Ivica Olic banned and fined for betting on matches

Ivica Olic banned and fined for betting on matches

The DFB have suspended the veteran 1860 Munich striker for two games after he made a series of bets, including on 2. Bundesliga matches.

James Rees

1860 Munich’s veteran striker Ivica Olic has been handed a two-game ban and a €20,000 fine after he was charged for breaking DFB rules on betting.

The charges relate to bets made between the 26 August and 11 September 2016, and included nine 2. Bundesliga games, but none involving his own club.

1860 will also hand their own fine to the 37-year-old. He will miss games against Fortuna Düsseldorf and VfB Stuttgart, although he had been in doubt for those games due to a knee injury.

No evidence of influencing results

The statement released by the DFB confirmed that he had made the bets over the two-week period on an Internet bookmakers’ site, with almost all bets in the three-digit Euro range.

The bets were in violation of § 1, no. 2, para. 1 of the DFB Laws and Rules of Procedure, which bans players from participating in profit-orientated sports betting.

Hans E. Lorenz, the chairman of the DFB’s sport court said that the penalty was a reflection of the organisation’s rules on betting. “It is in the interest of the players not to bet in order to avoid suspicion of manipulation,” or in other words, betting on and then influencing the results their own sides’ games.

He confirmed that there was no evidence that Olic had done this.

“A big mistake”

In a statement released by the club, Olic admitted that he had made "a big mistake" by placing the bets. "I have been involved with my friends in place accumulators, by making them using my credit card," he said.

He confirmed that they made bets on 2. Bundesliga games, but not any involving 1860. He also said that the bets were "simply to have fun," rather than seeking any great profit. "I'm very sorry for what has happened," he added.

"Ivica has cleared up the situation with us completely," said the club's CEO Thomas Eichin, but added "ultimately, this is about harming the club." In explaining why the club would be handed him a further fine, he said "although Ivica has realized his mistake, we cannot accept [his actions]."

Since joining the club at the beginning of the season, Olic has failed to score in seven appearances, although he has one assist.

Quotes via the DFB and 1860 Munich.