No Newco in SPL

Rangers FC have been told they will not be playing SPL football next season. Though SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster has hinted that they will not be made to start again in the SFL Third Division either.

No Newco in SPL
SPL Chief Neil Doncaster

In the past hour the decision was taken by the member clubs of the Scottish Premier League to vote against the admission of Sevco 5088, the newco Rangers FC.

The details of which club's voted "no" have been made public. Kilmarnock abstained from voting entirely, oldco Rangers (yet to be liquidated, so still in possession of their SPL share and deemed entitled to vote) voted in favour, while the remaining ten decided to reject the proposal.

The biggest question now facing the Scottish game is this: where are they going to fit?

The opinions of the SPL clubs and their Scottish Football League Division One counterparts has been quite definitive - rejection. Doncaster, however, seems to think differently.

In his interview with the BBC today, he suggested that the new club may not be admitted into the bottom professional league - SFL Division Three - but rather be allowed to leap two divisions further and join directly at Division One if the SPL vote went against them.

His reasons are reportedly that it is not "financially viable" and that taking the decision to admit the newco into Division Three would be "punishing 41 clubs for the misdeeds of one".

Early noises have indicated that the new club is not welcome in the SFL First Division either, with up to eight clubs publicly stating they would vote against their admission given the chance.