Middlesbrough launch new kits ahead of Premier League return

Boro's first Premier League kit launch since 2008 sees long queues of Teessiders who want the strip.

Middlesbrough launch new kits ahead of Premier League return
Riverside Stadium in the May sunshine (Photo by Dom Brown)

The launch of next season's kit is always very exciting for football fans. Some sit at home anxiously waiting to see if their team will be wearing something from the back catalogue of a Charity Shop, or something with garish colours that require sunglasses to be able to look at the shirt.

While others queue outside the club shop with baited breath, ready to try on the new jersey.

Middlesbrough fans are no different. After the club tweeted a teaser yesterday, Boro fans couldn't wait to see the kit.

At 9am, as promised, the doors to the club shop opened and Middlesbrough tweeted the pictures of both the home and away strips for the 2016/17 kit.

The home kit is reverting to the 'classic' Middlesbrough style with the white band, but with a modern twist.

The band is more 'sash' like, vaguely similar to the 2014/15 kit the Boro players sported at Wembley in the Play-off Final. The white shorts and red socks are also similar to the kit players like Jelle Vossen and Patrick Bamford wore in the season before last.

The return of the white band usually comes about after Middlesbrough have a kit which has mostly red, like last seasons kit for example; red shirt with white pinstripes, red shorts and socks.

The Evening Gazette ran a poll the last time Middlesbrough graced the Premier League in 2008, and it showed an an overwhelming support for a white band to appear on the kit.

Kit makers do have to be weary, however, not to add too much white on the shirt as white and red stripped kits belong to the Black Cats of Sunderland.

An unusual edition to the Middlesbrough kit of 2016/17 is the blue added just underneath the white 'sash' and on the collar.

(photos courtesy of MFC.co.uk)
(photos courtesy of MFC.co.uk)

Fans not so keen

The general consenus about the kit has been rather a negative one, with some large Twitter accounts calling it 'the worst kit you'll see.'

There has been a blue feature on Middlesbrough kits in the past. 4 different kits in the 1990's had a blue trim.

But it is the positioning of the band which has caused people to turn their noses up at the kit. 'Who Ate All The Pies' on Twitter likened the sash to a 'gastric band.'

Away kit is praised more highly

Most of the positive remarks on the launch of the new kits have been directed towards the away kit.

MFC.co.uk listed the kit's official description as "Night Navy/indigo features an indigo and bright cyan chevron. The Boro crest features in bright cyan to complement the shirt, teamed with a matching night navy indigo short which also features a bright cyan crest, matching bright cyan socks with an indigo trim and 3 stripe execution." 

Photo: (@Boro)

When Middlesbrough released the pictures on their Facebook page, Boro fans flocked to share their thoughts.

Although most were complaining about the home kit, there were many complimenting the look of the away strip, saying how it looked superior to the home kit. 'I expect to see lots of blue shirts in the home crowd.'

Many comments, however, were defending both kits and suggesting that supporters should cheer on the team rather than worry about the look of the kit.

But, with uproar within the Middlesbrough supporters about the increased prices of Season Tickets, the fans aren't best pleased about having to pay £48 for a jersey they don't like the look of.