As it happened: Burnley beat Newcastle in shootout after misses from Saint-Maximin and Almiron
Joelinton holds off Charlie Taylor: Ian MacNicol/GettyImages


21:5925 days ago

Burnley won the battle of the reluctant winners

Newcastle certainly wanted the win more but the amount of changes on display demonstrated the importance of the tie. Both Dyche and Bruce have eyes on the Premier League, first and foremost. 
21:5725 days ago

Lasting thoughts

A true smash and grab from Burnley but they did defend well. Collins was solid on his debut and Hennessey made some big saves. 

For Newcastle, Hendrick, Gayle and Joelinton were very lively. Unfortunately for Bruce, none of them were able to provide a killer instinct in front of the net. 

21:5125 days ago

Full-time: Newcastle 0-0 Burnley (Burnley win 4-3 on pens)

Well, that's a wrap. Quite how Burnley won that match after having no shot on-target is anybody's guess! It felt like a game between two teams who didn't really fancy the Carabao Cup too much, despite what the managers might have said. 
21:4725 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 3-4 Burnley (pens)

Taylor squeezes a shot underneath the goalkeeper and Burnley are through to the next round! Newcastle are out.
21:4625 days ago

SAVE! Newcastle 3-3 Burnley (pens)

Almiron's penalty is weak and it's easily saved by Hennessey. 
21:4525 days ago

SAVE! Newcastle 3-3 Burnley (pens)

Woodman goes the right way and keeps out Brownhill's shot.
21:4425 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 3-3 Burnley (pens)

Longstaff sends the keeper the wrong way. 
21:4325 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 2-3 Burnley (pens)

McNeil fires above the outstretched arm of Woodman. Good pen. 
21:4325 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 2-2 Burnley (pens)

Joelinton slides into the bottom corner. Clinical finish. 
21:4225 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 1-2 Burnley (pens)

Barnes smashes into the corner and the keeper can't reach.
21:4125 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 1-1 Burnley (pens)

Super penalty from Willock. Sends Hennessey the wrong way.
21:4125 days ago

GOAL! Newcastle 0-1 Burnley (pens)

Wood smashes the ball down the middle!
21:4025 days ago

SAVE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley (pens)

Saint-Maximin sees his shot easily saved!
21:3925 days ago

Penalty Shootout!

Newcastle up first and it's Saint-Maximin.
21:3725 days ago

And we're onto penalties!

A dull affair, Newcastle will be annoyed that they haven't won this one but it hasn't been a classic! 

At least penalties offer a bit of entertainment for those that went to watch. There are approximately 32,000 fans in St James' Park.

21:3525 days ago

Not much fire!

Newcastle and Burnley clash lacking spice: Ian MacNicol/GettyImages
21:3225 days ago

Let's talk about SIX, baby!


21:3225 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

90: Late corner for Burnley but, after a few half-clearances, Wood is offside and the Magpies can regroup. 
21:3125 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

90: Brownhill does well to make a last-ditch tackle on Saint-Maximin. The Burnley midfielder has stuck to the Frenchman like glue, since the Frenchman has come into the action.
21:2925 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

88: Burnley haven't even had a shot on-target so, if they can win on penalties, it will feel like a bit of a smash and grab. Newcastle haven't been amazing but they should have won this game fair and square. 
21:2625 days ago

High FIVE!


21:2525 days ago

SUBSTITUTION! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

84: Fraser off. Almiron on.
21:2325 days ago

WILD! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

82: High and wide from McNeil. He hasn't had much to work with and that effort sums up Burnley's night, in an attacking sense. At least it was a shot!
21:2125 days ago

YELLOW! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

81: McNeil is booked for a tug back on Willock.
21:2025 days ago

DOUBLE CHANGE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

78: Saint-Maximin and Willock on for Gayle and Manquillo!
21:1725 days ago

Magnificent SEVEN!


21:1625 days ago

SAVE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

76: Manquillo is played one-on-one after latching onto Joelinton's pass. Great save from Hennessey to keep him out. 
21:1525 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

75: The only game tonight that hasn't seen a goal is this one! Will we see an end to that unfortunate fact? I'm not too sure! But Willock and Saint-Maximin are about to make their mark. 
21:1425 days ago

Gunning for glory!


21:1225 days ago

SAVE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

72: Joelinton played the ball into Gayle but Hennessey managed to block the striker's effort. 
21:1025 days ago

SUBSTITUTION! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

69: Barnes is on for Rodriguez. Saint-Maximin is warming up for Newcastle. 
21:0725 days ago



21:0525 days ago

Saintly six!


21:0325 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

62: Dyche trying to add some defensive resolve to his team. They have been hanging on in this second period. 
21:0125 days ago

SUBSTITUTION! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

60: Taylor on for Lennon. Pieters to the wing and Taylor in at left-back.
21:0025 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

59: A really strong start to the second-half by Newcastle. They could be 2-0 up. Big chance missed by Hendrick but Gayle was desperately unlucky with his angled effort. 
20:5825 days ago

CROSSBAR! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

57: Brilliant play by Gayle, who weaved past Collins and lifted a strike above Hennessey and off the underside of the bar. Newcastle inches away from a lead!
20:5625 days ago

Saints go marching on!


20:5225 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

51: Hendrick has been in the thick of the action throughout and he was first to the impending corner. No luck as of yet, though. Lots and lots of Burnley blocks. 
20:5125 days ago

SUPER SAVE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

50: Newcastle piling on the pressure and the ball breaks to Hendrick with the goal gaping, but Hennessey makes a remarkable reflex save to deny the midfielder. 
20:4925 days ago

Carabao Cup Latest

Aubameyang got a second for Arsenal, before finding Pepe who scored the third. Big win this for the Gunners! 
20:4725 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

46: Newcastle won a corner from the Burnley kick-off. Sloppy from the Clarets!
20:4725 days ago

The players are back!

Newcastle are back out from the changing rooms and Burnley are also on the pitch. Ready for the second period! 
20:4325 days ago

You're not wrong, Vizeh!


20:4225 days ago


I could doze off but hopefully I won't! 

A good number of Newcastle fans have been vocally supportive of their players in St James' Park. To be fair, you can't fault their efforts. A lot of endeavour but not much in the way of execution. 

20:3625 days ago

Kyle Walker-Peters finds the net

Kyle Walker-Peters added a third Southampton goal against Newport County. It looks like that game is well and truly done! 
20:3425 days ago

On the bright side...

Newcastle looked lively and full of energy. Burnley kept resilient and kept their opponents out, despite not offering much going the other way. 

It's exactly what you'd expect between two heavily rotated teams. 

20:3225 days ago

Half-time: Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

Not the most exciting! Chances few and far between. Both goalkeepers in danger of falling asleep. 
20:3025 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

45: One minute to be added on. 
20:2925 days ago

Take a bow! A bit of action from the Champions League Qualifiers!


20:2625 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

40: Short drinks beak. Not the most exciting of games but the home team will feel like they have offered more. Burnley haven't really done much in an attacking sense. 
20:2525 days ago

Carabao Cup Latest

Newport County 0-2 Southampton (Nathan Tella)

West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Arsenal (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)

20:2125 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

35: Manquillo races past two Burnley players but Bardsley recovers well to block his attempted cross. Brilliant play from the Spaniard. 
20:1725 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

31: Another thumping shot from Hendrick and another Burnley block. Newcastle corner, again. 
20:1625 days ago

BLOCK! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

30: A few patterns of play between the Newcastle players. Fraser and Lewis getting a lot of touches. Hendrick finds space and his effort is deflected behind for a corner. Good football from the hosts.
20:1325 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

32: McNeil's corner reached the head of Mee but Newcastle have a free-kick for a push. Seemed harsh.
20:1225 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

31: Driving run from Lennon and his cross is turned behind for a corner. Good stuff from the returning Claret!
20:1025 days ago

BLOCK! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

29: Longstaff's miscued effort falls to Joelinton, who wriggles into some room but his shot is blocked. Hendrick then gets to the ball first but he can't get a clear effort away. 
20:0825 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

27: A few groans from the manager and a few more from the fans. Tough to imagine many neutrals watching this. Literally, too, because there are no television companies that are showing this in Britain. 
20:0525 days ago

PANIC! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

24: Mee beats Woodman to a well delivered corner but Gayle is on hand to clear. Panic in the Newcastle box.
20:0425 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

24: Bruce was furious at Hendrick for giving the ball way a few moments ago. Sloppy from the Magpies. 
20:0125 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

20: Fairly uneventful so far. Newcastle a bit more lively but only have the Hendrick shot to show for it. 
19:5925 days ago

Carabao Cup: Newport County 0-1 Southampton


19:5725 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

12: Woodman easily gathers a deep McNeil cross. Newcastle the slightly better of the two teams, at present.
19:5625 days ago

WIDE! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

10: Longstaff finds Hendrick and the Irishman sets his sights from outside the box. Low, hard, but Hennessey probably has it covered as he watches it sail past the post.
19:5425 days ago

FOUL! Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

8: Hendrick was tugged down by McNeil as he looked to surge forward. Newcastle took the free-kick quickly but the move quickly lost its momentum. 
19:5125 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

6: McNeil released Pieters into the box but Lascelles manages to prevent Wood from getting his shot away. Promising Burnley opening but well defended by the Magpies. 
19:5025 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

5: Newcastle looking the slightly more dominant of the two teams. They're doing a little bit more to unlock the door, now rushing Hennessey into a clearance. No chances of note, though.
19:4825 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

3: Joelinton holds the ball up well and brings Manquillo into play. The ball is fizzed in but Hennessey stretches to gather the cross.
19:4525 days ago

Newcastle 0-0 Burnley

1: Players take the knee and we're underway. 
19:4525 days ago

Joe Willock biding his time

It is perhaps slightly surprising to see Joe Willock on the bench. He will be chomping at the bit to get some minutes under his belt. 
19:4425 days ago

Reminder: There is NO extra-time; straight to penalties

This ruling changed last season, preserving the fitness of players and exciting the watching supporters with more penalty-shootout spectacles. 
19:4325 days ago

No repeat of that, this time around!


19:4125 days ago

Bruce on rotation


19:4025 days ago

Steve Bruce: "It's always nice to win"

The Newcastle boss understands the importance of winning this match, in preparation for their final match before the international break against Southampton
19:3525 days ago

10 minutes to kick-off

Closing in on kick-off at St James' Park. Stay here for all the latest updates!
19:2625 days ago

First win on the cards

One of these teams has to win, even if it goes to penalties, and neither have managed to get three points this season. In fact, neither has got a point!
19:2025 days ago

Sensational Saint-Maximin

Last season, Newcastle United won 7 out of 19 matches Premier League matches when Allan Saint-Maximin was on the field. 

When the Frenchman wasn't playing, they won just 2 out of 13. 

The two matches against Burnley fell into Newcastle's favour because Saint-Maximin was able to strut his stuff in both games. Two goals and two assists in the two clashes.

19:1625 days ago

On the bench: Allan Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin on the bench for Newcastle:
​​​Serena Taylor/GettyImages
19:1325 days ago

LYON: "[Cornet] training with the reserves"


19:1025 days ago

Debuts: Wayne Hennessey and Nathan Collins

Wayne Hennessey needs no introduction to Premier League opposition. The Wales international has accumulated many top-flight appearances with Wolverhampton Wanderers and Crystal Palace.

However, Nathan Collins has arrived at Burnley without a single dose of Premier League action. This Carabao Cup clash gives the former Stoke City man an opportunity to test his abilities. 

19:0725 days ago

This is one for the Newcastle fans! Any takers?


19:0525 days ago

More annoyance from the Newcastle United fans!


19:0425 days ago

Maxwel Cornet coming next?

The Lennon deal always seemed like a matter of time and it shouldn't have any baring on the Maxwel Cornet deal.

Yesterday, we noted that the Ivorian was set for talks with Burnley and those talks look set to continue over the week. 

Fans in claret and blue will have more than one eye on the club's transfer activity.

18:5625 days ago

Jeff Hendrick derby!

He has been in and out of the team since arriving on a free transfer but Jeff Hendrick is back in against his old club, tonight. The Irishman has struggled for consistency in the middle of the pitch but he will be hoping to make a statement against some of his former team-mates. 
18:5325 days ago

Contract for Aaron Lennon just in time

As I noted before the teams came out, Aaron Lennon had just re-signed with Burnley and the speed of the decision has allowed him to start in tonight's match. 

It seems like the deal has been in the pipeline for a while, with the former England international featuring in a number of pre-season friendlies for the Clarets. 

18:5025 days ago

Allan Saint-Maximin on the bench

French speedster Allan Saint-Maximin is starting amongst the substitutes. Steve Bruce will not want to call upon his team-mate unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Callum Wilson isn't even in the squad. 

18:4625 days ago

Burnley Starting XI & Substitutes


18:4625 days ago

Newcastle United Starting XI & Substitutes


18:4125 days ago

BREAKING: Burnley re-sign Aaron Lennon


21:26a month ago

See you tomorrow!

21:19a month ago

How to watch Newcastle vs Burnley Live Stream on TV and Online?

There is no live coverage of the match on television in England. 

Highlights can be found on QUEST at 22.30 on Wednesday.

Therefore, the best way to follow the match is with me on VAVEL! 

21:17a month ago

How to watch Newcastle vs Burnley Live Stream on TV and Online?

Newcastle United vs Burnley

UK: 19.45, no channel

India: 00.15, Star Sports

Australia: 04.45, Optus Sport

South Africa: 20.45, news and sports

Asia: Time varies, DAZN, IPTV, and others

21:05a month ago


Newcastle's squad is threadbare but so is Burnley's; it's like a competition between who can stretch their resources the furthest! 

To be fair, Newcastle have more numbers but the quality isn't what they would like. That is still a touch better than Burnley, who could be forced into fielding some academy graduates. 

With that in mind, the home team should have the edge. They should also be buoyed by their supporters. 

Newcastle 2-1 Burnley

21:03a month ago

Wonderful Willock!

Joe Willock will be hoping to break into the starting eleven after permanently joining Newcastle in recent weeks. However, the Magpies don't seem to be progressing in the market for anybody else. 
21:01a month ago

Marvellous Maxwel!

Many Italian journalists, including Fabrizio Romano, are reporting that Cornet is in talks with Burnley. Nico Schira has gone one step further, announcing that personal terms have already been agreed. 

Reports suggest the deal could see the club equal or break their current transfer record (£15-million for Chris Wood and Ben Gibson). 

20:57a month ago

Burnley swoop on Maxwel Cornet?


20:56a month ago

Previous Meetings

Newcastle did the Premier League double over Burnley last season. 3-1 at St James' Park and 2-1 at Turf Moor, both Allan Saint-Maximin inspired victories. 
20:55a month ago

Key Player: Dwight McNeil (Burnley)

Dwight McNeil really ought to be rested when he can but Burnley have only two natural recognisable wingers in the squad, and the other is the injury-prone Johan Berg Gudmundsson. The Icelander cannot be risked when he isn't absolutely needed. Therefore, McNeil is likely to feature and he will be the key Burnley threat.
20:51a month ago

Key Player: Dwight Gayle (Newcastle United)

A  prolific scorer in the Championship but Gayle has always struggled in the Premier League. He scores from time to time and he has had a number of clubs, but the top-level ruthlessness seems to elude him. Nonetheless, he will be smelling blood against a much-changed Burnley back-line.
20:41a month ago

Probable Burnley line-up

Dyche will shake up whatever he has in his squad and he will hope to give some minutes to those on the fringes of the team. 

Wayne Hennessey and Nathan Collins will make their professional debuts for the club. 

Phil Bardsley, Erik Pieters and Jay Rodriguez could also return to the fold. 

Young Owen Dodgson might get an opportunity for a first professional start at left-back. 

Burnley: Hennessey; Bardsley, Collins, Mee, Dodgson; McNeil, Brownhill, Cork, Pieters; Rodriguez, Barnes.

20:35a month ago

Probable Newcastle United line-up

Bruce is expected to make a number of changes to freshen his troops up. 

The sensational Allan Saint-Maximin will not be risked and goal-getter Callum Wilson is unlikely to start. 

Ryan Fraser, Joelinton and Dwight Gayle are likely to come in from the cold while Mark Gillespie could get a start between the sticks, with Martin Dubravka and Karl Darlow still injured. 

Emile Kraft and Ciaran Clark could slot into a changed defence. 

Newcastle United: Gillespie; Krafth, Fernandez, Clark; Murphy, Longstaff, Hendrick, Lewis; Joelinton, Gayle, Fraser. 

20:25a month ago

Winless in the Premier League!

Both Newcastle and Burnley could do with winning this match because they haven't had tasted that winning feeling for quite a while!

Neither team has been able to register a point in their opening two Premier League matches, with Burnley only above Newcastle on goal difference. 

20:23a month ago

Burnley want to improve Carabao Cup form

Burnley have never been particularly convincing in the Carabao Cup. Often, heavy rotation has been met with poor results. 

The Clarets lost to Manchester City last year and Sunderland the year before, crashing out in their first match of the competition on both occasions. 

Sean Dyche will be hoping to put some demons to rest, even if he decides to make a number of changes to his starting eleven. 

20:20a month ago

Tough times for Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce cuts a sad figure: Visionhaus/GettyImages
20:17a month ago

Steve Bruce struggling at Newcastle

Steve Bruce has always struggled to win around a Newcastle fanbase that had fallen head over heels in love with his predecessor, Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard gave them hope of a better future, continually challenging their controversial owner, Mike Ashley, to spend more money on recruitment. 

By contrast, Bruce seems reluctant to bite the hand that feeds him. He puts less pressure on Ashley than Benitez and, unlike the current Everton boss, he does not seem to have the gravitas for bigger-name buys. 

The lack of a pull, coupled with Newcastle's lack of a coherent tactical setup, makes Bruce a rather disliked figure on Tyneside. 

20:10a month ago

Passionate Newcastle United fans at St James' Park

Newcastle fans at St James' Park: Stu Forster/GettyImages​​
20:06a month ago

The match will be played at St James' Park

St James' Park is a major attraction in the North East of England. A capacity of over 52,000 and a true footballing colosseum. The Geordies are incredibly passionate about their footballing team and they can make an incredible atmosphere when the stadium is packed to the rafters. 
20:04a month ago

Carabao Cup second-round

The Carabao Cup, also known as the EFL Cup, is the first of two domestic cup competitions that take place in England. It has been commonly referred to as the League Cup, with all participants taking part in the English Football League. 

A recent change to the format, brought in last season, was the decision to scrap extra-time. Any matches that are tied after 90 minutes will head straight to penalties. 

The change is exciting for fans but it is also sensible for players. Some of those on the pitch will already be playing a lot of minutes in the league and it makes sense to minimise output where possible.

19:57a month ago


Hello everybody! I'm Jonny Bentley, VAVEL UK's Editor-in-Chief, and I'm going to be talking you through this Carabao Cup second-round match between Newcastle United and Burnley.  

Here at VAVEL, we will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens.