Louis van Gaal says he's not a fan of a European Super League

Louis van Gaal says that he doesn't want a European Super League and wants to win a trophy at United this season.

Louis van Gaal says he's not a fan of a European Super League
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Louis van Gaal at his pre-match press conference before the West Brom game says that he is firmly against a European Super League and he also wants the Champions League format to go back to how it was.

Van Gaal says he isn't a fan of an European Super League

Van Gaal was asked about the reports that Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward was seen at a meeting in London earlier this week to have secret talks about having a European Super League. Van Gaal in response to these questions let everyone know he is not a fan. 

Van Gaal said, "...everybody knows when you follow my career I am against super leagues. Sport is to be the best" as the Dutchman is strongly against any new leagues. Van Gaal doesn't see the need to change anything from the way it is at the minute.

The Dutchman continued to talk about how "when the Champions League started I said it was rubbish because second third and fourth teams were playing in it," which seems to be the view of many people, but previous winners of the completion haven't necessarily been the Champions of their own league.

Van Gaal feels the Champions League should just involve the champions

Van Gaal feels that the Champions league should "between the champions. I said that 20 years ago" but if that were the case then United would be struggling to get into one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

United may have left themselves to much to get into the top four this season after a bad run, but they are now up to fifth in the table, level on points with Manchester City after their win against Watford. Van Gaal is, therefore, confident his side can get a top-four finish after the good run the team are on.

Van Gaal looking pleased with Memphis after seeing his side win 1-0 | Photo:Getty Images
Van Gaal looking pleased with Memphis after seeing his side win 1-0 against Watford | Photo:Getty Images

On the aim of getting a top-four place at the end of the season van Gaal said "it's still our aim but our aim is also to win a title and a title is winning the Europa League" and to do that they need to get through the last 16 tie against Liverpool coming up.

Van Gaal wants to win a trophy this season

Van Gaal continued to say "also the FA Cup is many years ago since the club won it and that is also fantastic competition" as United play West Ham in the quarter-finals very soon. The Dutchman though knows that "the Champions League is our aim and that is why Europa League and fourth place in the table are important".