Betis Sevilla 0 - 1 Atletico Madrid: Guests with another dominate performance
Image credit: AFP

Betis Sevilla lost against Atletico Madrid on the 13th matchday. Thanks to an early goal by Koke, guests went home with 0-1 win over promoted team Betis.

Cheerful start in Estadio Benito Villamarín

Both sides wanted to start with an early lead and almost every attempt should find the direct way to the target.

After a horrible mistake by Xavier Torres, Fernando Torres tried a shot on Adán's goal, the goalkeeper saved it, but the rebound by Koke found the way into the goal. Atletico so with a very early lead after 7th minute against Betis in Sevilla.

Trough the perfect start for the guests, Atletico could play preferential with a safe build-up, but nevertheless attempts should find the direct way to target with direct passing and sprints on the outside. It struck right away that Madrid prefered to play over the left side with Filipe Luis and goalscorer Koke.

Betis without any danger in front of Madrid's goal

Home team didn't made a shocked impression after the early lead by Atletico, but trough some individual mistakes by Betis the play got stuck and the team couldn't work some good chances out and so Jan Oblak with an eased start into this meeting.

Until half-time whistle it was a calm match for referee Santiago Jaime Latre and for his assistants. Atletico with a good structure and gave Betis opportunities to find a way close to Oblak's target, but there were no countable chances for the hosts.

Also Atletico didn't use their chances very well and so a 100 per cent chance for Antoine Griezmann shortly after the 0-1 lead went to close over Adán's goal.

Another big chance had Carrasco who was free in front of Betis' goal, but the Belgium shoved the ball left next to the goal and hit the side netting.

Atletico players celebrate Koke's goal from opening stage (Credit: Marca)

Atletico with high pressure after changeover

After 15 minutes break, Atletico with high pressure on Betis as they also did in first half in the opening stage. Betis almost without possession until the 60th minute and guests had an easy match in Sevilla - calm build-up, but less chances, which gave hosts still a little chance for an achievable equaliser.

Almost 60th minutes were gone as Betis had their first good chance in this match, but Jan Oblak saved Cejudo's shots brilliantly.

Unfortunately for Betis in the 62nd minute, Adán showed to the bench that he can't continue to play after a clash with Godin a few minutes before. Adán left the pitch and Daniel Giménez went into Betis' goal.; it was the first appereance for the 32-year-old back-up this season.

Match lost intensity after an hour

After the goalkeeper change, the match lost a lot of intensity and both sides had no real chances in front of each targets. Atletico parked the bus and let Betis play. Concentration also went away even in the 70th minute as Griezmann sprinted down the wing, played the ball into the centre and Tiago and Gámez played the ball way too hard and the atttack ended.

Adán and Godin in a clash. The goalkeeper was subbed off a few minutes later. (Credit: Marca)

Griezmann had another fantastic opportunity in the 72th minute, but his strike in front of Giménez flew over the goal and into Betis' crowd.

Atletico win easily in Sevilla

Thanks to a horrific mistake by Xavier Torres after seven minutes, Torres got a big chance which was saved by Adán, but during Koke's rebound, the goalkeeper had no chance to save it and Atletico got an early lead.

Atletico went a structured, calm and easy way and set on counters. The referee didn't gave the guests a deserved penalty, after Heiko Westermann hit Griezmann in penalty area.

Betis also had some chances, but Jan Oblak with a great save in the 60th minute against Cejudo.

Overall, Atletico should have won with maybe one or two more goals, but the guests defend super strong and had no real pressure of Betis the whole match long.

With the three points, Atletico move into the second postition in table and is now two points above rival Real Madrid, who lost El Clasico 0-4 one day ago. On the other hand, Betis stay at position 12 with still 15 points on their account.