Only way Liverpool can be successful this season is if we're consistent, warns Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp believes his side must aim to be consistent in order to enjoy any success throughout the 2016-17 Premier League season.

Only way Liverpool can be successful this season is if we're consistent, warns Jürgen Klopp
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Finding consistency will be key if Liverpool are to enjoy a successful Premier League season, according to Jürgen Klopp.

The Reds travel to Arsenal to open their 2016-17 campaign, Klopp's first full season in charge after taking the side to two cup finals in just nine months last year.

With Champions League qualification the target, Klopp believes that his side must ensure their results are less eratic than they were at times last term if they are to establish a top-four berth.

German says his side must counter the threats of their opponent

Klopp insisted that consistency is "the only way to be successful" although he acknowledged it is "possible" for to have "big jumps in performance."   

He said that his team must ensure they "prepare always for the next game very seriously during the week" and remain at "100 per-cent" in training.

The Reds boss explained that this is because, in order to win games regularly, players "have to be in the best shape you can be" which he labelled "a big, big challenge."

He accepted that there are "different ways" to "be successful" and said that they cannot use injuries or a defeat as an excuse, rather that they "have to take the situation like it is" and "you have to use it" as a lesson to be learned.

Klopp admitted that it is increasingly difficult to be consistent and successful in the Premier League, where "your own shape" is "only one of the things" that he believes is "important."

He said that "the shape of the other team is pretty important too" as he told reporters that his side have worked on countering the styles of their opposition in pre-season.

"That's what we've tried to do in pre-season. To be more independent to the style of play of the other team. If we defend deep, we cannot change it," Klopp continued, declaring they must "have a solution" if their rivals "only play counter-attack" or if they "play high pressure."

He continued that they have been "working on" such things throughout the last few months and that in the past week in particular, they have "thought about things" they must do "especially in the Arsenal game."

Reds boss unnerved by tough top-flight competition

While Liverpool have improved over the summer thanks to Klopp's signings and the work put in on the training ground, they will have to deal with an unprecedented level of competition this season.

This weekend also marks Pep Guardiola's first game at Manchester City, Antonio Conte's managerial debut for Chelsea and Jose Mourinho's first competitive outing as Manchester United boss.

In addition to Mauricio Pochettino's Tottenham Hotspur, last season's title-winners Leicester City led by Claudio Ranieri and Arsene Wenger's Arsenal - there is an abundance of competition for the top-four places.

But Klopp believes that it's more about the performances that the players can muster on the pitch, than the names off it.

"The best thing is we [managers] don't play!" he joked, although he admitted it is "exciting for everybody" to have such "big names" in the league.

However, he said that it's "not about the names" and instead it's "all about the performance on the pitch", adding: "So we all have a very good chance to do our best. That's what I'm looking forward to. I'm really excited about the opportunity to develop and the opportunity to win something."

Klopp insisted that all of the managers and teams will "have problems" and "difficult moments" throughout the season, insisting that it's "all about finding solutions again" after that, which he says they have "tried to prepare for" in pre-season.

Klopp: We should try for everything that's possible

Asked about how pleased he has been with the Reds' preparations, Klopp felt that "until now" Liverpool have done "really okay" and highlighted some of their "wonderful games and wonderful moments" and the "wonderful signs of the team."

He acknowledged that there were also "a little bit less wonderful signs" and noted "the last game" in which they were comprehensively beaten by Mainz, but said that this is "the most easy to explain."

He added: "Now we have to make sure that we have the right answers for the first game and not think about all the rest. I've already said we want to fight for everything. That's what I mean when I say we are not watching out for excuses before the start."

Klopp insisted that later in the season they might have "to excuse one or the other thing" but said that they should not have excuses for poor results and performances, insisting: "At this moment, everything is possible - so we should try everything."