Palermo stars rebel against board following sacking of coach
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Franco Vazquez took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to convey his disdain towards the sacking of manager, Beppe Iachini.

The Argentine was joined by the likes of veteran goalkeeper Stefan Sorrentino and midfielder Enzo Maresca.

Iachini was removed from his post with Palermo occupying 12th place in the Serie A table, with Zamparini moving swiftly to appoint a successor in Davide Ballardini.

The Italian enjoyed a fruitful spell in Sicily during the 2008-09 campaign, citing a lack of direction for his depature at the end of the season.

It remains to be seen whether Vazquez will be punished for his comments (photo: liv echo)
It remains to be seen whether Vazquez will be punished for his comments (photo: liv echo)

Key figures disgruntled

Vazquez, with Juventus and Milan reportedly showing interest in the midfielder's services, dubbed it an "injustice" on Twitter.

Stefan Sorrentino, meanwhile, revealed his disappointment at the news by claiming that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Midfielder Maresca, however, appeared the most devastated by the news, offering his condolensces to the veteran coach via a prolonged Facebook post.

“Together since January 2014 we dominated the Serie B championship by breaking every possible record, got almost 50 points in the first Serie A season and would’ve got 50 this year," he bemoaned.

"You’re not the one saying it and neither am I, because everyone knows the reality of the situation."

Zamparini threatens to punish the midfielder

Palermo President, Maurizio Zamparini, took affront to the midfielder's comments, dismissing Maresca's claims and threatening to impose sanctions on the 35-year-old.

The eccentric President also banished the words of Vazquez, who he believes is fond of the now departed coach because "he got him back on track in Serie B."

The 74-year-old, who recently condemned Juventus for their apparent mistreatment of ex-Palermo forward, Paulo Dybala, reiterated his ambition that the Sicilians will be a European force one day and cited the need to play "proactive football" should his blueprint come to fruition.

"I removed Iachini because the team was no longer playing football," said the President.