As it happened: Manchester United 6 -2 Roma - Cavani, Fernandes and Pogba put United in driver's seat
Manchester United's Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes celebrates with teammates after scoring the opening goal of the UEFA Europa League semi-final, first leg football match between Manchester United and Roma at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, north west England, on April 29, 2021. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)


10:402 years ago


What a second half that was from the Red Devils. They needed a big second half and they didn't dissapoint. Bruno Fernandes, Edinson Cavani and Paul Pogba had a game to remember and Mason Greenwood put the cherry on the cake.


The second leg will be played next Thursday at the Olimpico in Rome. See you then!

10:352 years ago

Halway there

10:302 years ago

92' Manchester United 6 - 2 Roma

It's all over!

A big, big effort from Man United in the second half puts them in the driver's seat - to say the least - for the second leg next week.

It looks like Ole Gunnar Solskjær might be heading to his first final as a Manchester United manager.

10:252 years ago

89' Manchester United 6 - 2 Roma

Fernandes off and Mata on. Good day at the office for Bruno; two goals and two assists.
10:202 years ago

89' Manchester United 6 - 2 Roma

Remember that time when Roma were 2-1 up?
10:152 years ago

86' Manchester United 6 - 2 Roma


Greenwood has been brilliant lately and he makes it six. Cavani finds Greenwood on the right hand side of the pitch. It hits the defender on the way in, 6-2!

10:102 years ago

85' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

What a player!

10:052 years ago

83' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

Matic on for Fred.
10:002 years ago

80' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

Mkhitaryan with an effort that goes wide. He's been one the better Roma players tonight, at his former homeground.
09:552 years ago

79' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

Fred tries one of his famous shots but it goes well wide. 
09:502 years ago

78' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

From the 52nd minute: "Safe to say that this Pogba-Cavani-Fernandes connection has worked a treat tonight."

Yeah, pretty safe to say that. Three world-class players and they are showing it here tonight.

09:452 years ago

76' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma

Solskjær might as well rest some players here; Pogba, Fernandes, Cavani et cetera. This is all really comfortable now.

Rashford is off and Greenwood is on.

09:402 years ago

75' Manchester United 5 - 2 Roma



United are crushing Roma here. Fernandes with the ball into the box and Pogba heads it in. A brilliant, brilliant second half for Solskjær's men.

09:352 years ago

73' Manchester United 4 - 2 Roma

United have woken up this half and it's all gone wrong for Roma. 

Ibanez blocked a shot from Cavani just now. 

09:302 years ago

70' Manchester United 4 - 2 Roma

No mistake from Fernandes!

Calm, cool and collected - like usual. 

09:252 years ago

69' Manchester United 3 - 2 Roma

Penalty to Manchester United!

Smalling fouls Cavani. 

09:202 years ago

68' Manchester United 3 - 2 Roma

Shaw ends his run with a decent shot that Mirante parries. United looking for that fourth goal. 
09:152 years ago

66' Manchester United 3 - 2 Roma

Mkhitaryan with a good-looking ball into the box. It finds the head of Dzeko but his header is straight at De Gea who makes the easy save.
09:102 years ago

66' Manchester United 3 - 2 Roma

09:052 years ago

64' Manchester United 3 - 2 Roma


Horrible mistake by Mirante. Wan-Bissaka with a low-power shot that Mirante can't keep hold of. The ball falls right in front of the feet of Cavani who can't do anything other than score. The right man, at the right time, at the right place. 

09:002 years ago

60' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

Roma haven't been great tonight. They've had two shots and scored two goals. United have to be careful though, the Italian side will punish for one lapse in concentration.
08:552 years ago

53' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

Pogba is such a good footballer. He finds Shaw on the run behind the defence. Shaw places a low cross into the box and finds Cavani but El Matador doesn't strike it cleanly. 
08:502 years ago

52' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

Safe to say that this Pogba-Cavani-Fernandes connection has worked a treat tonight.
08:452 years ago

51' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

08:402 years ago

50' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

That's exactly the start United needed to the second half. 
08:352 years ago

48' Manchester United 2 - 2 Roma

What a start to the second half!

That's how you finish. A brilliant counter-attack from United. Pogba finds Cavani who passes it back to Fernandes. The Portugese magician finds El Matador again and he makes no mistake this time. What a finish! 

08:302 years ago

Kick-off: Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

The second half has started. United need a big half here.

No changes; Roma can't make any more changes, they finished their substitutions in the first-half because of injuries.

08:252 years ago

Half time: Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Will be interesting to see if Solskjær changes things up at half-time.

Greenwood has been fantastic lately. He will come on sooner rather than later, probably for either McTominay or Fred. 

08:202 years ago

Half time: Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

08:152 years ago

45+5 Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma


Worrying first half for Manchester United. They started really well, got the goal but then Roma turned the game around and Man United are behind at the break. They need a much better second half because this would be a horrible result for the second leg in Rome.

08:102 years ago

45+5 Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Cavani gets a gift but he can't unwrap it. 

Ibanez with a horrible pass straight to Cavani but Mirante does really well to save from El Matador. Cavani gets the rebound but it's blocked.

08:052 years ago

45+2' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Manchester United lacking ideas in the final third, and lacking rythm. Fernandes tries to pass the ball in behind the defence but it goes out for a goal-kick...
08:002 years ago

45' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

There will be five minutes of added time because of all the injuries.
07:552 years ago

44' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Not much happening at the moment. The home side haven't created much except the brilliant goal they scored early on. Roma will be so happy with how the game has gone so far. 
07:502 years ago

40' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Roma's physios are busy tonight. Three substitutions because of injuries so far. Not ideal. 

According to the BBC they can't make any substitutions second-half. 

"Roma still have two substitutions left but - unless I'm mistaken - will have to make them at half-time or not at all. You can only make subs in three blocks - plus at half-time," says BBC Reporter, Simon Stone.

07:452 years ago

38' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Roma need to make their third substitution tonigh because of injury. Spinazzola, who's been really impressive, needs to go off and Bruno Peres comes in. 
07:402 years ago

35' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

After a bright start it's now looking pretty bad for the Red Devils.
07:352 years ago

33' Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

Roma take the lead, 1-2. 


It's Edin Dzeko that gets it over the line. Mkhitaryan with the through ball to Pellegrini. He looks up and find Dzeko who taps it in. Shaw makes Pellegrini offside and Maguire misses the ball that goes to Dzeko.

07:302 years ago

33' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

In Spain, Villarreal are 2-0 up vs Arsenal.
07:252 years ago

30' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

It's been a hectic half an hour

Two goals and two substitutions so far. Hopefully we'll get some more goals in the next hour of football.

07:202 years ago

27' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

The keeper is coming off. Roma have to make another sub; not an ideal situation for the Italian side - not at all.
07:152 years ago

26' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Roma might need to make another substitution here. They have the 37-year-old Antonio Mirante on the bench.
07:102 years ago

25' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Pogba tests Lopez from about 20 yards out. It's a relatively easy save for the Spaniard to make but a decent try nontheless.

Lopez lands awkwardly and needs treatment.

07:052 years ago

24' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Rashford runs at the defence and finds Fernandes in the box. The Portugese midfielder hits it right away but his shot has no power and rolls wide.
07:002 years ago

23' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Ibanez jumps on the back of Rashford and Man United get a free-kick at a dangerous position, couple of yards outside the box.

Fernandes takes it, but he puts it over the goal. 

06:552 years ago

20' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

06:502 years ago

18' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Was it a penalty? Who knows these days? The ball hits the foot of Pogba and then his hand as he tried to block a cross. VAR is of course on duty tonight but didn't overturn the decision. 
06:452 years ago

15' Manchester United 1 - 1 Roma

Pellegrini equalises. De Gea dives in the right corner but he can't keep it out. All even again. 
06:402 years ago

14' Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma

The ball hits the foot of Pogba as he slides in the box, and it then hits his hand. Pellegrini takes it.
06:352 years ago

13' Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma

Penalty Roma! 
06:302 years ago

12' Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma

06:252 years ago

10' Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma

A fantastic goal from United. Pogba deserves massive credit for his preparation of the goal and that finish from Fernandes was 10/10. 
06:202 years ago

09' Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma


Bruno Fernandes with the first goal of the game. Brilliant bit of play from Pogba, he then gives it to Cavani who puts Fernandes in first time. Fernandes chips it over the goalkeeper and it's 1-0!

06:152 years ago

05' Manchester United 0 - 0 Roma

There is an injury in the first three minutes. Midfielder Jordan Veretout can't contintue, he kicks the ball out of play twiche and is coming off. In for him comes 

Gonzalo Villar


Not the night Veretout expected. 

06:102 years ago


The match is underway. Dzeko with the first kick off the game.
06:052 years ago

The Europa League anthem

It's a pretty decent song, isn't it? Not as good as the Champions League anthem, but still very good. 

Insert YouTube Video

06:002 years ago

15 minute warning!

Get your popcorn ready, there are 15 minutes to kick-off!

Not long to go until this crucial match for both sides! A reminder that the second leg at the Olimpico in Rome is next Thursday.

05:552 years ago

The referee tonight

The referee for tonight's match is Carlos del Cerro Grande from Spain. He's been an international referee since 2013.
05:502 years ago

Solskjær to MUTV pre-match:

On Pogba, Cavani and De Gea starting: "They are experienced, they are our top players. We felt we needed that experience today and hopefully we can get a performance"

On Greenwood's absence: "If you look at individuals Mason deserves to play, but we felt the second half against Tottenham was a strong performance, we want to see something of the same."

Greenwood the super-sub?

05:452 years ago

No more Sevilla

Last year both these teams were eliminated from the Europa League by Sevilla; Roma in the round of 16 and Manchester United in the semi-finals. Those were one-legged ties. 

This year both Man United and Roma will avoid Sevilla in the Europa League as the Spanish side went into the round of 16 in the Champions League were they got knocked out by Borussia Dortmund. 

Nobody loves the Europa League more than Sevilla. 

05:402 years ago

Some match facts (via Opta)

Roma will be looking for their first European victory away to English opponents since February 2001 (1-0 v Liverpool  in the UEFA Cup), having failed to win any of their last 12 such games against seven different English sides (D4 L8).


Manchester United haven't lost at home in a European semi-final since April 1997 (0-1 v Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League), winning four and drawing three of their last seven such games. 

Sounds good for Man Utd but anything can happen in football.

05:352 years ago

Roma: form

Roma's form hasn't been as good. 

Last five games:

Roma 1 - 0 Bologna

Roma 1 - 1 Ajax

Torino 3 - 1 Ajax

Roma 1 - 1 Atalanta

Cagliari 3 - 2 Roma

05:302 years ago

Manchester United: form

Ole Gunnar Solskjærs's side has been on a terrific run of form lately.

Last five games:

Granada 0 - 2 Man United

Tottenham 1 - 3 Man United

Man United 2 - 0 Granada

Man United 3 - 1 Burnley

Leeds 0 - 0 Man United

Last loss: Leicester 3 - 1 Man United (21st of March)

05:252 years ago

The road to Gdansk

The final of the Europa League this year will be held in Gdansk, Poland. The final will be on the 26th of May 2021.


To get to this stage Man United finished 3rd in their group in the Champions League, beat Real Sociedad (4-0) in the round of 32, won against AC Milan (2-1) in the round of 16 and then comfortably got past Spanish side Granada in the quarter-finals.


Roma finished top of their group in the Europa League, a group with Young Boys, CFR Cluj and CSKA Sofia. They got past Braga (5-1) in the round of 32, Shakhtar Donetsk (5-1) in the round of 16 and Ajax (3-2) in the quarter-finals.

05:202 years ago

Previous fixtures

These two teams have met six times before, with all the games coming in the Champions League. 

Man United: 4 wins

1 draw

Roma: 1 win

The most memorable of the games definitely came on the 10th of April in 2007. Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Carrick both scored twice as United battered Roma, 7-1. 

What will happen tonight?

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05:102 years ago

Smalling and Mkhitaryan return to Old Trafford

Two former Manchester United players, Chris Smalling and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, both start for Roma. Edin Dzeko is the target-man for the Italian side.
05:052 years ago

Pogba is back!

Manchester United make three changes from the goalless draw against Leeds last weekend. David de Gea is back between the sticks, Paul Pogba is back and Edinson Cavani starts up front.

Dean Henderson, Daniel James and Mason Greenwood take a seat on the bench.

05:002 years ago

Roma confirmed starting XI:

04:552 years ago

Manchester United confirmed starting XI:

04:502 years ago

What did Solskjær say beforehand?

"We have done extremely well to get to five semi-finals in just over a season but, of course, we'd now like to go all the way and that would add so much to the end of our season if we have a final to look forward to."

"We have had a great night in this tournament before and we know how much it means for the team and for the whole club. Our focus now is to get to the final and make sure that the end of our season can finish with a celebration."

04:452 years ago

How to watch Manchester United vs Roma: Live TV and Stream

Manchester United vs Roma will be broadcast live on BT Sport 2. Coverage of the game will start at 19:15 with kick-off at 20:00. However, if you can't watch the game, be sure to join us here on for consistent LIVE updates
04:402 years ago

Roma: Team news

Former United defender Chris Smalling is likely to feature following a short spell out with a thigh injury he looks likely to overcome in time for his Old Trafford return. 

However, Pedro will be sidelined through injury, while Riccardo Calafiori and Nicolo Zaniolo have also not travelled to Manchester. Gianluca Mancini will also miss out through suspension. 

04:352 years ago

Man Utd: Team news

Eric Bailly and Marcus Rashford are both in contention to feature for United. Striker Rashford has been carrying a foot problem but is available for tonight's game. 

Anthony Martial remains absent from the squad after picking up an injury on international duty, while Phil Jones extends his prolonged spell on the sidelines. 

04:302 years ago

Roma struggling at home

Roma has been struggling home in Italy and currently sit outside of the European places, in seventh. They are six points away from sixth and winning this competition might be their only hope of European football next season.
04:252 years ago

Solskjær in search for a trophy

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has been Manchester United's manager since December 2018. He's managed to guide the team to four semi-finals (this is the fifth) but never to a final. To finally get to a final he has to get past Roma first. 
04:202 years ago

Kick-off time

Manchester United vs Roma match will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00 BST. 
04:152 years ago


Good evening!


Tonight at Old Trafford: Manchester United vs Roma in the Europa League semi-final. It's the first leg of the tie. 


Other fixture of the night:

Villarreal vs Arsenal


Both games start at 20:00.