Huddersfield Town amongst top 10 net spending clubs in 2017 summer transfer window

Huddersfield Town and fellow newly promoted side Brighton both feature in the list of worldwide football clubs and their spending during the transfer window

Huddersfield Town amongst top 10 net spending clubs in 2017 summer transfer window
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Huddersfield Town are amongst the top 10 net spending clubs of the summer 2017 transfer window according to The CIES Football Observatory report.

This looks at the amount of money laid out and received from the transfer of players before the window closed in the five big leagues in England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. There are many of the predicted names on the list, but also, to many at least, a couple of surprising ones.

The move up to Premier League football from the Championship is awknowledged as one of the most lucrative and also challenging in world football. The challenging part is making a go of the top flight and staying up in the first season, whilst fighting against 17 other clubs who are already established and have had the opportunity to build up a Premier League squad through investment in the team.

The terriers have a net spend of EUR 48 million coming in 10th in the list, and their fellow newly promoted club Brighton & Hove Albion have a net spend of EUR 54 million coming in sixth. In sharp contrast is Newcastle United who have a net spend of only EUR 12.5 milliion, however United have been in the Premier League before and do have a squad of suitable players.

Town and Brighton have both invested in advance some of the money they will recieve from TV /Premier League payouts, so they will be able to recoup some of their costs when this money comes in.

The top 10 clubs

​The full list from the CIES Football Observatory report is

€343m PSG (€418m spent & €75m incoming)

€189m AC Milan (€250 and €61m)

€186m Man Utd (€197m and €11m)

€173m Man City (€282m and €109m)

€106m Chelsea (€236 and €130m)

€68m Bayern Munich (€102m and €34m)

€62m Marseille (€66m and €4m)

€54m Brighton (€54m and €0)

€51m Liverpool (€105m and €54m)

€48m Huddersfield (€55m and €7m)

Putting this spending into context, the Premier League is clearly the league with the spending power, so it is not a surprise that six of the top 10 are from the English top flight.

Huddersfield are certainly determined to give the Premier League survial a good go, Head Coach David Wagner had his targets and the club bought early and spent wisely - breaking their own club record on at least four occassions. Most of the signings were completed in the first few weeks, with only three signings coming at the end of the transfer window. However, non of their signings came in the final day of the window, meaning that the terriers did not need to stress about signings whilst other clubs were leaving things to the last minute.

The spending by each of the five leagues is broken down as follows

€835m Premier League (€1,771m spent & €936m incoming)

€139m Serie A (€1,109 and €970m)

€81m Bundesliga (€671m and €590m)

€55m Ligue 1 (€916m and €861m)

+€9m La Liga (€684m and €693m)

With Huddersfield and Brighton making the top 10 it shows that the new boys are hoping to give the other clubs a run for their money, as both will be wanting to stay up in the top flight.