As It Happened: Chelsea Women reach seventh heaven against Servette FCCF
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And while you now go off to rewatch all seven of Chelsea Women's goals tonight, I'm going to be ending this live blog here.

Thanks for following along with me tonight, I've been Noah Robson, see you next time right here on VAVEL for another game very soon!

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Watch the game here

You can watch the full game, with all the goals, right here...

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Chelsea Women: What It Means

As for the side who travelled from England to get to this game, it couldn't have been much more of a success if they had written the script for the match.

Emma Hayes will be absolutely delighted with the performance from her team, as they were absolutely ruthless in their game, scoring goal after goal.

They cut apart the opposition with admirable ease on multiple occasions and, as mentioned, they really could've had more if they hadn't decided to play out most of the second half by controlling the ball at the back instead.

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19:4422 days ago

Servette FCCF: What It Means

For the home side, this was a humbling, but not entirely unexpected result given the gulf in class between the two teams coming into this game.

At points in the first half it seemed as though it could get into double digits very quickly and very easily, but to their credit, the hosts pulled things together somewhat at half time.

Whether that was partly Chelsea sitting back a bit and accepting what they had or a genuinely strong defensive performance is up for debate, but either way they did themselves proud in the second half.

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The best photos from the match

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All the stats

Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Shots: 5 - 21

On Target: 0 - 11

Possession: 33% - 67%

Corners: 2 - 6

Fouls: 4 - 7

Yellow Cards: 0 - 0

19:4022 days ago

A brilliant effort from the home fans

19:3922 days ago

Match Summary

Things got off to a fast start for the visitors in Geneva, as they went 1-0 up within the opening eight minutes against the Swiss outfit courtesy of Leupolz.

A brace each for Fran Kirby and Sam Kerr than followed in an astonishing 10 minute period in which the Blues ran riot against a stunned opponent and crowd.

Things settled down slightly after that, though there were still two goals to come - one of which came just before half time from Jessie Fleming, who had a great night.

The final goal was in the 50th minute from Reiten, but in all honesty Chelsea could've scored many more in what was an utterly dominant performance from them.

19:3622 days ago

Player of the Match: Fran Kirby

The person I chose as my one to watch before this game got underway has to be the one I choose as the player of the match in this one after her performance.

Fran Kirby had an incredible night in Geneva, scoring two goals and assisting another two for her teammates as well as she directly contributed to over 50% of the goals.

The England international has always been a key part of Emma Hayes' side, but she showed once again tonight just why she is so crucial to this team.

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19:3522 days ago

FULL TIME: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

And with that, the referee brings to an end what has been a fantastic night for the Blues in Europe this evening, as they hit Servette for an astonishing seven goals in the end.  

Most of the action came in the opening 45 minutes, with six of the aforementioned goals coming in that time, before another was added five minutes after half time.  

From that point onwards, Emma Hayes' side accepted what they had and chose to show their control by keeping possession, though in truth it could've been many more for Chelsea in the end.

19:3222 days ago

90: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

The fourth official shows there will be three minutes of added time here.
19:3122 days ago

89: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Not much more to report on in Geneva apart from a substitution for the hosts, with Jade Boho departing for Grivaz.
19:2622 days ago

84: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

It's much of the same now, with the visitors having almost all of the ball and seemingly settling for the current scoreline, to the home team's relief.
19:2122 days ago

80: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

In fairness, Servette have fixed things up at the back somewhat since that seventh goal went in, conceding just the one in this second half.

Of course, that's partly due to Chelsea taking their foot off the gas, but they do deserve credit either way for how they've continued to work throughout.

19:2022 days ago

78: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Bright has an effort from a long, long way out but the less said about it the better, put it that way.
19:1722 days ago

76: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

I must have missed it at the time, but Beth England came on for Sam Kerr a little earlier.

She's just won a corner for the visitors but the set piece comes to nothing in the end.

19:1322 days ago

71: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Lagonia, Servette's captain, is substituted off for Guede with 20 minutes remaining in this one. Bourma also enters the game in place of Nakkach during that period of changes.
19:1022 days ago

69: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Spence fires an effort from long range but it whistles wide of the post.
19:0922 days ago

67 Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Carter leaves the field and it's Mjelde who replaces her.

She hasn't played for many months after picking up an injury in the Conti Cup final last season, so it's great to see her back.

19:0822 days ago

66: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Excellent play from Charles after she was put in a sticky situation with three Servette players on her, but she stayed calm and won the foul.
19:0622 days ago

64: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Kirby picks up the ball on the edge of the area, plays it into Kerr before she then passes to Spence but her shot fires off of the crossbar back into play.
19:0322 days ago

61: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

It's been over 10 minutes since the last goal, time for another one by now, surely?

I say that only partly in jest, because another goal for the away side does seem inevitable at some point.

18:5922 days ago

57: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Guro Reiten leaves the field in place of Jorja Fox for her Champions League debut while Niamh Charles also arrives for Erin Cuthbert.

Eriksson then also goes off for Andersson in the away side's third change.

18:5622 days ago

54: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

The commentator has just mentioned that the record scoreline in this competition is 21-0.

That really would be incredible, but double digits certainly appears to be within reach, as astonishing as that might sound.

18:5522 days ago

54: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

18:5522 days ago

52: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

The Blues look as though they aren't just going to settle for seven here.

It's no longer a question of whether they'll get more goals, it's how many they'll get,

18:5222 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-7 Chelsea Women

Reiten gets the seventh and it's a brilliant move.

Kerr plays the ball across the box and there are two queueing up in the middle, but Kirby unselfishly leaves it for Reiten who finishes with ease.


18:5022 days ago

48: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

Cuthbert does brilliantly well to play in Sam Kerr who tries an audacious chip but it rolls wide of the post.

That would've been some goal from the striker.

18:4722 days ago

46: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

Servette get the game underway again as they make one substitution at half time, with Maendly coming on for Fleury.
18:3922 days ago

All the key statistics so far

Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

Shots: 1 - 15

On Target: 0 - 10

Possession: 31% - 69%

Corners: 1 - 1

Fouls: 2 - 4

Yellow Cards: 0 - 0

18:3522 days ago

Some of the best first half photos

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18:3222 days ago

HALF TIME!: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

The referee blows the whistle for the interval and things couldn't really have gone much better for Emma Hayes' side in that opening 45 minutes.

Leupolz got the scoring underway in the eight minute and from then on it was total demolition from the visitors, with Kerr and Kirby getting a brace each, with Jessie Fleming also getting in on the act.

Whether they'll push for more in the second half or stick with what they have is unknown yet, but based on their performance so far, it feels more likely to be the first option, no doubt to Servette FCCF's disappointment.

18:2822 days ago

43: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

Last season's runners up in this competition really do have a point to prove tonight, and they are showing exactly why they should be considered one of the favourites to go all the way this time.


18:2722 days ago

42: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

It was mentioned at the start that 5,000 school children had been invited to come and watch this came in Switzerland.

Won't somebody think of them in this Chelsea side?

18:2522 days ago

40: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

It might only have been twelve minutes between Fleming's goal and the previous one, but incredibly that's the longest gap we've had between goals so far in this game

If that isn't testament to the visitors' mentality and ruthlessness, I'm not sure what is.

18:2422 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-6 Chelsea Women

The WSL champions are absolutely in cruise control.

Jessie Fleming, who has been involved in almost all of the goals so far, has got one for herself after she somehow squeezed in the ball from an extremely tight angle on the right of the goal.

Brilliant finish.

18:2022 days ago

35: Servette FCCF 0-5 Chelsea Women

Jade Boho has gone down with an injury on the touchline near the technical areas but she doesn't appear to be too hurt.
18:1922 days ago

34: Servette FCCF 0-5 Chelsea Women

Spence has a crack from just inside the penalty area after a cutback from Fleming falls straight into her path but it goes straight at Pereira who makes a comfortable save.
18:1722 days ago

32: Servette FCCF 0-5 Chelsea Women

Guro Reiten has an effort from the edge of the box which looks as though it might just curl in, but it ends up going just past the post.
18:1422 days ago

28: Servette FCCF 0-5 Chelsea Women

This has been utterly dominant from Chelsea so far, and with less than half an hour played, they don't look as though they're stopping any time soon.

They'll want to put down a marker, not only in terms of goal difference but also to show their ruthlessness to both Juventus and Wolfsburg women who play later tonight.

18:1222 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-5 Chelsea Women

It was always coming.

Kirby gets her brace this time, after Fleming simply passes with ease across the penalty area.

Fran Kirby then has the audacity to take a touch, before comfortably chipping the ball above the goalkeeper for Chelsea's fifth.

18:1022 days ago

25: Servette FCCF 0-4 Chelsea Women

It's almost hard to believe that we're only just about midway through the first half here.

The Blues have taken a brief breather after that flurry of goals, but they seem up for getting more before even this 45 minutes is done.

18:0722 days ago

23: Servette FCCF 0-4 Chelsea Women

In the space of five minutes, Chelsea totally tore apart the Servette FCCF defence there.

It was, admittedly, not the greatest defending you will ever see, but the pure skill and confidence on show by the team in yellow was a wonder to behold.

The only question is, how many more will they get?

18:0622 days ago

21: Servette FCCF 0-4 Chelsea Women

It's almost a hat trick for Kerr in less than five minutes as she is played in behind yet again but her shot goes inches over the crossbar.
18:0522 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-4 Chelsea Women


It's yet another goal fro the visitors, as Kirby plays the ball over to Kerr and she gets her second just moments after she got her first of the game.

This is a masterclass in attacking football from Emma Hayes' side.

18:0422 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-3 Chelsea Women

It's a third for Chelsea and this is already turning into something of a thrashing.

The ball comes to Sam Kerr in the six yard box who is in acres of space and she simply taps home for the visitors' second goal in as many minutes.

18:0322 days ago

18: Servette FCCF 0-2 Chelsea Women

That really was a brilliant touch from Spence which set Kirby through on goal.

The awareness, and the skill to be able to pull that off, really should not be underestimated.

18:0122 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-2 Chelsea Women

A beautiful back heel flick from Drew Spence plays the ball into the path of Fran Kirby and with her you know the rest.

She powerfully strikes the ball home, the keeper unable to prevent it from going into her net and the Blues are two up.

18:0022 days ago

15: Servette FCCF 0-1 Chelsea Women

Eriksson plays an inch-perfect ball over to Cuthbert who crosses the ball in but it takes a deflection and the keeper claims it easily enough.
17:5722 days ago

12: Servette FCCF 0-1 Chelsea Women

In fairness to the home side, they haven't let that goal dampen their spirits, and they still look as though they feel they can cause Chelsea some trouble.

The fans are still in fine voice too.

17:5622 days ago

10: Servette FCCF 0-1 Chelsea Women

That really was all about the first touch from the midfielder for that first goal.

It was perfectly weighted, taking it past the defender, though the finish after it was also pretty impressive too.

17:5422 days ago

GOAL!: Servette FCCF 0-1 Chelsea Women

There's the opener!

Bright plays the ball over to Leupolz and from then on she does a brilliant job, cutting inside before firing a shot into the top corner, with nothing Pereira could do about it.

17:5222 days ago

7: Servette FCCF 0-0 Chelsea Women

The visitors look as though they're going to get quite a lot of joy down the right hand side, via Jessie Fleming who appears to be very much up for this one.
17:5022 days ago

5: Servette FCCF 0-0 Chelsea Women

It's all Chelsea at the moment as they pile on the pressure against Servette but they're unable to get a shot away through any of their attackers.
17:4822 days ago

3: Servette FCCF 0-0 Chelsea Women

An extraordinary passage of play in which the ball fell to an unmarked Fran Kirby in the box who sees her first shot saved and the rebound cannon off the crossbar.

So close to an opening goal!

17:4522 days ago

KICK OFF: Servette FCCF 0-0 Chelsea Women

It's Chelsea who get us underway in Switzerland, with the away side kicking from right to left in this opening 45 minute period.
17:4422 days ago

Moments away...

17:4322 days ago

Kit Check

Servette FCCF line up in their traditional Burgundy home kit, while the Blues, ironically enough, are in bright yellow tonight.
17:4122 days ago

Teams emerging from the tunnel

The two sides have just started to come out of the tunnel and kick off is now just a few minutes away at the Stade de Geneve.
17:4022 days ago

Sam Kerr warming up

17:3622 days ago

Counting down to kick off...

There's less than 10 minutes to go until this Women's Champions League fixture gets underway in Group A and the excitement is building in Geneva.

It seems as though there will be a good-sized crowd in the stadium, the majority of which will be hoping they can see the home side pick up their first points in this tough group.

17:3222 days ago

A peek inside the home team's dressing room

17:2822 days ago

The scene is set

17:2222 days ago

Reminder: Chelsea Women One To Watch

Really, there could only be one name mentioned in this discussion, and that's the club's player of the year last season in the form of Fran Kirby.

She has scored 48 goals in 72 appearances since arriving in West London in 2015, winning multiple trophies along the way too, but she'll want to add  a certain other one to her collection by the end of this season too.

17:1522 days ago

Reminder: Servette FCCF One To Watch

From the home team, I've picked out Jade Boho as the player to keep an eye on, with her being the club's top scorer so far this season.

She bagged a few goals in the qualifying rounds of this season's competition, joining in the summer transfer window after having travelled round Europe in an illustrious career.

17:0722 days ago

The state of play

Here's what Group A looks like going into this one:

1. Wolfsburg Women - 4 Points (+5 GD)

2. Chelsea Women - 4 Points (+1 GD)

3. Juventus Women - 3 Points (+2 GD)

4. Servette FCCF - 0 Points (-8 GD)

All teams have played two games

17:0122 days ago

Hosts are in the building...

16:5822 days ago

The view from the away fans

16:4622 days ago

Chelsea Women Starting XI

16:4622 days ago

Servette FCCF Starting XI

16:3522 days ago

Ten minutes till team news!

Not long to go until we get the starting elevens for both sides, stay tuned for them as soon as they come out!
16:3122 days ago

The venue for this evening

21:3422 days ago

Tune in here for Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women

That's all I've got in terms of pre-match build up and analysis for now on this live blog, but I'll be back just over an hour before kick off tomorrow night to start giving live updates.

Come back to this page and do not miss a detail of the match Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.

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21:2922 days ago

What time does the game kick-off across the world?

  • India: 11:15 PM
  • South Africa: 7:45 PM
  • Australia (Sydney): 4:45 AM
  • Japan: 2:45 AM
  • USA (New York): 12:45 PM
21:2423 days ago

What time does the game kick-off?

Luckily for fans of women's football across the world, this game will be being streamed live, and for free on DAZN's YouTube channel tomorrow night wherever you are based.

It is just one of every single game that will be being shown without charge by the broadcaster during this season, in order to attract a wider audience.

The game is set to begin at 5:45 PM GMT, which is 6:45 PM local time in Switzerland, but there will be some coverage beginning slightly beforehand on the channel.

Otherwise, if you prefer some text-based commentary, stick with me right here on this VAVEL live blog for regular score updates throughout the 90 minutes.

21:1923 days ago

Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women Prediction

While all neutrals will hope for a enjoyable, competitive and exciting game between the two teams on the European stage, there is a sense that it may end up being rather one-sided.

The Blues have been flying high both in the WSL and across the continent for the past few seasons, showing they can beat anyone when they're playing at their best.

On the other hand, Servette FCCF are relative newcomers in terms of Women's UCL competition, meaning they are definite underdogs going into this fixture.

As such, I'm going to go with a 3-0 win for Chelsea Women, but it will be fascinating to see whether the Geneva-based side can throw a spanner in the seemingly-inevitable works.

21:1423 days ago

Latest games between Servette FCCF and Chelsea Women

With Servette FCCF only recently coming into the frame as a strong team in their native Switzerland, there haven't ever been any games between them and Chelsea Women.

As such, this will be the first ever time the sides have gone up against one another, meaning there are no past games to draw on in terms of expectations for the match.

Of course, recent match-ups often aren't very relevant in deciding an outcome, but they can occasionally give some insight, though that won't be available for this one.

21:0923 days ago

Key Player from Chelsea Women - Fran Kirby

When talking about Chelsea Women, there is usually one name which comes to the front of your mind before any others, and that is of England international Fran Kirby.

Having been at the club since 2015, the forward has scored an astonishing 48 goals in just 72 appearances, winning multiple trophies along the way too.

She has already scored three goals and assisted five in six matches in the Women's Super League this season, which she'll hope to continue onto the European stage in Geneva.

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21:0423 days ago

Key Player from Servette FCCF - Jade Boho

There might not have been much to shout about in this competition so far in the season for Servette FCCF, but one player who has impressed is Jade Boho.

The 35-year-old striker who joined in the summer transfer window scored in three of the four qualifying games to get her side to this position, in the group stage.

She has had a prolific career, travelling round Europe playing for clubs in England, Spain and, of course, now residing in Switzerland.

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20:5923 days ago

Probable line-ups of Chelsea Women

Team News of Chelsea Women
  • For Emma Hayes, Pernille Harder is likely not to be fit enough to make the starting eleven due to an injury
  • Aniek Nouwen is also an unknown after coming off with a problem against Aston Villa Women

Predicted XI:

Berger; Bright, Carter, Eriksson; Fleming, Leupolz, Ji, Reiten; Cuthbert, Kirby, Kerr

20:5423 days ago

Probable line-ups of Servette FCCF

Team News of Servette FCCF
  • Eric Severac has no obvious injury concerns going into this one, which will be a relief for him
  • It's expected to be a similar line-up to the one that played Luzern on Saturday

Predicted XI:

Pereira; Soulard, Mendes, Spalti, Fleury; Tamplin, Hurni, Nakkach, Bourma; Padilla, Boho

20:4923 days ago

Who is the referee and her assistants?

The referee for Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women will be  Iuliana Demetrescu and her assistants will be Petruta Iugulescu and Mihaela Tepusa.

On fourth official duties will be Cristina Trandafir​​​​​​, with all of the officials coming from Romania for this particular game.

20:4423 days ago

Servette FCCF: Looking for their first points

For Servette FCCF, this season has already been something of a rollercoaster, given they had to go through two rounds of qualifying just to get to the group stage.

They defeated Glentoran and Glasgow City on their way to being drawn in a very tough group which includes European heavyweights Wolfsburg Women.

Having played two games so far, they've not had the easiest 180 minutes, first losing 3-0 to Juventus Women and then 5-0 to Wolfsburg Women, but they'll hope to get their first points on the board tomorrow night.

(Photo by Nico Paetzel/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)
(Photo by Nico Paetzel/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)


20:3923 days ago

The match will be played at the Stade de Geneve

The Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women match will be played at the stadium Stade de Geneve, in Geneva, with a capacity of 30,000 people.

Opened in 2003, the stadium is home to both the men's and women's Servette FC, as well as hosting a variety of international games for the Swiss international team too.

20:3423 days ago

Welcome to's coverage of the 2021 Women's Champions League match: Servette FCCF vs Chelsea Women Live Updates!

My name is Noah Robson and I'll be your host for this game.

We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

Follow along for all the latest in this Women's Champions League group stage game in Geneva!