Pep lays down marker to players, reportedly banning pizza at Manchester City

In an effort to get the Sky Blues into the best possible condition ahead of the new season, the new boss has implemented a strict diet regime for his players.

Pep lays down marker to players, reportedly banning pizza at Manchester City
Guardiola addresses the press on tour - Getty Images Sport / Lintao Zhang

The new Manchester City manager has put his foot down at the club, banning certain foods. 

It was Gael Clichy who revealed this to the press, the Frenchman spoke of how Pep Guardiola's pursuit of perfection has seen the Spaniard ban fast food, in particular pizza, and certain juices and 'heavy' foods. The fullback admitted that this was something that most people expect from a club but knows from his time as a professional that this isn't always the case. 

City players known for a bit of extra timber...

Sadly it is becoming more common that players return to pre-season carrying a bit of extra timber than the did before. An example of this could be Samir Nasri, who spent the majority of the season out through injury and surgery was one of the players told to slim down in order to make the cut for next season. 

When looking to achieve the best results possible a fully fit squad is a must for any side, overweight players will harm the team both with their sub standard performances but also how likely they'll injure themselves and put their teammates at a disadvantage. Pep's ruthlessness doesn't end with a fast food ban as he plans to exile those from first team training until they meet the correct weight. Guardiola not willing to comprimise on fitness has been a feature throughout his managerial career, implementing the same strict standards at both Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Speaking with the press Clichy opened up to say; For example, you often hear managers say being healthy is really important. With him, if your weight is too high, you’re not training with the team - So we have a few players who are not training with the team yet.”

Many will hope that these regime changes will bring out a Manchester City side that is well drilled but perhaps most crucially shake off the worries of a substantial injury list as the season wears on.