A farewell striptease show from the deceased

A club whose sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement meant that they simply refused to play within, and abide by, the rules and laws of the game.

A farewell striptease show from the deceased
The honest spoils of a dirty war.

The SPL have finally deigned to confirm that Rangers do indeed have a case to answer regarding their use of dual contracts, illegal payments to players and improper registration of players – going back a decade or more.


This news will be like the sweet music of justice to the ears of every right-thinking football supporter in Scotland. Supporters whose clubs and coffers have been systematically cheated by a pariah of a 'football' club. A club whose sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement meant that they simply refused to play within, and abide by, the rules and laws of the beautiful game. Rules and laws, incidentally, that every other club in the land adhered to quite easily and in spite of the costs to their clubs success and bank balance, and their supporters dreams and aspirations.

In fact, the only real surprise at today’s news is that it has taken the wholly belligerent SPL Chief, Neil Doncaster, this length of time to even announce the intention to act upon what was publicly available information which the rest of Scottish football had known about for months. And some of us for a lot longer than that...

Even now, as they hold the wake for their old pariah of a club, that same arrogant mindset and bewildering sense of self entitlement is still the only response mechanism of the 'the rangers' fan. It is seemingly all they know and it has led them blindly and willingly over the edge of the abyss. That they still blame everyone else but themselves for their past sins - and future punishments - remains, for me, the most staggering aspect of their self-penned but unsigned suicide note.

And they still wonder why no-one likes them or, indeed, has even one iota of sympathy for them or their dead club or any New Club version which will arise, like a zombie, to ply their trade at the bottom of the pyramid? Although the way things are shaping up they may well find themselves left to play in the sand and merely look up at the edifice. No doubt with equal measures of bitterness and longing – not forgetting a dash of obligatory entitlement...

Turning to less unpleasant matters now, my sincere felicitations and copious congratulations go out to;

Celtic and their supporters

Saint Mirren and their supporters

Dundee United and their supporters

Motherwell and their supporters

Ayr United and their supporters

Saint Johnstone and their supporters

Falkirk and their supporters

Queen Of The South and their supporters

Dundee and their supporters

Aberdeen and their supporters.

All these clubs and their directors and their supporters can look forward to being rightly and justly proclaimed as either belated SPL League Champions, Scottish Cup Winners or Scottish League Cup Winners, in the not too distant future. It should also be noted that all these clubs actually have a future.

To the honest victors must go the spoils!