History calls for Celtic

This season has already passed into Celtic folklore as one of the most dramatic, enthralling (hilarious) and, above all, thoroughly enjoyable in the clubs richly woven history.

History calls for Celtic
Celtic players and fans celebrate together.

Later today, in the East end of Glasgow, 60,000 all-singing and all-dancing Celtic supporters will fill Celtic Park to its capacity. The Celtic faithful - well, those of a certain vintage, at least - call their spiritual home Paradise, and this afternoon, dear old paradise will have its rafters and roof tested to their absolute limits by the joyous bedlam of a title party to end all title parties.

This season has already passed into Celtic folklore as one of the most dramatic, enthralling (hilarious) and, above all, thoroughly enjoyable in the clubs richly woven history.

One hundred years from now, when a future Celtic will be preparing for the clubs 225th anniversary, this season, 2011/12, will still live fresh in the collective memories of the descendants of all those who will be in attendance at today's title party, and the millions more across the globe who will tune in, by hook-or-by-crook, and share in the creation of another piece in the unique Celtic Story.

Events over at Ibrox and the impending death of Rangers not withstanding, this has been a season when a dream and a philosophy (grounded in all that is good about football, and the values that football should aspire to) of being financially self-sufficient, developing young players through a club academy and allowing a young manager to build his own team within that well-planned and funded framework, finally paid off.

Indeed, had it not been for the disgraceful conduct and financial doping going on over at Ibrox, that pay-off would have arrived four years earlier and Celtic would not have had to endure the galling hurt that doing the right thing brought.

From looking dead and buried at 3-0 down at half time to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park in October, to falling 15 points behind Rangers(IA) on November 5th. And with a run of form resembling a bar of Toblerone - such were the peaks and troughs of both performances and results - the general prognosis for the remainder of the season was as frustrating as it was disappointing.

However, this Celtic team and this Celtic manager then proceeded to confound just about all of us by doing something really quite remarkable - and only the most stubborn and  ungracious would deny that a run of 21 straight league games undefeated is a remarkable achievement.

Let me put this remarkable turnaround into a clear and unambiguous context:

# On the 5th of November 2011 Celtic trailed Rangers by a margin of 15 points and a deficit of 13 goals - albeit with two games in hand.

# Celtic will go into today's game 20 points and 13 goals clear at the top of the table.

# That represents an astonishing turnaround of 35 points and 26 goals.

So when Neil Lennon and his youthful Celtic side are officially crowned Scottish Premier League Champions - 2011/12, after the conclusion of this afternoons final league game of the season against Hearts.

And when his Captain, Scott Brown, raises that league trophy above his head.

And when a packed Paradise is joined by millions of other unheard* cheering voices - *except, of course, in their own homes and in the countless supporters clubs and pubs  all across the world.

And when a worldwide huddle and the celebratory drink is in full flow...

When all of those above mentioned intrinsic elements combine with the irresistible and totally irrepressible Celtic spirit, then, perhaps, the wider football world might finally understand what those future generations of Celts in 2112 will have already absorbed as their history; that this title victory will be one of the sweetest ones ever written into the Celtic record books.

Those future Celts will also fondly remember 2012 for other reasons and other events that have yet to fully pass.