As It Happened: Cavani Scores A Brace To Put Uruguay Past Portugal 2-1

As It Happened: Cavani Scores A Brace To Put Uruguay Past Portugal 2-1

Jakub Bobro
Uruguay(4-4-2): Muslera; Caceras, Gimenez, Godin, Laxalt; Nandez (Sanchez, min. 80), Torreira, Vecino, Bentancur (Rodriguez, min. 63); Suarez, Cavani (Stuani, min. 74).
Portugal(4-4-2): Patricio; Ricardo, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro; B.Silva, Carvalho, A.Silva (Quaresma, min. 65), Mario; Guedes (A.Silva, min. 74), Ronaldo.
SCORE1-0, min. 7, Cavani. 1-1, min. 56, Pepe. 2-1, min. 62, Cavani.
REFEREECesar Ramos (MEX)
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After a thrilling finish, Uruguay hang on! Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi eliminated in the same night! Uruguay make their second quarterfinal in the last three World Cups. Last time they made it was 2010, where they made semifinals. The nation of just 3.5 million advance and will face France in the quarterfinals. Two incredible matches in a row today, a stunning World Cup!


90+4: Quaresma takes a shot at Muslera, the Uruguayan keeper saves. Patricio comes up for the corner. Patricio takes a header, stays up. They are checking for a handball from Gimenez, but no call.

90+3: Suarez wasted some time against three defenders, he crosses to Rodriguez who can't get on the end of it. Quaresma goes down after a challenge from Stuani. Ronaldo and Quaresma run screaming at the ref, Ronaldo gets booked. Even if Portugal advance, Ronaldo would miss the match.

90+2: Portugal throwing everyone forward now, I just counted five of their players in the box. The ball was cleared so they have to restart their attack.

90+1: Ronaldo tried to take on from long range, but far from Muslera's goal.

4 added minutes for Portugal to save their World Cup campaign.

90: Laxalt draws a foul from Ricardo, a chance to take a breather. Also, Muslera took his goal kick earlier, hopefully, he is better now.

88: Uruguay held onto the possession in Portugal's half for a while, had to feel nice after 15 minutes of constant defending.

87: Manuel Fernandes takes a shot from about 30 yards out, nowhere near the target. Santos seems very frustrated with him.

86: It's just crosses left and right from Portugal, looking for something.

85: Substitution:  Manuel Fernandes comes on for Joao Mario, fresh legs, looking for an equaliser.

83: Bernardo Silva now put Joao Mario through with a beautiful pass, but the cross is blocked.

81: Ronaldo now trying to take it on himself to be the hero, dribbles past two inside the box, can't pass the third.

80: Substitution: Nahitan Nandez comes off for Carlos Sanchez, some fresh legs on the right side.

77: After the ball bounces to him off the corner, Guerreiro again takes it on the half volley, can't get it on target. Muslera also seems injured as Diego Godin takes his goal kick.

74: Substitution: Christian Stuani replaces the injured Edinson Cavani. Uruguay will be praying that the injury is not serious. Portugal bring on André Silva for Gonçalo Guedes.

73: Portugal looked very dangerous when playing against ten men here, but the subs have been made now.

71: Cavani limps off the pitch injured, Ronaldo holding him up, helping him past the line. Images from this will definitely be used as an example of fair play, but the blame can definitely be put on the referee who has failed to manage this physical game.

70: Muslera makes his first mistake. He comes out for a cross from Guerreiro, fumbles it, loses the ball, but Bernardo Silva can't put the ball in the empty net past the defense.

68: Portugal have looked quite dangerous recently, causing chaos in Uruguay's box, but no shot on Muslera.

65: Substitution: Adrien Silva comes off for Ricardo Quaresma. Definitely an offensive substitution. Bernardo Silva switches to a roaming No. 10 and Quaresma on the right.

65: Portugal now with another chance, Bernardo Silva is giving the defense some trouble.

63: Substitution: The man with the assist, Rodrigo Bentancur comes off for the experienced Cristian Rodriguez.

62: Bentancur joins the strikers at the top, receiving a long goal kick from Muslera. Bentancur passes it across to Cavani, who bends it beautifully past Patricio. Outrageous technique!


61: Portugal now with two corners in a row, unable to get a chance from either.

58: Now Laxalt taken down with a tactical foul by Ricardo. The referee's lack of yellow cards handed out is getting ridiculous now.

56: Portugal take a short corner, Guerreiro whips it in and Pepe heads it in as he rises above the rest.


54: Adrien Silva had a shot lined up but slips in the final moment.

52: Raphael Guerreiro goes for it from afar, but the shot is fired over the bar. 

50: Not much has happened in these first five minutes of the second half, exactly what Uruguay want. Let's hope, for the neutrals' sake that the game picks up and we see some more goals.

Uruguay kick off the second half!

If the result holds, Ronaldo will be joining Messi on a flight home. Uruguay have done exactly what they wanted to, getting an early goal and frustrating Portugal with active defending. I expect Fernando Santos to make some changes early in the second half, perhaps bringing in Quaresma or André Silva for a different option.

Half time!

45+1: Pepe was looking for a header, but Muslera comes out and claims the ball with confidence.

2 added minutes!

44: Luis Suarez has stayed down with a head injury after meeting Guerreiro, Ramos hasn't stopped the play. It hasn't been the best refereeing performance, refusing to book players and now not stopping the play here.

42: The game's tempo has dropped off a bit after a very high-energy and high-level 40 minutes. It definitely seems like both teams would benefit from a break.

40: Uruguay continue with their tight and physical defending, Ronaldo getting a little frustrated.

37: Quite surprised to not see Bernardo Silva booked here, goes double footed into Cavani. Referee Ramos seems to have a high standard for bookings.

35: Uruguay now with an opportunity. Caceres holds onto the ball against three Portuguese defenders, passes it to Cavani who takes a heavy touch with his chest and the ball bounces for a goal kick.

32: Ronaldo only fires it into the wall, Torreira clears it with a bicycle kick.

31: Portugal win a foul on the edge of the area, Bentancur taking down Guedes. The Viking Claps continue, but the participation seems to be dying down.

28: Cavani draws a foul from Ricardo. Uruguay always have either Suarez or Cavani pressing up against the inexperienced right-back, and it worked for the first goal. On another note, I think this was the fourth Viking Clap of this match. Not quite sure how that happens in a match without Iceland, or any Scandinavian team for that matter.

26: A good chance for Portugal as Bernardo Silva whips the free kick into the box and it goes just over the head of William Carvalho.

22: A huge save from Rui Patricio! Suarez goes under the wall and Patricio just reaches it on the stretch.

21: Luis Suarez draws a free kick about 20 yards out, Suarez expected to take it.

20: Portugal got a little dangerous again, with Guedes coming in and crossing the ball to Ronaldo, but Gimenez clears it.

17: Portugal have been trying to look for gaps, but it has been tough and frustrating defending from Uruguay. Guerreiro tried to play Ronaldo in, but Muslera claimed the ball, ending the move.

14: Cavani intercepted a pass, gets it to Suarez who manages to win a corner despite being marked by two defenders.

13:  Portugal were coming forward with some nice build-up play, Ronaldo tried to go for it but Torreira blocked the shot.

10: Portugal are trying to get forward, Bernardo Silva wins them a corner. They take it short and find Fonte on the far post, but takes it wide.

7: Cavani and Suarez combine beautifully. Cavani gives a 40-yard pass to Suarez on the side, keeps running, Suarez crosses it in, Cavani heads it in on the far post and Uruguay are ahead!


6: Ronaldo takes the first shot. Bernardo Silva sets it up for him, Ronaldo goes for it from long range, but Muslera doesn't have trouble with it.

5: The match is already getting physical. Pepe and Godin got into it before a corner, Torreira hip checked Ronaldo as he was driving forward on the counter.

2: Portugal are the first ones to come forward. Mario crossed the ball to far post, but Bernardo Silva can neither get it back in to Ronaldo nor put it on target.

The game has kicked off!

The anthems are done, just two minutes from kick-off now!

We now know that the winner will face France, who defeated Argentina 4-3 in a match that has been already declared as a match of the tournament contender. This battle in Sochi will need a lot to live up to the previous match.

The teams walk out, Uruguay led by Diego Godin and Portugal by Cristiano Ronaldo. Just minutes away from kick-off now.

Fernando Santos also went for a surprising selection, this time on right-back. Ricardo will be starting ahead of Cedric Soares, making his first start at the tournament. There were a few 50-50 decisions, on both wings and the second striker alongside Ronaldo. Quaresma was the odd one out, despite scoring an incredible goal against Iran. Goncalo Guedes got the start ahead of André Silva.

Oscar Tabarez surprised me a little bit with selecting Diego Laxalt at left-back once again. Laxalt is a winger and looked very good going forward against Russia, but is not the surest defensive option. I think we can expect the four midfielders to line up in a diamond, allowing Laxalt and Caceres to overlap.

Portugal Starting XI (4-4-2): Patricio; Ricardo, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro; B.Silva, Carvalho, A.Silva, Mario; Guedes, Ronaldo.

Uruguay Starting XI (4-4-2): Muslera; Caceras, Gimenez, Godin, Laxalt; Nandez, Torreira, Vecino, Bentancur; Suarez, Cavani.

Possible Portugal Starting XI: (4-4-2): Patricio; Soares, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro; Quaresma, Moutinho, Carvalho, Mario; Ronaldo, A.Silva

Possible Uruguay Starting XI: (4-1-2-1-2): Muslera; Varela, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres; Torreira; Nandez, Vecino: Bentancur: Cavani, Suarez.

Since these two nations haven't faced each other for the past 46 years, the rivalry element will be supplemented through their clubs in La Liga. For Portugal, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe will battle it out against Barcelona's Luis Suarez and the centre-half duo of Diego Godin and Jose Gimenez from Atletico Madrid. There will be no love lost between these players just because they are wearing different kits, and we can certainly expect it to get ugly.

The match has been already dubbed the "Battle of the Black Sea", due to the expected physical nature of the match. Despite getting only one yellow card, Uruguay have a reputation as a rough side due to their hard tackling and tough defending from their last two World Cups. Portugal's physical threat comes from Pepe, who can definitely be frustrated into performing some ugly acts.


Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi is hosting this clash. It will be the second-to-last match played there in this World Cup, the last one being a quarterfinal between Colombia or England against Sweden or Switzerland. The 44,000-seater will continue to be used after the World Cup. Second-division side FC Dynamo Saint Petersburg will move the club to Sochi to fill this void, bringing back club football for the first time since 2013.

Portugal's tournament has been a much more erratic side so far, beginning with a stunning 3-3 draw with Spain, a World Cup classic. Fernando Santos' men then went on to eliminate Morocco after a difficult 1-0 win. Iran almost eliminated Portugal in their final match. They tied the game up with a penalty in added time, but also had a 1-on-1 in the 95th minute, which they squandered.

Oscar Tabarez's side came under some criticism for being bland and weaker than expected after their two matches, getting only 1-0 wins over Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Those were two very different matches, where Uruguay struggled to break down Egypt until the very end, and were satisfied with a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia after scoring in the first half.

Uruguay and Portugal have faced off twice before. Jose Torres bagged a hattrick in a 3-0 win by Portugal in a friendly before the 1966 World Cup. The second time was the Independence mini-tournament in Brazil to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Brazilian Declaration of Independence, with the two sides drawing 1-1. The legendary 1965 Ballon d'Or winner Eusebio started both matches.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK's live minute-by-minute match coverage and commentary. Today, Saturday, 30th June 2018, sees Uruguay face off with Portugal in the 2018 World Cup. This evening's game kicks off at 19:00 BST, the first knockout game of the tournament. Until then - we'll have plenty of pre-match build-up and analysis from me, Jakub Bobro. Make sure you stay following.