Euro 2016 draw pairs England and Wales
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Unfortunately, that's all we've got time for today, as the European Championship's draw places England and Wales together! A host of England stars play for Manchester United, and they're drawing 1-1 against Bournemouth right now, so follow that here to cap off the evening of football.

Republic of Ireland will start off against Sweden, face Belgium in their second match, and wrap up the group against Italy. What a difficult group for them!

Northern Ireland start against Poland, before facing Ukraine and then Germany.

Wales play Slovakia, England and then finish against Russia.

England will start against Russia, before playing Wales and then Slovakia.

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Hungary, Austria.

Group E: Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Italy.

Group D: Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia.

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland, Ukraine.

Group B: England, Wales, Slovakia, Russia. 

Group A: France, Albania, Romania, Switzerland.

So, England and Wales will play Slovakia. Northern Ireland are quickly getting an extremely difficult group, having drawn Poland and Germany, and it'll get even harder if they draw Italy from Pot Two, which will conclude the draw now...

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Hungary. 

Group E: Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Sweden.

Group D: Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic.

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland.

Group B: England, Wales, Slovakia.

Group A: France, Albania, Romania.

Well, that's Pot Four done and dusted, the main headline of course being that England and Wales have been drawn in the same group together. Republic of Ireland are with Belgium, and Northern Ireland will play Germany. Pot Three next.

Group F: Portugal, Iceland.

Group E: Belgium, Republic of Ireland.

Group D: Spain, Turkey.

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland.

Group B: England, Wales. (WOW!!!)

Group A: France, Albania.

So, that's all done. Not that interesting, but we do know that if England win their group, they'll face a best third place side, as will Spain, Germany and France. Belgium and Portugal will play a runner up should they win their group. Onto Pot Four...

Group F: Portugal

Group E: Belgium

Group D: Spain

Group C: Germany

Group B: England

Group A: France. As they're tournament hosts, we knew that already.

Are we ready now? Yes, I think so!

Have I spoken too soon? Yes. UEFA have a reputation for faffing around with such draws, and are now running through each team involved in Pot One, ahead of the draw. 

"I'm looking forward to the draw, but I'm looking forward to the tournament more because we're going to win." Words from FA Chairman Greg Dyke. Some positive quotes to end on before the draw takes place, here we go! 

Rumours suggest that the rehearsal draw placed England in a group with Italy, Hungary and Republic of Ireland. You can't help but thinking they'd be unhappy with that if it was drawn when the real thing comes around.

It should be remembered that it's been quite some time since both Northern Ireland and Wales qualified for a major tournament. Wales' last involvement was in the 1958 World Cup, when Pele's Brazil knocked them out in the quarter final. Northern Ireland haven't had as long to wait, last making a major tournament in the 1986 World Cup, but exited in a group which included Brazil and Spain. They've never qualified for the European Championship's before.

Here we go, the draw is almost upon us! Have a read of a more in depth piece on who England could draw, here.

It's very possible that the British Isles teams will get a mixed draw, although the fact that there are four of them at the tournament, a fantastic achievement, means that at least one is likely to get a really difficult draw.

Worst possible draw for WAL/ROI/NI: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Wal/Roi/Ni.

Best possible draw for WAL/ROI/NI: Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary, Wal/Roi/Ni.

But how about the two Irish teams and Wales? They're all likely to get a pretty tough group anyway, due to being in Pot Four, but there are of course better and worse possibilites that we could see.

Worst possible draw for England: England, Italy, Sweden, Wales.

Best possible draw for England: England, Croatia, Hungary, Albania. 

England will be hoping that they're not in a Group of Death, especially after they were in the World Cup last summer, with Roy Hodgson's men facing Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay. They'll probably want to avoid any of the other British Isles teams too, so let's take a look at they're best and worst possible cases...

So, with Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales all being in Pot Four, they can't draw each other, but there's a 50% chance that England will draw one of them, possibly in a Group of Death if they're not lucky. Yes, the famous Group of Death that often is sprung up by tournaments, and we could see today. What would constitute the biggest Group of Death today? It'd be hard to argue against - Germany, Italy, Sweden, Republic of Ireland.

The seedings in a handy graphic! 

Pot Four: Turkey, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Albania, Iceland.

Pot Three: Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania.

Pot Two: Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Ukraine.

Pot One: France, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, Portugal.

Those teams which have qualified are in four pots based on their UEFA coefficient, and that's how they'll be drawn today, with each group containing a team from each pot, ie teams that are in the same pot can't be drawn against each other. The pot's are as follows...

So, starting with some back-story, next year's tournament will be hosted by France, and will contain 24 teams, under a revamp of the finals that have seen eight teams added to them. These 24 nations will be drawn into six groups of four today. In the finals, the top two from each group, plus the four best performing 3rd placed teams will qualify for the final 16, in a round-robin, knockout format.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK's live coverage of the Group Stage draw for the 2016 UEFA European Championship's. I'm Oliver Emmerson, and I'll be taking you through the draw, which is set to commence in Paris at around 17:00BST. To find out who will be playing who, stay right here!