Paul Ince excited by prospect of Cantona-like Ibrahimovic at Manchester United

The former Manchester United midfielder is excited about the prospect of Zlatan Ibrahimovic becoming a Red Devil this summer

Paul Ince excited by prospect of Cantona-like Ibrahimovic at Manchester United
Ince feels Zlatan can have a big impact United (Picture source: Getty Images)

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince believes that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can bring the fear factor back to the club if he signs this summer.

Ibrahimovic is said to be close to joining United this summer but the deal is being held up due to the European Championships and many people at United are getting excited at the prospect of him and Jose Mourinho teaming up together.

Ince feels Ibrahimovic can get United challenging for trophies again

Ince is one of those people, and he believes Ibrahimovic can have an Eric Cantona-like effect on United and get them challenging for trophies again.

Ince says that "Eric was a lot younger when he arrived" but he feels that Zlatan "can still do it at 34" and the stature of Ibrahimovic is just like "Cantona" with the "flicks and tricks." Ince continued to say that Ibrahimovic will "puff out his chest" and he will be ready to take the "whole stage on board like Eric if he signs." 

The former midfielder criticised United's recent signings saying that he can't remember any of them who "could take on being an Old Trafford player properly" which is what you need at the club. United have had plenty of players like these in the past with the last being Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mourinho and Ibrahimovic teaming will bring fear factor back to Old Trafford

Ibrahimovic could light up Old Trafford in many ways and bring excitement back just with how he plays and wants to win. Another big thing that many people are excited about is that fact that he would be teaming up with Mourinho and many feel that the pair is an unbelievable prospect and one that could get United challenging again.

Mourinho and Ibrahimovic would make United great again | Photo: Getty
Mourinho and Ibrahimovic could make United great again | Photo: Getty

Ince, for one, is excited about this prospect, saying "opponents will fear you" if they see "Mourinho in charge and somebody like Ibrahimovic," then this will "bring the fear back" which is currently not in place at Old Trafford for the last three years since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club.