Opinion: Could David Moyes be in panic buy state?

As the transfer window closing fast approaches, it's another week Sunderland has yet sign anyone.

Opinion: Could David Moyes be in panic buy state?
Moyes at Monday's press conference | photo: SAFC

Sunderland dilly-dallies as the Premier League transfer window closes in a month but for David Moyes, it’s another week with no signings and, even more significantly, none of the key positions have yet to be resolved. To add to an already frustrating situation, Moyes also has a growing list of injuries to deal with.

Excitement brewing for the season to start

Each football fan has that 'football mood' which reflects the excitement of the season to come and most Sunderland fans will be looking forward to a season in which the Blacks Cats won’t be in the position to fight another relegation battle. However, even without new additions to the squad, it is possible to give Manchester City a good game on the opening day and even take the three points off Middlesbrough.

But others will be anxious at the possible prospect of a starting line-up without Jermain Defoe at the Etihad. The striker will be the master magician needed for the new adventure as the club aim to finish higher in the top-flight. The fans' optimism was high last Sunday, Moyes picked up Sam Allardyce’s blueprint he left behind and retaining the same backroom staff. Moyes' fantastic football brain is needed to calculate exactly what the club needs and rubber stamp a few inspiring signings.

Positive start to pre-season, but was over shadowed by numerous injuries
Positive start to pre-season, but was over shadowed by numerous injuries | photo: SAFC

But with a week to go before the end of the summer transfer window, it seems as though maybe Allardyce left Sunderland with no preparation and no idea on which players can fill in the glaringly obvious gaps. As the last couple of weeks have passed, doubt has began to creep into the heads of many Sunderland fans who are worried about the lack of signings. This element is not helped by the fact that several reports suggest several clubs are interested in signing Sunderland key player Lamine Kone and, if the bid tickles the fancy of the Black Cats, he could be going.

Difficult situation

The club's budget, arguably the smallest in the division, has caused issues in the past and many promises have not been kept. Fans should be able to accept the small budget, as last season's January transfer window proved to make significant changes and the post-Christmas results were a reflection of this as the Black Cats steered clear of relegation.

But it was a one off. Sunderland’s luck could run out next time and should probably stop boasting that the team survived by the skin of their teeth in the last five seasons, although with arch-rivals Newcastle United relegated it made staying up even sweeter. 

Just two weeks until the start of the season remain and the culmination of the transfer window is in sight. The summer was always going to be a productive one for Sunderland but, instead, it was a whirlwind of a roller-coaster and had very little real direction. Although not helped by Allardyce's sudden departure to succeed Roy Hodgson as England manager.

It would be a shame to see Moyes panic buy on the last day and for the price of the player concerned will have gone up to a ridiculous amount, because clubs know that Sunderland will be desperate and beg for the signature, to an extent it is extortion. But in all honesty, it has happened in the past.