Bulgaria national coach, Krasimir Balakov resigns after England defeat was deeply marked for wrong reasons
(Photo: Catherine Mill, Getty/Images)

Krasimir Balakov has resigned after Bulgaria's home match against England was marked by racist chants towards the English players, as well as, Nazi salutes from home supporters. The match came to a halt twice as a result of this.

It has been reported that Balakov along the entire committee had communicated their wishes to resign in the Bulgarian Football Union executive committee press-conference held on Friday afternoon.

According to The Independent nobody from the Bulgarian Football Union was available to authenticate the news.

Couldn't hear the abuse

Balakov stated he could not hear any of the racist abuse during the game, those that were especially directed at England's black players.

"I was concentrated on the game.

"I didn't actually hear anything but I just talked to the English press downstairs and I told them that if this is proven to be true, then we have to be ashamed and we have to apologise for it.

"But, once again, first it has to be proven to be true."

Late that night, the manager issued a statement-making a "sincere apology" to all those affected in the England team and anybody who was offended by the home supporters' actions.

Multiple arrests

Since the occurrence, five more men have been arrested in connection to the events of Monday night.

The number of identified with link to the event was risen to 16, as five men were detained at the First District police station in Sofia, while five others were searched at a different area in the capital.

While six have already been arrested on Wednesday, a further four have already been banned from attending any sporting event for the upcoming two years as well as being fined 1,000 lev (roughly £440). Another individual is facing a pre-trial hearing on Friday and could remain in custody.

The referee followed UEFA's anti-racism protocol before the half-hour mark by making a public announcement in the stadium ordering for the racist behaviour to come to an end.

Despite this, the abuse continued throughout the second half of the match, though less apparent. Gareth Southgate's men remained professional and provided an effective response by winning six goals to nill with the courtesy of Rashford, Barkley, Sterling (2), Kane.