It's a massive month... again

It's a massive month... again
It's a massive month... again
So - Chris Samba's now a Russian, Venky's (or Barclays Bank) are richer to the tune of £9-£12 million and Rovers are still deep in the mire. Splendid.
Thankfully our wonderful manager has addressed our problems and wants to add Bolo Zenden to the squad. Excellent.
At a time when an extra defender or three might have come in handy, Steve Kean has decided what we need is a 35-year-old winger who hasn't played for months. To coin a phrase - you really couldn't make it up.
While we're borrowing phrases and cliches, Kean's announcement that March is a "massive month" and that "it's time for his Rovers side to deliver" smacks of deja vu.
Back in November, Rovers embarked on a run of "six winnable games" which yielded just four points. Then we had the visit of Newcastle in February - "a good time to play them" we were told as they rolled up minus their African Nations Cup players. A 2-0 defeat suggested otherwise.
Fast forward to last weekend and Aston Villa rolled into town. Seemingly "a team in crisis" it was clearly a good time to play them, yet by half-time we were 1-0 down and it could, and should, have been many more.
A slightly improved second-half performance salvaged a point from the first game of the "massive month". Deja vu?
Wolves fit the bill in every aspect we've mentioned. Winnable game? Very. A team in crisis? 5-0 at Fulham and Roger Johnson turning up for training slightly tipsy says yes. A good time to play them? Probably not.
After that it's Sunderland and Bolton. With your hand on heart, is there anyone out there who'd logically part with their hard earned cash and back Rovers to win with any degree of confidence? If there is you're either very rich, deluded or Steve Kean - and look how well he's thought of.
While March may well be a massive month, filled with winnable games against teams in crisis with the added bonus that we're facing them at just the right time, please forgive those of us who aren't feeling that same level of optimism at the moment.
Trotting out the blindingly obvious hasn't been putting enough points on the board thus far and actions really do speak louder than words.
Every month has been a massive month this season - pity it's taken our marvellous leader this long to catch on.