The end of the SPL as we know it

The SPL will be getting revamped

The end of the SPL as we know it
The end of the SPL

The SFA have had enough. Scottish football is dying a slow lingering death, with the SPL fixtures due out on Monday and no decision on who is actually still going to be in the SPL football as we know, it is in a state of Limbo.

The SFA has decided to bring all the clubs together under one banner and the SPL as we know it is dead. From next season it will be the absolute and total responsibility of the SFA to decide on any sanctions dished out to any club which has an SFA licence. This means that the SPL cannot dally around making decisions as this responsibility will be taken from them.  The SPL can still continue as a seperate company and can make internal decisions but all footballing sanctions and decisions including relegation and promotion issues will revert to the SFA.

Stewart Regan seems to be at the heart of this move and there are a few things going on behind the scenes that the SPL clubs won't like.  If this runs on for too long the SFA will look at revoking the Licence of EVERY Scottish club and then re invite them back into The SFL which will have a Premier division and two lower divisions.   This would mean that senior football will have three senior divisions and is seen to be a move which would allow Newco Rangers back into the top flight in two seasons rather than the three they would need if they get pushed into the current Third division.

All of this can change over the next few weeks and but is thought that if the SPL or SFL clubs take too long to arrange meetings and make decision then the SFA will invoke the relicencing and take any decisions or input away from the clubs.

Clubs are reporting poor season book renewals and Newco Rangers are unable to sell any tickets until they know what is happening. Time is running out and the SFA are doing this as a means of self preservation.  We live in interesting times.