Düsseldorf vs Schalke: Live Score and Stream (2-1). 
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21:292 years ago


Thank you all for staying with me and following along. A great victory for Düsseldorf against Schalke. Goodnight everyone and stay safe!
21:282 years ago
The next round of Bundesliga games start on Friday!!!!
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Düsseldorf (16th) extend the gap between them and Bremen (17th) to 5 points but Bremen have a game in hand. Düsseldorf close the gap on Mainz who are not in a relegation spot. A vital three points for Düsseldorf
21:252 years ago
Schalke pump the ball into the box but the ball is over hit and the Düsseldorf keeper catches the ball and falls to the floor. That is Schalke's fourth defeat in five.
21:242 years ago

Full Time

Düsseldorf 2 -1 Schalke 
21:242 years ago


Last chance here for Schalke 
21:242 years ago


The free kick is easily gathered by the Düsseldorf keeper and the Schalke keeper has to sprint back to his net after being up for the free kick. The ball is sent long and the Schalke keeper misses the ball and the shot is cleared off the line by Kenny.
21:222 years ago


A fantastic run forward by Schöpf results in a free kick and a yellow card for Düsseldorf
21:212 years ago


The ball was eventually cleared by Düsseldorf. Schalke launch the ball up the field but concede a free kick. 
21:202 years ago


Schalke have a free kick just inside the Düsseldorf half and will pump the ball into the box
21:192 years ago

5 Minutes added time

5 Minutes added time
21:182 years ago


Schalke are becoming frustrated as they cannot keep the ball when they push forward. Düsseldorf are taking their time whenever they can.
21:162 years ago


A good counter attack by Düsseldorf which leads to a low driven shot by Thommy, but it is comfortably saved by Schubert.
21:142 years ago
The play has now resumed 
21:142 years ago

84| Substitution Schalke

Off: Matondo

On: Todibo

21:122 years ago


The ball has been put out of play due to Düsseldorf player down with cramp.
21:102 years ago

80| Substitution Düsseldorf

On: Morales

Off: Hennings

On: Skrzybski

Off: Berisha

21:092 years ago
The corner is cleared.
21:092 years ago


Oczipka takes the corner and it is headed only to the edge of the box and the following shot is a good one but the Düsseldorf defender gets an important touch and it goes out for another corner. 
21:072 years ago


Schalke are attempting to push forward more, they are attacking with more numbers and this results in them winning a corner.
21:062 years ago
21:062 years ago


The Düsseldorf keeper comes out and punches the ball away. Schalke win possession back and put in a deep cross to the back post but the header goes wide.
21:052 years ago


A free kick for Schalke in a good crossing area. 
21:032 years ago

73| Substitution Schalke

On: Kutucu

Off: Caligiuri

On: Gregoritsch

Off: Burgstaller

21:002 years ago


Scrappy play from both teams since the goal. Neither side has taken control.
20:592 years ago
Poor defending from set-pieces shown again by Schalke. However, the question is, can Düsseldorf hang onto this lead. They led 2-0 in the final ten minutes at the weekend but ended up drawing.
20:582 years ago
20:582 years ago

69| Substitution Düsseldorf

Off: Suttner 

On: Giesselmann

20:582 years ago

68| GOALLLLLLL Düsseldorf

Another short corner by Düsseldorf which was crossed to the back post and it was played back across the box and Karaman is at the back post all by himself for a very easy header!!!!
20:562 years ago


Another corner for Düsseldorf after a long ball is headed behind by Nastasić
20:552 years ago
The free kick leading to the goal was struck with great power but the Schalke keeper palms to ball up into the air and Hennings reacts the quickest to the poor keeping and out jumps the defender in the six-yard box to make it 1-1.
20:542 years ago
20:532 years ago


20:532 years ago


VAR is checking the goal for a possible foul by Hennings 
20:532 years ago

62| GOAALLLLL Düsseldorf

An excellent strike from the free kick leads to the keeper palming the ball up in the air and Hennings heads the ball into the back of the net!!!
20:512 years ago


A corner for Düsseldorf is cleared but Schalke concede a free kick in a good area for Düsseldorf.
20:482 years ago


A bit better from Schalke. Kenny with a good run into spaces, fires a low cross but it is just cleared. The pressure is just slightly lifting from Düsseldorf who have not started well in the second half.
20:462 years ago


Düsseldorf with two balls into the box but the first is blocked and the second was a decent ball but the Düsseldorf player was unable to muscle his way to the ball. 
20:442 years ago
Largely against the run of play with Düsseldorf having all of the possession. But poor marking by Düsseldorf leads to Schalke taking the lead!
20:432 years ago
20:422 years ago

52| GOALLL Schalke

Finally we have a goal!! It comes from the free kick given away by Sobottka. The first good set-pieces finds the head of McKennie who loses his marker and heads the ball into the back of the net!!
20:412 years ago

51| Yellow Card - Sobottka

He is show a yellow card for stopping the attack
20:412 years ago


Stöger attempts a volley on the edge of the box but scuffs his effort and the ball goes wide.
20:362 years ago

45| Huge Chance Missed

Quick build up play by Schalke leads to Burgstaller picking the ball up in the box who lays it off to right-back Kenny, but he slices the ball wide. Should have at least been hitting the target from there. Good start by Schalke.
20:342 years ago

Second Half

We are back underway in Düsseldorf!
20:202 years ago

Half-Time Stats


Düsseldorf 76% - 24% Schalke 


Düsseldorf 5 - 2 Schalke

Shots on Target

Düsseldorf 3 - 2 Schalke 

20:192 years ago
Nothing to discuss going into half-time. Düsseldorf are controlling possession but are passing is side-to-side and Schalke are happy to let them do that. Only one good chance and that came to Schalke but it was a chance wasted. Both sides have had many crossing set-pieces but both teams have been poor with the delivery.

20:172 years ago


Düsseldorf 0 - 0 Schalke 
20:172 years ago


Suttner shoots from 30 yards out from the free kick but it goes miles over.
20:172 years ago

44 | Yellow Card - Kabak - Schalke

Kabak is booked for kicking the ball away and Düsseldorf have another free-kick in a decent area.
20:142 years ago


Düsseldorf once again passing the ball around but both sides seem happy to let it be played in and around the half-way line.
20:102 years ago


The ball is played in but it is easily cleared. Both sides have been really poor with set-pieces in tonight's game.
20:092 years ago


Düsseldorf have a free-kick about 35 yards out on the wing. A good opportunity.
20:082 years ago


The free kick is played in but cleared. Schalke re-gain possession but the following cross is met by the keepers hands.
20:072 years ago


Oczipka is brought down on the left hand side and Schalke have a good opportunity here.
20:042 years ago


Another short corner for Düsseldorf is well worked this time and Thommy has a shot from the edge of the box but is well saved by Schubert who only saw the ball at the last second. 
20:002 years ago


A free kick for Schalke just inside Düsseldorf's half. But it is played straight to the keeper. Schalke cannot afford to be wasting chances like those as they are not getting many.
19:572 years ago


The corner is taken quick and put into the box. The Schalke keeper flaps at the ball but does just enough to clear the ball.
19:572 years ago


Schalke defender, Kenny, does very well to clear a cross from Karaman, which results in a corner. 
19:542 years ago


Great build-up play by Düsseldorf leads to a shot on the edge of the area but it was not hit with any power and a comfortable save for the Schalke keeper.
19:542 years ago
That was the first clear chance for either side and the first time Schalke have done something good with the ball.
19:532 years ago

20| Chance missed

A great opportunity for Schalke. Caligiuri found himself in a great position on the edge of the box but his shot produced a good save by Kastenmier. Great chance for Schalke but it was wasted.
19:502 years ago

17| Yellow Card - Schalke

Striker Burgstaller is shown a yellow for leading with his arm whilst challenging for the ball in the air. 
19:482 years ago


Düsseldorf have had 78% possession so far today but have not had many touches in the final third.
19:462 years ago


The ball is cleverly worked down the line and the cross comes in but a Schalke defender heads it out for a throw in.
19:462 years ago


Düsseldorf have a free-kick just inside the Schalke half and it will be played into the box 
19:442 years ago


The first shot of the game is for Düsseldorf. A slow build up saw a good one-two in the Schalke box but Karaman's shot did not posses any power and it was an easy save for Schubert in the Schalke goal.
19:412 years ago


Düsseldorf still controlling possession but have not been able to break down the Schalke defence. Everything Schalke touch the ball they lose it or it goes long to the Düsseldorf defence. 
19:382 years ago


The corner was taken short but the cross was a poor one and easily cleared. 
19:372 years ago


No chances for either side but Düsseldorf are controlling possession. Schalke just keep pumping the ball back to the Düsseldorf defence. Corner for Düsseldorf.
19:352 years ago


A great run down the line by Schalke attacker, Matondo but his cross is cleared by the Düsseldorf defence.
19:312 years ago


We are underway!
19:272 years ago
19:202 years ago

10 minutes until kick-off

Stayed tuned as we get ever closer to kick-off!
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Previous League Meetings

Schalke 3 - 3 Düsseldorf (Nov 19)

Schalke 0 - 4 Düsseldorf (Mar 19)

Düsseldorf 0 - 2 Schalke (Oct 18)

Schalke 2 - 1 Düsseldorf (Feb 13)

Düsseldorf 2 - 2 Schalke (Sep 12)

19:012 years ago

Both teams winless

Schalke have not picked up all three points in any of their last 9 games. Whereas, Fortuna have not managed a victory in their last 4 games. Fortuna are near the bottom of the table but are in much better form than their opponents. 
18:542 years ago

Eyes on the Europa League

A Schalke victory tonight would see them close the gap on Wolfsburg, who occupy the final Europa League spot to just two points. Schalke play Wolfsburg on the second to last game of the season. They need to improve their form if they are wanting to qualify for Europe.
18:502 years ago

Werder Bremen Draw

Werder Bremen drew last night 0-0 with Borussia Mönchengladbach. The draw means that Werder close the gap to Düsseldorf to only two points. Werder occupy the final relegation place, whereas, Düsseldorf sit one place above Werder, in the relegation playoff spot. Düsseldorf must avoid defeat tonight.

18:462 years ago

Officials for tonight's fixture

18:432 years ago
Schalke are three games unbeaten in Düsseldorf (W2, D1), and have failed to score on a trip to the Merkur Spiel-Arena only once in 20 meetings.
18:382 years ago

A great evening for football!

18:332 years ago

Schalke Confirmed Starting XI

18:332 years ago

Fortuna Düsseldorf Confirmed Starting XI

18:312 years ago
There is just under an hour till kick-off so stay tuned. We will give you the team news as soon as it is announced!
18:312 years ago

Live Coverage Begins

We're ready to bring you live coverages from today's Bundesliga game between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Schalke!
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Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and line-ups for this Bundesliga fixture between Düsseldorf and Schalke.

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Schalke Predicted Starting XI

Schubert - Kenny, Sane, Nastasic, Oczipka (c) - Caligiuri, McKennie, Schöpf - Matondo - Gregoritsch, Raman
12:122 years ago

Düsseldorf Predicted Starting XI

Kastenmeier - Ayhan, Hoffmann, Gießelmann - Zimmermann, Stöger, Morales, Berisha, Suttner - Karaman, Hennings (c)

12:112 years ago

Schalke Team News

Amine Hart will not feature after he is still recovering from a ligament injury he suffered against Borussia Dortmund. Likewise, Jean-Clair Todibo will miss this game due to an ankle injury he sustained against Dortmund. Suat Serder is a huge doubt after he limped off in the 3-0 defeat against Augsburg at the weekend. Jonjoe Kenny, Weston McKennie, Salif Sane and Daniel Caligiuri will all need to be cautious as they are all one yellow card away from a one-game ban.

12:112 years ago

Düsseldorf Team News

Turkish defender, Kaan Ayhan will return to the starting line-up following a one game ban, and Mathias Jorgensen will drop to the bench in his place. Goalkeeper, Steffen is looking like he will miss the remainder of the season following chronic knee promblems, whilst striker Dawid Kownacki will also miss the game. Valon Berisha is likely to be recalled in midfield as both managers will look to make changes due to the hectic Bundesliga schedule.

12:102 years ago

Different Fights

Both Düsseldorf and Schalke need to pick up all three points but for different reasons. The home side sit in the relegation playoff place and are three points from safety. However, Werder Bremen, who sit one place below in the automatic relegation place, have a game in hand over Düsseldorf and are only three points behind them. Elsewhere, the race for the final Europa League spot seems to be going nowhere as the four teams who were in that fight all failed to pick up three points over the weekend. It is a must win for both teams on Wednesday night.

12:092 years ago

Struggling for Wins

Both sides are struggling for wins, with Düsseldorf drawing their last four consecutive games and Schalke are on a nine-game winless run. Only bottom side Paderborn have a worse record than Schalke in the last nine games. Düsseldorf were 2-0 up against FC Köln at the weekend until the 87th minute. Then a goal in the 88th and 91st minute, saw Köln draw level and both teams left with a point. It was even worse for Schalke who were dominated on the score-line 3-0 by Augsburg despite dominating possession themselves.
12:092 years ago

Hennings Hat-trick Hero

The two sides played out an emphatic 3-3 draw, in a game which saw Schalke take the lead three times and Düsseldorf’s striker and captain, Hennings, score the equaliser every time. The game saw five out of six goals in the second half and Hennings completed his hat-trick with a dramatic 85th minute chip on the Schalke keeper. It was the first hat-trick of his Bundesliga career and the first time Düsseldorf had avoided defeat when going behind.
12:042 years ago

Kick-off Time

Düsseldorf vs Schalke will be played at the Merkur Spiel-Arena, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:30 GMT.
12:032 years ago


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