Jürgen Klopp: Liverpool can enjoy successful season with smart rotation

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp believes that his side can enjoy a successful campaign if they use their strength in depth to compete across several competitions.

Jürgen Klopp: Liverpool can enjoy successful season with smart rotation
(Picture: Getty Images - Andrew Powell)

Jürgen Klopp believes Liverpool must use all of the available "quality" in their squad throughout the season as they battle on several fronts to be successful.

The Reds take on Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday before their first Champions League group stage game against Sevilla at Anfield on Wednesday.

Two such high-profile fixtures within four days of each other will likely mean rotation, something Klopp will have no issue with after he made five changes for a league win over Crystal Palace last month.

The German believes that result provides proof that Liverpool have the necessary strength in depth to compete in their various competitions. 

Liverpool's second-string good enough to win games

Speaking to reporters at his pre-match press conference on Friday afternoon, Klopp said: "I've said it a few times, that I cannot keep all players happy each second of the day, that's how it is. But yesterday when they were all in the dressing room, we had a little meeting and spoke about this. 'If you look left and you look right, there's pure quality and if we're smart enough to use this quality, then it's possible to be successful this season'."

The manager noted that if any of his players who aren't involved lose confidence, he cannot necessarily change that, adding: "It's always a decision for one game. What I learned about this team so far, the players react really well in situations like this." 

He explained that Liverpool "made a few changes" in the win over Palace which led to "a different performance" but one different not just because of the players involved but also "because of the opponent."

Yet Klopp felt it was "really good" and "especially good enough" to win the game thanks to "a few wonderful individual performances." 

"We need to avoid injuries as much as we can"

Klopp spoke of the importance of rhythm with his line-ups, as much as rotating to keep his regular starting players fresh, and noted the challenge of striking a balance.

He said, ahead of Liverpool's trip to City this weekend: "Football will change in the next few years, hopefully, because nobody will leave a few games out and say 'OK come on, give them a little rest, we don’t need football this week or that weekend'."

Klopp said that Liverpool "need to perform all the time" and "need to be ready all the time", insisting that they "need obviously more players than a team or football club needed in the past."

The 50-year-old believes that means he has to rotate where possible for two reasons, "to keep the intensity level up" which he says is "very important" but also "to minimise the risk to get injured players" because they happen most "because players play too often."

"If you are successful you can go until 60 games a season, and nobody should play 60 games," Klopp said, insisting that so many games multiplied for 10 years would be 600 games which he doesn't think "anybody" has "ever had."

He said that it would be "kind of accepting injuries" if he was to "use a player all the time", calling upon the Reds instead to "adapt to this situation" and "be ready for each game."

Klopp says that means "line-ups can be different" although it "doesn't mean you have to change from one game to the other because rhythm is also important", though he added that the club "need the options" and now "have the options" which is "good."