As it happened: Clarets dominate Palace at Selhurst Park
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18:0713 days ago

FULL TIME: Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

That just about does it from me, thank you very much for joining me. 

If you want a recap of what happened you can scroll back through this page. 

Heartbreak for Palace fans today, they looked all over the place today, not a happy Valentines' Day for the Eagles. 

Burnley fans will be delighted with that performance, in complete control from the first whistle to last. 

Hopefully the injury to Ben Mee isn't too bad, and he can be in the squad for Wednesday, but I would be surprised if he was.

Thank you once again for joining me! It was a great game to watch, a sixth away clean sheet of the season for Burnley takes them to 15th for the time being, just three points behind 13th placed Palace. 

Thank you, have a good night and stay safe!

17:5413 days ago

FULL TIME: Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

There’s the final whistle and Burnley pick up a commanding three points over Crystal Palace.

Johann Berg Gudmundsson and Jay Rodriguez took The Clarets into a 0-2 after 10 minutes. Matt Lowton scored a beautiful volley two minutes after half time to secure the points.

The home side missed their star Wilfried Zaha throughout, and they just looked like a team that have no confidence whatsoever.

One sobering note from the game was Ben Mee being stretchered off after a nasty head injury, but thankfully he wasn’t taken to hospital and was back in the changing room at full-time.

17:5413 days ago

FULL TIME:Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

17:5313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90+6. Van Aanholt smacks an effort over the bar. 
17:5313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90+5. An update on Ben Mee.

Burnley's official Twitter account say the captain is back walking about and has headed down the tunnel to the changing room. 

Great news after a pretty horrific looking collision. 

17:5213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90+4. Nothing comes from the original corner again but Palace keep the pressure on. 

Time after time, cross after cross, Burnley clear everything. 

They just want it more. 

17:5013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90+3. Another Palace corner. 
17:4913 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90+1. Palace have a corner. 

It comes to nothing originally, but it goes back into the box and another corner is won.

Tarkowski blocks a Townsend drive.

17:4713 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90. Seven minutes added on. 
17:4713 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

90. Clyne's driven cross was well cleared by Long before it reached Mateta. 
17:4313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

86. Erik Pieters has now picked up an injury. 

He is replaced by Phil Bardsley for the last knockings here. 

17:4213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

85. Mee has a neck brace on and they are taking their time with the captain, it is a very serious looking injury. 

Mee is concious, which is a good sign. 

17:4113 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

84. Ben Mee is stretchered off of the pitch, hopefully the Burnley captain is alright. 

The substitution has now taken place, Kevin Long replaces the stricken Ben Mee. 

17:4013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

81. Kevin Long will replace Mee for the last ten minutes or so. 

The medical staff are taking their time in making sure they get Mee off the pitch as safely as possible. 

Credit to Michael Oliver, he stopped the game instantly.

17:3713 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

79. Complete accidental contact with the shoulder of Jordan Ayew. 

Ben Mee is moving while he is on the floor which is a good sign, but the stretcher is out for the Burnley skipper. 

17:3613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

79. Ben Mee takes a knock to the head and he instantly falls to floor. 

Medical teams are around him now. 

17:3513 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

77. Chance for Palace!

Townsend gets the step on Mee and fires an effort over the bar from close range, albeit at a tight angle. 

Should have probably done better there, just not their day.

17:3313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

76. Second sub for Palace. 

Christian Benteke off, Jean-Philippe Mateta on.

17:3213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

75. 15 minutes to go at Selhurst Park. 

The game is slowly starting wind down, Burnley retaining possession more than going forward now. 

17:2913 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

72. Burnley substitution. 

The first goalscorer Johann Berg Gudmundsson is replaced by Robbie Brady. 

17:2813 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

70. McNeil has a go this time, flashing an effort just wide. 
17:2713 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

69. Lowton tees up Rodriguez but his effort is too high. 

Burnley still look the more likely to score here, despite already leading 0-3.

17:2513 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

66. Van Aanholt puts a somewhat decent delivery into the box but no one moved in the area and it goes behind for a goal-kick. 


17:2113 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

64. Palace substitution. 

Andros Townsend is on, he replaces Michy Batshuayi.

17:2013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

62. Dwight McNeil drives down the left hand side, with some fancy feet to get by Clyne.

He cuts it back to Barnes who sets it for Westwood who's effort is fired just past the near post. 

17:1813 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

60. An hour has gone and Burnley are firmly in control here. 

Barnes' deflected effort sits up into the hands of Guaita. 

To be frank, Palace look hopeless. 

17:1013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

54. Roy Hodgson does not look happy. 

Changes might be imminent. 

17:1013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

52. Lowton tries his luck again, sprinting onto a pass from Barnes.  

Second's later the full back drills a perfect volley to the chest of Barnes, he is playing with so much confidence now. 

17:0613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

47. Lowton starts the move on the half way line, he drives forward and rides the challenge of van Aanholt. 

He plays a 1-2 with Barnes who chips over the defence and the right back thunders a volley into the far corner. 

What a sublime finish, and Burnley have three!

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17:0213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

46. The game is back underway, can Palace get back into it or will Burnley add to their tally? 

No changes at the break.

16:5013 days ago

HALF TIME: Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

HALF TIME. Burnley opened the scoring through Johann Berg Gudmundsson after a defensive mix-up after five minutes. 

Jay Rodriguez doubled The Clarets lead with a header from a corner just five minutes later. 

Palace had a couple of half chances but have been well below-par so far. 

Sean Dyche will be very happy with his side's performance so far. 

See you in 15!

16:4713 days ago

HALF TIME: Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

HALF TIME. Michael Oliver blows his whistle for half time.
16:4613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

45. One added minute. 


16:4213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

42. Ayew stabs an effort towards goal, blocked by Tarkowski.

Corner Palace

16:4113 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

I have been working on my Valentines' poetry, how's this? 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It doesn't happen often
Burnley have two

Stick to the commentaries, Luke!

16:3913 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

38. What a beautiful delivery by Clyne. 

No one attacks it though, which is baffling. 

Lowton deflects the resulting throw behind for a corner which is cleared by Burnley. 

16:3613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

35. It was such a disappointing corner by Eze, but it falls back to Clyne who puts it into the area. 

Barnes wins his side a free kick in the area after he was needlesly pushed to the ground by Batshuayi.

16:3513 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

34. Ayew attempts a spectactular first time volley from outside the area. 

It deflects off of Pieters for a Palace corner this time. 

16:3413 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

33. McNeil puts it on Guaita again and he punches it again under pressure from Cork. 

Michael Oliver gives the Palace 'Keeper the benefit of the doubt this time and gives the free kick.

16:3313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

32. Rodriguez found a couple of yards outside the box as the defenders stand off him.

It's deflected for another Burnley corner. 

16:3213 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

31. Nice football from Palace ends with Eze attempting to curl one in at the far post.

It doesn't have enough bend on it and Pope can watch it sail comfortably behind. 

16:2813 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

27. McNeil's delivery is straight at the goal once again, and Guaita punches away. 

Mee sets it back for Lowton but he slices his effort high and wide. 

16:2713 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

25. Pope is called into action again, Benteke once again drives powerfully and kind of scuffs his left footed effort.

Pope blocks with his feet and Burnley break up the other end and win a corner. 

16:2613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

24. Burnley could have and probably should have had a third. 

Mee rises higher than anyone but can't get any connection on the ball. 

16:2513 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

24. McNeil delivers for Barnes but Dann heads it behind for a Burnley corner. 
16:2413 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

23. Burnley win a free kick which McNeil and Westwood stand over. 

Crossing position for The Clarets, can they add a third?

16:1913 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

18. McNeil overruns the ball in the middle of the pitch and Palace break through Benteke. 

He drives forward and shoots, but it is too close to Pope who gets down and keeps hold of the ball. 

16:1613 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

15. They don't look much better going forward either, Tarkowski clearing up well. 

Missing Zaha maybe? 

16:1413 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

13. Burnley are in control of the early stages, Palace look all at sea at the back. 

Missing Gary Cahill maybe?

16:1313 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley

10. Jay Rodriguez nods home the resulting corner. 

Too many bodies in front of Guaita stops him from coming to claim and Jay-Rod calmly leans the ball into the net. 

A fantastic start for Burnley, heart break on Valentines' Weekend for Palace

16:1113 days ago


16:1013 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnley

9. Palace are all over the place at the back. 

Barnes' close range volley is blocked for a corner and...

16:0913 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnley

7. Burnley win a free kick through Barnes on the left side. 

Westwood whips it towards the goal and Guaita bats it away, and Palace can counter.

The Clarets got back to Ayew and clear behind for a corner which Pope duly claims.

16:0813 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnley

5. Johann Berg Gudmundsson curls the ball past Guaita from inside 12 yards. 

Pieters delivers a testing ball and Palace fail to clear the danger, and the Iceland midfielder fired it home

16:0613 days ago


16:0513 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-0 Burnley

3. Benteke tries to dig out a cross but it's defended well by Mee. 

Burnley clear and win a free kick but end up keeping possession instead.

16:0113 days ago

Crystal Palace 0-0 Burnley

1. Burnley in their fetching yellow strip get the game underway at a fresh Selhurst Park!
15:5913 days ago

5 minutes until kick-off

A reminder of the teams.

Crystal Palace.

Guaita; Clyne, Dann, Kouyate, van Aanholt; Ayew, Milivojevic, Riedewald, Eze; Benteke, Batshuayi


Pope; Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Pieters; Gudmundsson, Westwood, Cork, McNeil; Rodriguez, Barnes

15:4013 days ago

Selhurst Park is ready! 20 minutes to go

15:3913 days ago

Teams are warming up

15:2013 days ago

The visitors are here

15:1913 days ago

Selhurst Park looking good

15:1613 days ago

Back to Selhurst Park

Let's hope for that drama today!
15:1513 days ago


Just another update from the King Power. 

Harvey Barnes has completed a second half turnaround, making it 3-1 to the hosts. 

A horrible defensive performance by the Champions, all-but ending Liverpool's title defence this season. 

15:1313 days ago

Drama at the King Power

To keep you up to date elsewhere in the Premier League, Leicester City have just taken the lead against Liverpool. 

Mohamed Salah had put the visitors ahead with a great finish. 

Then the drama!

Leicester win a penalty, but VAR overturns it for a free kick on the edge of the box, which James Maddison scores from. 

The linesman flags for offside, but VAR gives the goal, then seconds later The Foxes take the lead. 

Alisson is left red-faced again, himself and new boy Ozan Kabak get mixed up and Jamie Vardy runs the ball into the empty net. 

The Liverpool 'keeper then redeems himself with a fantastic save from Vardy. 

15:0913 days ago

Rodriguez replaces Vydra for Burnley

One change for the visitors, Jay Rodriguez replaces Matej Vydra. 

Nick Pope and Jack Cork have been passed fit and start for The Clarets. 

15:0613 days ago

Three changes for the hosts

Three changes made by Roy Hodgson from the team who lost at Leeds on Monday night. 

Out go Gary Cahill, Tyrick Mitchell and Jean-Philippe Mateta and in come Cheikhou Kouyate, Michy Batshuayi and Christian Benteke. 

Jordan Ayew drops to left midfield, Patrick van Aanholt goes to left back. 

15:0113 days ago

The teams!

14:5513 days ago

Team News in five minutes

The teams will be released in five minutes. 
14:4813 days ago

It's Matchday!!

Welcome to VAVEL Matchday, it's Crystal Palace vs Burnley at Selhurst Park.

My name is Luke Williamson, I will be watching along with you on this Valentine's weekend. 

So settle down with your heart shaped chocolates and enjoy!

16:2614 days ago

How to watch?

Crystal Palace vs Burnley is live on Sky Sports Premier League.

If you can't watch, then you can readalong with me right here on!

I will be live just before 2pm tomorrow with the team news from Selhurst Park.

See you then!

16:2114 days ago

Both teams looking for a reaction

Crystal Palace fell to a disappointing 2-0 defeat at Leeds United last time out and will be looking at getting a reaction. 

A win will, albeit momentarily, take them level on points with Leeds in 10th, but a defeat would leave just three points ahead of The Clarets. 

Burnley suffered back-to-back disappointment last week. After failing to beat Brighton and move up the table, they crashed out of the FA Cup at the hands of Championship Bournemouth with a dismal performance.

A win would take them 11 points clear of the bottom three, before they face 18th placed Fulham on Wednesday. 

Both Hodgson and Dyche are looking for the perfect response this weekend. 

16:1614 days ago

Team News - Burnley

Burnley will likely be without top scorer Chris Wood as he recovers from a hamstring injury that has kept him out of the last few games. 

Robbie Brady and Charlie Taylor are also doubts for the game, but The Clarets have no new injury concerns.

16:1114 days ago

Team News - Crystal Palace

The big one is that Wilfried Zaha is still missing for The Eagles, with a date for his return unknown as of yet. 

Roy Hodgson will also be without Jeffrey Schlupp and James Tomkins, with James McArthur and Stephen Ward listed as doubts. 

16:0614 days ago

Kick-off Time

Crystal Palace vs Burnley, live from Selhurst Park, is a 3pm GMT kick-off.
16:0114 days ago


Hello and welcome to VAVEL's live text coverage of Crystal Palace vs Burnley!

My name is Luke Williamson, I will be providing you with the text updates throughout the game!

It's Valentines' Day this weekend so let's see how many puns we can work in, I can't promise they will be any good.