tackles Hoever; another Wolves throw.
19:502 years ago

6' CHO 0-0 WOL

Moutinho takes, short to Hoever, cross is awkwardly cleared for a Wolves throw on the right flank.
19:502 years ago

5' CHO 0-0 WOL

The video is back. Wolves have a corner.
19:482 years ago

3' CHO 0-0 WOL

Kilman high on the left, passes central to Moutinho, Dendoncker sends it wide to Hoever, who attempts a cross. Cleared, but as the video feed cuts out I lose about a minute of the action.
19:472 years ago

2' CHO 0-0 WOL

Fireworks going off behind the Main Stand. Wolves attacking again, passing it about in the middle, Moutinho and Vitinha in the thick of it.
19:462 years ago

Kickoff CHO 0-0 WOL

After the players take the knee, we're underway. Wolves in possession early. Hoever dispossessed on the right. Cardwell whips a cross in, Newby takes a shot, good save by Ruddy.
19:452 years ago

Get well soon!

Morgan Gibbs-White is missing from the Wolves squad due to a positive Covid test; we're wishing him a speedy recovery.
19:342 years ago

Wolves: Tactical Prediction

Wolves often sit deep in a back five when playing with three centre-backs, but both Ki-Jana Hoever and Rayan Ait Nouri are strong going forwards. They will tend to play more attacking than defensive, and without a pair of wingers ahead of them, they will be relied on to push high and send crosses in to the two strikers.

Central attacks will mainly be set up by Vitinha and Moutinho's through balls, with Vitinha likely to push high between the strikers. Chorley's centre-backs could become numerically overwhelmed, forcing the full-backs to come narrow and defensive midfielder Tomlinson to drop back. Wolves could squeeze Chorley towards their own box, limiting them to counterattacks and minimising the chance of conceding corners.

Leander Dendoncker will be key tonight, both due to his strength in attacking crosses and his ability to break up counterattacks in the middle.

19:292 years ago

Chorley: Tactical Prediction

Wolves have shown in recent months that defending in set-piece scenarios can be a major weakness. Defending against aerial threats has been another problem, but the return to a back three should mitigate this somewhat.

Chorley will probably see their best chance of scoring as being from corners or indirect free kicks, or from crosses or long balls into the box, hoping that the playing surface will catch out the Wolves defenders and force split-second moments of confusion which their strikers and midfielders can take advantage of.

19:162 years ago

Chorley: Confirmed Lineup

4-1-3-2: Urwin; Birch, Leather, Baines, Halls; Tomlinson; Shenton, Calveley, Newby; Hardwell, Hall.
19:002 years ago

Wolves: Confirmed Lineup

3-5-2: Ruddy; Boly, Coady, Kilman; Hoever, Moutinho, Vitinha, Dendoncker, Ait Nouri; Cutrone, Silva.
19:002 years ago

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18:552 years ago

Nuno concerned about the state of the Victory Park pitch

"We're going to find a pitch that is not in the best conditions. We already had photos of the pitch taken, we know that the FA make an effort to try and preserve the pitch by covering, we are aware of all that, but with the weather conditions [...] we have to adapt to it."
18:502 years ago

Vermiglio and Chorley management call on "spirit of '86"

"If the players can be motivated even more we’re going to try it by utilising the spirit of '86 and what that team did [...] That's what they've got to aim for. The game in '86 brings an extra bit of spice, mainly because those people are still here.

"We're fortunate enough to have people like Ken Wright, chairman of our club, who was the manager on that day. So for him, this is unbelievable to be reliving those memories."

Vermiglio hopes his players will be inspired to repeat their predecessors' heroics, while the management have looked to further lift the spirits of the Chorley faithful by releasing a special edition replica of the 1986 home shirt to mark this fourth round tie.

18:452 years ago

How to watch Chorley vs Wolves Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, tune in to BT Sport 1, where coverage starts at 19:00 GMT for a 19:45 kickoff.

If you want to directly stream it, your options are the BT Sport website or a NOW TV pass.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL UK is your best option!

18:402 years ago

Wolves: Predicted Lineup

3-4-3: Ruddy; Boly, Coady, Kilman; Hoever, Neves, Dendoncker, Ait Nouri; Traore, Cutrone, Neto.
18:352 years ago

Chorley: Predicted Lineup

4-1-3-2: Urwin; Baines, Halls, Leather, Birch; Tomlinson; Shenton, Calveley, Newby; Hall, Owens.
18:302 years ago

Wolves: Team News

Wolves are without two left-backs - Jonny Castro Otto (ACL) and Fernando Marcal (groin - recent abdominal surgery has ruled him out for a further few weeks) are both absent, so Rayan Ait Nouri is almost certain to start on the Wolves left.

Raul Jimenez (skull) is back in training and is working in the gym, though still has no timeframe on a return to match fitness.

Daniel Podence (calf) is training with the squad and a rehabilitation specialist, but is unlikely to feature. Wolves cannot risk re-injuring him in what will be a physical game in less than ideal playing conditions.

18:252 years ago

Chorley: Team News

Forwards Harry Cardwell (calf) and Lewis Reilly (hamstring) will be assessed for fitness before the match, as will midfielder Will Tomlinson (hamstring). Reilly and Tomlinson both picked up their injuries in a 3-2 home victory over Farsley Celtic in the National League North on Saturday.
18:202 years ago

Nuno in need of a win to keep fans on-side

Wolves' last match saw a 2-3 home loss to West Bromwich Albion in the first Black Country Derby played in nine years. Bottling a half-time lead sparked outrage among the Wolves faithful, with much of the anger directed, perhaps wrongly, at manager Nuno Espirito Santo.

Given the trauma caused by the 3-0 loss to Chorley 34 years ago and the resulting significance of this game, Nuno can quieten his critics if he can comfortably see off today's opposition.

18:152 years ago

Chorley looking for first victory over a Premier League team

A fairytale run has seen the sixth-division Magpies emerge victorious over League One's Wigan Athletic and Peterborough, and over Championship side Derby County so far, a first win over a Premier League side would be a major achievement. This will be the biggest game of many of these players' careers so far.
18:102 years ago

Huge fixture for both clubs

In the first meeting of these two sides since a twice-replayed FA Cup first round tie saw Chorley defeat Wolves in 1986, both sides will be desperate for a victory. Chorley have never gone this far into the FA Cup before, while lifting the trophy represents Wolves' most plausible route into European competition for 2021/22.
18:052 years ago

Kick-off time

Chorley vs Wolves will be played at Victory Park, in Chorley, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:45 GMT.
18:002 years ago


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