Radamel Falcao discusses 'complicated' Manchester United term

Falcao opens up about his frustration at the lack of gametime during his time at Manchester United

Radamel Falcao discusses 'complicated' Manchester United term
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Radamel Falcao in an interview with El Tiempo says that Manchester United didn't give him the opportunity he expected when he joined them on loan from Monaco.

Falcao says he was disappointed to not get more chances at United

Falcao had a disastrous time on loan at United last season only scoring four goals in 26 appearances for the club. United did have the option to sign him on a permanent deal, but decided against it and Falcao was disappointed by the lack of chances he got at the club.

The Colombian striker said "It was complicated in Manchester. Everyone saw how there were situations which created instability" as the club are still in a period of transition after Sir Alex Ferguson left the club. Falcao though didn't hit any kind of form at the club and that was very disappointing. 

Falcao was frustrated to be on the substitutes bench for most of the season

Falcao says he wasn't given a proper chance at the club saying "it was 60 minutes today, then 45, then 20. That generates instability and sometimes you don't know where you stand" as Falcao was never in the team for a long period of time before he was dropped to the substitute bench.

Falcao had a real struggle during his time at Manchester United | Photo: Getty Images
Falcao had a real struggle during his time at Manchester United | Photo: Getty Images

Falcao instead of going back to Monaco after his loan at United ended decided to join Chelsea on loan for the season but has only scored one goal all season. Falcao does acknowledge that things have been difficult but insisted there was no problem with him and Louis van Gaal during his time at United. 

Falcao had no problem with Van Gaal

The striker said "it's been difficult. I had been used to playing regularly. After my knee surgery, I went to Manchester United, but I did not have the opportunity I expected" but that was mostly down to his form that he really struggled with at the club and there was no way that the club could keep him as his decline would keep going.

People have said that Falcao and Van Gaal didn't get on, but Falcao insisted that was false saying "no, not at all. Yes, we had the usual discussions of a football team, but it was always with respect" which puts to an end to what the press have been saying about the pair's relationship.

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