Goals and Highlights: Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle United


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I think we'll end it there. The match report will follow on Vavel UK's homepage and there will be plenty of analysis and post-match coverage to come. Speak soon!
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United top of the league

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Full Time Analysis

A comfortable win in the end for Solskjaer's side but for an hour it was far from straightforward. Newcastle were deservedly in the game after a combative first half and had pulled back Ronaldo's opener by Manquillo's well-struck shot.

At that point it looked as though the visitor's were going to rain on the Old Trafford parade but it wasn't long until the man of the moment had United in the lead again after pouncing on a rebound from a Greenwood shot which Woodman spilled.

Fernandes scored the goal of the game with his well-composed strike from 20 yards and Lingard's goal put gloss to the scoreline.

There were positives for Bruce and his team to take; their application couldn't be faulted even though Wilson's absence showed their lack of prowess in attacking areas.

Yet, this game will be remembered for one thing and Ronaldo came close to scoring a hat-trick on his return. His second spell at United is well and truly underway.



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Full time: Manchester United 4 Newcastle United 1

All finished. It's United's day and Ronaldo's day at Old Trafford. What a way to mark his return.
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90+1' Goal! Manchester United 4 Newcastle United 1

Full stop! Lingard gets in on the act. Newcastle don't deserve this but the home crowd don't care about that. 

Lingard scored twice for England during the recent international break and now he has first United goal of the season.

16:512 months ago

90' Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 1

Newcastle will end this match still winless after a huge effort in the first half. What has undone them is the lack of a goalscorer; they had chances at the end of the first half and beginning of the second to give United real trouble. But in Wilson's absence their lack of goalscoring nous has told. Three minutes of stoppage time to be played.
16:492 months ago

88' Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 1

By the way, could you just imagine if Ronaldo's return had come when stadiums were empty. Supporters are what make these occassions so special. 


16:472 months ago

86' Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 1

Right a bit of admin to update on:

Clarke is off for Newcastle with Lewis coming on.

United put Martial and Van de Beek on for Fernandes and Greenwood.

16:452 months ago

83' Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 1

I must just reiterate that point: Greenwood has been exceptional today. Ronaldo and Fernandes will get the headlines (mainly the former) but the England attacker has been heavily involved in United's attacks and been willing to cut in from his station on the right. It will take a little time for Sancho to acclimatise to United but there has been a clear difference between him and Greenwood today.
16:432 months ago

80' Goal! Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 1

And that's game, set and match. It's a portuguese kind of day at Old Trafford here. This time it's Fernandes who confirms United's win. 

It stemmed from a Newcastle corner which was defended in the first instance by Maguire but then De Gea claims the second ball. He throws out to launch an attack and Greenwood, who may not have scored today but has been highly influential, ran down the right. He plays to Fernandes who shots from 20 yards out and scores the pick of today's goals.

16:382 months ago

79' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

United have started to take their foot of the gas now. Greenwood has just seen a shot handled well by Woodman and a moment earlier Fernandes's effort was blocked before it reached the Newcastle goalkeeper.
16:362 months ago

76' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

The visitors try a counter with Longstaff instigating it. However, the attack ends in Almiron being offside.

First Newcastle sub: Manquillo off, Murhphy on.

16:352 months ago

75' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

Newcastle do seem to relish playing as the underdog, defensive team as they have done here. This level of performance week in, week out would stand them in good stead. But, of course, when they're at St James' Park they are expected to do a little more in a possession/attacking sense.
16:332 months ago

71' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

Action at both ends of the pitch but none of the shots are coming off, closest by Saint-Maximin but he can't convert. 

United have a corner but they fail to test any of the Newcastle defenders in the crowded area.

16:302 months ago

69' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

Sancho is going off for Lingard in the first substitution of the game. 
16:282 months ago

66' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

De Gea has to turn away a Joelinton shot after the visitors made progress up the right side. I must say that Newcastle have really played their part in this encounter. Could there still be a further twist?


16:262 months ago

65' Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

Talk about a momentum-shifter. One minute the Newcastle fans are singing their hearts out and then in an instant Ronaldo silences them and makes the rest of Old Trafford erupt. 

I think Newcastle will just need to weather this storm for now without going too deep.

16:232 months ago

62' Goal! Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1

It's got to be him. Ronaldo again! Just as Newcastle were starting to get ahead of themselves the star-signing pulls them back.

It was a lovely shot, straight through the legs of Woodman and this is the kind of prolific goalscoring that Ronaldo has long been famed for. It came after Shaw won possession on halfway and thread the ball through to Ronaldo.

Now then, that hat-trick...

16:212 months ago

59' Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 1

The Geordies are in full voice now. They clearly have no care for today's script.


16:182 months ago

57' Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 1

That goal had been coming, even before United took the lead. Solskjaer's side have been too sluggish and the visitors are pouncing.

Here they go again. Saint-Maximin tries his luck but cannot quite match Manquillo's level of finish.

16:162 months ago

56' Goal! Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 1

Newcastle score on the counter. Almiron snatches possession from the toes of Matic and runs and runs and runs. The ball ends up with Manquillo who strikes a lovely shot past De Gea to level the scores. Right then!
16:142 months ago

53' Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 0

Ritchie fizzes a cross-cum-shot from the left which was neither on target nor controlable for one of his team-mates. There hasn't been quite the fast-paced start from United that I expected but, then again, do they need to exert themselves? Possibly not.
16:112 months ago

49' Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 0

Bruce will want more of the same from his team during this second half. He'll probably give it until the hour-mark before he makes a substitution.


16:082 months ago

47' Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 0

It must have been pretty deflating for Newcastle at the interval after keeping their opponents at bay so well during the first half and, conversely, United may have been given the boost they needed to play with a touch more impetus in the second period.

Seemingly that is the case as Wan-Bissaka fires a low ball into the area but there is no-one there in red to apply the finishing touch. That could, and arguably should, have been a United second.

16:042 months ago

Back underway

We're ready to restart at Old Trafford. Just waiting for the whistle.
15:522 months ago

Half-time:Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 0

Well, well, well... Newcastle were almost there, they had been combative in their approach to the first half and were being rightly rewarded with the deadlock remaining unbroken, but there was Ronaldo to put paid to that. Solskjaer will take that given his side had been sub-par for most of that half.

We go again in 15.



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45+2' GOAL Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 0

United have scored in the final knockings of the first half. Greenwood does the hard work, cuts inside and shoots but his attempt receives a deflection which confuses Woodman. The Newcastle goalkeeper spills the ball right into the path of Ronaldo who was in the right place at the right time to score on his second debut. Harsh on Newcastle but it's what the home supporters have come here for today.
15:452 months ago

45' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

We're into two minutes of stoppage time.
15:452 months ago

44' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

United try to create a bit of space on the edge of the Newcastle area. They move it left to right and then back again before losing posession. Almiron tries to break down the other end but is fouled by Pogba.
15:432 months ago

42' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

This is becoming a much more even match than most probably anticipated. There's even oles coming from the away section of the crowd. Have some of United's players froze given the circumstances of today's match? Whatever it is, they need to improve after the break.


15:402 months ago

40' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

A quick break from Newcastle through Longstaff, it builds a head of steam before the midfielder takes the wrong turn and the move peters out. It's a shame because he had support there from Willock and Almiron but couldn't quite find his bearings.

At the other end, Ronaldo sees a shot blocked by Newcastle captain Lascelles.

15:382 months ago

37' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Woodman still yet to make a save as Newcastle continue to deal well with United who have slowed and become rather predictable in the last 15 mins. Everything is being played in front of the visitors' defence which does make things easier for Bruce's backline who will now be looking to reach half time as they are.
15:342 months ago

33' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Sancho is starting to feel his way into the game. He has been released by Fernandes a few times now and earned a corner with one piece of fine dribling.

Another Shaw corner is met by Maguire but he can't steer it quite right.

I gave you a stat about Newcastle's recent form against Manchester United but Bruce's own record against his former club is far from great: he's not won in 20 attempts.

15:312 months ago

29' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Again Newcastle up the ante. Willock charges into the area but he fails to keep the ball down as he takes aim.

It's worth remembering that Newcastle have taken the lead in six of their last eight meetings with United, but didn't win any of them.

15:272 months ago

25' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Signs that Newcastle are just edging into this contest.

Firstly, Saint-Maximin wins a corner. Then, De Gea has to pull off a save to deny Ritchie's attempt which took a deflection of Shaw. Positive for Bruce's side.

15:242 months ago

22' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Plenty of the ball for United but not too much intensity or clinical edge from the home side. 

Woodman collects a corner ball with ease but then takes an age to get rid of it, much to the displeasure of Old Trafford.

15:202 months ago

20' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Good chance for Varane. The French centre-back arrives at the near post to address a delivery from a corner. He glances a header but it can't find the target. I think it was Joelinton who should have been picking up the home debutant and that could have proved costly.
15:182 months ago

17' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

The visitors have a rare break which culminates in successive throw-ins deep in United territory. They come to nothing but at least they're out of their own half.
15:162 months ago

14' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Newcastle finding it very hard to get a touch of the ball at the minute. One get's the feeling that it's going to be a 90-minute containment job for Bruce's men.

Ritchie is brought down and rolls around in full panto style. It was a foul but there's no need for such dramatics. Time-wasting already?

15:132 months ago

10' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Another Ronaldo opportunity. He tried a first-time finish at the back post but it travelled wide of Woodman's woodwork. It does feel inevitable that he will score at some point this afternoon doesn't it?
15:112 months ago

09' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

It continues to be all United here. Ronaldo has another header skid off the turf and into Newcastle possession. Fernandes has started this game well; he's very involved in the No.10 position. 

Joelinton had Newcastle's first chance just a minute ago too. He somehow ended up with the ball at his feet in the area but his attempt went well wide.

15:062 months ago

05' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Now it's United's turn to send a ball into the area. Ronaldo is there to meet it, he jumps and connects a header but it just can't get any power behind it.
15:052 months ago

03' Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

Newcastle trying to ruffle some feathers this afternoon but will have their work cut out. Ritchie, on the left of a back five, aims a ball forward, in the general direction of Joelinton but the visitor's striker is out of position. 
15:002 months ago

Kick-off: Manchester United 0 Newcastle United 0

We're underway at Old Trafford.


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Tunnel Walk

The players are out, we're just about ready for Manchester United v Newcastle United. A quick reminder of the teams:

Man Utd: De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Maguire, Shaw; Pogba, Matic; Fernandes; Greenwood, Ronaldo, Sancho.

Newcastle: Woodman; Manquillo, Hayden, Lascelles, Clark, Ritchie; Willock, Longstaff, Almiron;  Joelinton, Saint-Maximin.

14:512 months ago


There's 10 minutes until kick-off at Old Trafford. It will be interesting to see how the other United players will deal with Ronaldo-mania this afternoon. Will they look to pass to their new team-mate too often? Will they be able to play their own game despite kind of playing someone else's too? These are all questions that are probably whizzing around Solskjaer's mind too.

Anyhow, today's referee is local man Anthony Taylor and he will be leading the teams out very shortly.

14:432 months ago

Well, you never know...

14:402 months ago

Training underway

The players are out on the pitch at Old Trafford undergoing their warm-ups.


14:192 months ago

The Theatre of Dreams

14:102 months ago

Ronaldo starts

So there we have it, confirmation that Cristiano Ronaldo will start and make his second debut at Old Trafford this afternoon. It's worth also mentioning that Raphael Varane also starts in what will be his home debut since joining United last month.

For Newcastle, Bruce had already confirmed that Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser would be absent so it's Saint-Maximin and Joelinton who start up front. Also, goalkeeper Karl Darlow is on the bench for the first time this season after contracting Covid-19 in the summer.

14:022 months ago

Team News

The team news is in...



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Hello again

Afternoon all and welcome in earnest to Vavel UK's matchday blog. We are 15 minutes away from the all-important team news: will Solskjaer start Ronaldo, or will he make an appearance from the substitutes bench? All will be revealed very soon.

The atmosphere around Old Trafford is building nicely, this certainly feels like an occassion. The stadium could have been packed out 10 times over for this fixture ...and that's not just because Newcastle United are today's visitors.


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Tune in here: Manchester United v Newcastle United - LIVE SCORE

This game is not available to watch in the UK but you can listen to it via BBC Radio 5 Live in the company of Ian Dennis and Chris Waddle who will do a stirling job of conveying the action from Old Trafford.

However, the best option is to bookmark this page and come back ahead of kick-off and enjoy live text commentary and analysis with us at Vavel UK.

Speak then!

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Predicted Lineups

Man Utd: De Gea; Shaw, Maguire, Varane, Wan-Bissaka; Pogba, Van de Beek; Sancho, Fernandes, Greenwood; Ronaldo.

Newcastle Utd: Darlow; Manquillo, Fernandez, Lascelles, Dummett, Ritchie; Longstaff, Willock; Almiron; Joelinton, Saint-Maximin.

17:522 months ago

What are the managers saying? (Part II)

Meanwhile, Steve Bruce spoke of what it will be like facing Man Utd and Ronaldo at the weekend.

"It's always going to be tough," he said. "And obviously with the added spice of Ronaldo coming back will add to that. We'll make no mistake we've got quality players all over the pitch.

"So whenever you go to Old Trafford, the one thing you're going to have to do is enjoy it, enjoy the challenge of playing against, you know, one of the big, big teams of this country and and relish the opportunity to go and see if we can spoil the party."

The Newcastle manager, who will be without Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson for the trip to Manchester, said he was "frustrated" at the club's inability to bring in loan players including Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury on deadline day. 

He didn't hide his frustration either about the club's policy of spending within its means, as was underlined in a statement issued last week. Joe Willock, who cost about £22m, was the club's only major signing during the window. 

Bruce said: "My job is to always try and improve the squad and never be satisfied. Never. I thought a couple of additions to the squad on loan would help us enormously, unfortunately it wasn't possible to do that.

"I was hoping that we could trade a couple to bring in a couple unfortunately that didn't work. So [it's] frustrating but that's the stance, and I knew what the stance of the club was, I think that statement is made it pretty obvious where it is. So I have to accept it, and move on."

17:472 months ago

What are the managers saying? (Part I)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that Cristiano Ronaldo will 'get on the pitch at some point' of Saturday's match but didn't go as far as saying that he will start. 

"Everyone is very happy to have him back," Solskjaer said. "[We're] looking forward to Saturday. He has had a good pre-season and played for the national team. He will get on the pitch at some point that’s for sure.

"We know what he has achieved in his career and he has come in to achieve more. He has lived his life with the discipline of a top professional. He was the first one who did the prep really well. He would come in 45 minutes before training and we would look at this kid doing all this stuff before training. He will have the same effect now with all the players.

"The focus in the squad has improved. Cristiano and Raphael comes in and there is no place to hide with winners like that. You can’t give 95 per cent in training when you have winners like them. That is what he demands of himself and everyone else."

There remains a situation hanging over the Premier League's Brazilian players  after the Brazilian FA triggered a ban on their players featuring in domestic action for 10 days following the English clubs not being willing to send their players off for international duty to a red-list country which would mean quarantine on their return to the UK.

Solskjaer is still unsure on whether Fred will be available to play against Newcastle although talks are ongoing regarding a solutioin. 

"It is a lose, lose, lose situation for everyone, national teams, players, clubs. It has been a farce," the United manager said. 

"The players want to play. We know the situation we find ourselves in. Worked hard before this to try and find a way, all the decisions have gone against the players.

"Disappointed with the whole thing. We need to prepare without Fred but fingers crossed some sense can come into it and we can use him."

17:422 months ago

Preview cont..

Yet, there are two teams involved in this match and, although it is a game which United will be expected to win, Newcastle will aim to frustrate the home side. Steve Bruce's side won their opening game of the season against Norwich City but have suffered successive losses to West Ham United and Aston Villa.

The pressure always seems to be on the Newcastle manager and although there won't be too much ire should the visitors travel back from Manchester without a point, if the defeat is a heavy one then Bruce will be on the receiving end of criticism once more.

17:372 months ago


Tickets for the game have been listed on some websites at £2,500 and the reason being: the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford. Few saw this day coming but the dramatic and most anticipated signing of recent years in the Premier League has whetted the appetite of United supporters. Ronaldo will make his second debut at United on Saturday, having signed from Juventus, although it is uncertain as to whether the forward will start the game on the pitch or the bench.

Ronaldo's last appearance in the red of United was in May 2009 and much has changed since then. Firstly, he has evolved as a player and now positions himself in more of a No.9 role and tends to arrive the area at the right moment to score. Secondly, United is a different club to the one he left. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has steered United calmly and impressively in recent years, but with the squad that he now possesses he is expected to win trophies and mount a serious challenge for the Premier League which the club last won in 2013.

This is the first time that we will see how Solskjaer anticipates his side to line up after their summer signing of Ronaldo. It will also see a home debut for Raphael Varane too.

17:322 months ago

Match Details

The game between Manchester United and Newcastle United will be played on Saturday 11 September at Old Trafford with kick-off at 3:00pm BST. The stadium will be full for what will surely be a match to remember.
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Welcome to Vavel.com's coverage of Man Utd v Newcastle

Hello and welcome aboard! It's Manchester United versus Newcastle United at Old Trafford in matchweek four of the Premier League but, let's be honest, it's the return of Cristiano Ronaldo at Man Utd. We will have pre-game analysis, score updates and live text commentary here on Vavel's live matchday blog.