As it happened: Man Utd progress to semi-finals thanks to Fernandes penalty
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - AUGUST 09: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Manchester United face FC Copenhagen in Europa League quarter-final. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Uefa via Getty Images)


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Wrap up

We will have plenty of post-match reaction and analysis across VAVEL UK and don't forget that we have more Europa League quarter-final action tomorrow evening too, including Wolves and their match against Sevilla. However, tonight is all about United who have won 1-0. From me: goodnight.
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FT Analysis: Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

It feels like this season's Europa League has been going on since the dawn of time and so for Solskjaer's United another half-an-hour can't have made much difference. Anyway at the end of the evening, it is they who progress past a stubborn Copenhagen into the semi-finals.

This was far tougher than I, and probably most, thought it would be for United. They were prevented from opening the scoring by the woodwork, VAR, the linesman's flag, and most impressively by Johnsson who was quality in the Copenhagen goal. Fourteen shots on target Solskjaer's side managed but their breakthrough came from the penalty spot.

Copenhagen didn't even create a single shot at Romero's goal but they displayed plenty of fight in defence and central areas whilst out wide Falk, the impish winger, certainly impressed on the left before going off.

Had United played more intricately and with more composure and a high tempo earlier in the game then this could have turned out to be a very different evening and they could have secured their progression much earlier. Still they have done so and they will have just short of a week to prepare for a semi-final against Wolves or Sevilla.


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FT: Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Full time whistle goes. United are through to the semi-finals.
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120' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

There's just one minute of added time, however, now there's going to be more because United are making a substitution. McTominay is arriving and Martial, who's had a good game, is departing. And now the fourth official has lifted up his board again to show that there is now going to be two minutes of added time.
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119' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Solbakken's men are awarded a free-kick right by the byline just outside the area. Bengtsson plays it back to the edge of the box and possession is lost as United charge out quickly to stifle the chance. Oh well.
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118' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

I've got a feeling that this game isn't going to be settled until the referee blows his whistle. The next five minutes or so could be quite nervy for Solskjaer and his players.
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117' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Copenhagen have a corner-kick after good work by Lindelof who deals with a neat cut-back by Boving. The delivery is headed away by Matic, who rises above all else to clear the danger.
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115' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Copenhagen are travelling due west and that means into United territory for the first time in a long time, still they don't really look like creating too many chances. United are sitting deeper now, knowing that if their opponents do push up-field more then there will be space to counter into.
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112' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Now Rashford comes off for United and Lingard is to replace him. Lingard has scored in his last two matches, could it be three out of three? He's got eight minutes.
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110' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Fernandes tries to thread the ball through to Martial, who made the correct run, but it is just too hard. 

Falk goes off for Boving in another Copenhagen change.

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108' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

This game has developed into quite a captivating watch. And fair play to the players as it can't be easy to play a quarter-final in early August in humid conditions having already played a 12-month season. It looks like United are going to have at least one more game in this campaign.
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106' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Someone give that man in green a trophy, or just the Man of the Match award - he deserves it.


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ET HT: Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

United have yet more chances to add to their lead but Johnsson is up to it once more. Firstly Fernandes’s stinging shot from 20 yards is beaten away by the flying Johnsson. Then a half clearance from a Copenhagen defender finds Mata who shoots but is stopped by the inspired Johnsson. Finally the ball rebounded to Lindelof, who should have scored but dragged the ball into the side netting.

Anyway we'll have a two minute break whilst each team move to the other end.

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105' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

A bit of admin, if you allow me...
  • Bartolec and Mudrazija replace Stage and Varela for Copenhagen
  • There will be two extra minutes at the end of this half
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105' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial calmly picks out Mata, who lifts a shot over the bar from 12 yards. He was being challenged but still might have done better. United almost get a second on the counter. Rashford and Fernandes combine to find Mata, who seems to run past the ball and is then taken out in the area. They’re checking for a penalty but I don’t think it was - he’d left the ball behind.
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103' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Copenhagen are struggling to get a touch of the ball now. They are chasing shadows. If only Solskjaer's side had done this 30 minutes earlier, they would already be in the showers singing of the semi-finals.
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101' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial is through again and for the 63rd time this evening Johnsson denies from point-blank range having advanced from his goal-line. The linesman does eventually raise his flag as Martial was offside but, nevertheless, that was still a fine stop by Johnsson.
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99' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

The onus is now on Copenhagen to make amends but they have rarely ventured into the United area in the past hour.
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98' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen

Pogba chips a ball in behind the Copenhagen defence for Rashford but nothing comes from it. 
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95' Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen (Goal!)

Fernandes plants the ball on the spot and dispatches the penalty to the goalkeepers right. In fact there was no skip in Fernandes's run-up this time, possibly playing mind games with the goalkeeper. That is the Portuguese's 7th penalty conversion for United this season. United lead!!
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94' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Another stop by Johnsson who denies Martial once more, again with his feet as the French attacker broke into the area. 

Then Martial receives the ball again and is pulled down by a Copenhagen defender. Turpin awards a penalty and VAR is not going to deny United again.

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92' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Johnsson saves again from Martial. It was an instinctive save with his feet when Martial tried to poke the ball past him from a very tight angle. The chance came after a typical bit of interplay between Martial and Rashford. Martial has come alive in the last 20 minutes or so.
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91' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

There are some tired bodies down there. Surely substitutes will play a big part in extra-time. Speaking of which, Juan Mata has replaced Mason Greenwood. 

We're back underway.


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FT: Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

That's it. Regulation time is over, there have been no goals. We head to extra-time. 

In other news, down the road in Dusseldorf, Inter have beat Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 to progress into the semi-finals - they will face either Shakhtar Donetsk or Basel, who face off tomorrow evening.

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90+3' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Copenhagen are still moving forward. Stage swipes at the ball from well outside United's area and it doesn't trouble Romero.
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90+1' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial strides through the Copenhagen defence, he wriggles and rides challenges and finds himself baring down on goal but Nelsson - Copenhagen's colossal centre-half - slides in to stop the French attacker in his tracks. That challenge keeps Copenhagen in the fight.
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90' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of stoppage time at the end of the second half. Three minutes to extra time.
21:522 years ago

89' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial flips a clever reverse pass to Wan-Bissaka, who screeches a low cross along the six-yard line. In some circumstances that would have been a really good cross, but on this occasion there was nobody there. Squeaky-bum time.
21:512 years ago

88' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Fernandes’s shot from 20 yards is blocked the charging Nelsson. Whatever happens from here, Copenhagen have been superb. Their work rate is so impressive, particularly in this heat. Solbakken, who didn't give his side much of a chance yesterday, will be proud.
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87' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen



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86' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Wasted effort by Wind. His shot was gone with the wind there. He leant back as he struck the ball and from a central position just outside the area he managed to sky the attempt way over Romero's crossbar.
21:472 years ago

84' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial takes aim with a sweeping right-footed shot across goal and Johnsson matches the fine effort with a tremendous stretching right-handed save. That was possibly the most troubled the Copenhagen keeper has been all game.
21:452 years ago

83' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Just going back to that penalty shout, Varela beat Williams with a terrific bit of skill, similar to Falk’s for the Oviedo chance, but then ran into Williams. It wasn’t a penalty.
21:452 years ago

82' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Varela goes down in the area after a challenge from Williams. The referee says play on but there’s a VAR check going on. It looked like a dive, and VAR decides there’s no penalty.
21:442 years ago

81' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

I think this is what you call the nervy stage of the game; with 10 minutes left of normal time, any goal from here surely wins the quarter-final.
21:422 years ago

78' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

You can almost through a rug over the 10 Copenhagen players on the edge of the area defending deep - and I don't mean a gigantic piece of tapestry that would belong in the multi-million pound mansion of a wealthy Russian family in Knightsbridge, no rather your standard 4x2 from John Lewis that the dog likes to lie on.
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75' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

The tempo has been lost slightly by the drinks break. Both sides are tiring and it's quite visible - the amount of sweat on some of the white shirts of Copenhagen speaks of how hard they have worked and also how warm it still is down at pitch level.
21:372 years ago

73' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Not a pleasant sight for United supporters. Rashford is down on the turf having been kicked in the back of the calf by Zeca. Yet as I type this next sentence, he is back on his feet and all worries can subside.
21:342 years ago

72' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

They've had a swig of water, I've had a sip of tea and I think we're ready to resume play. Just under 20 minutes of play left and Copenhagen are very much still in this.
21:332 years ago

70' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A double change for United: Nemanja Matic and Victor Lindelof replace Fred and Eric Bailly. It’s also time for the drinks break.
21:322 years ago

68' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

There's chances everywhere now! This time it's United. Fernandes's whirling shot from a fair distance out is pushed into the sky by Johnsson. Then Pogba takes aim with a low effort but the Copenhagen keeper claims the shot. Pogba plays a neat one-two with Martial and has a left-footed shot blocked by Bjelland. This is developing into quite an eye-catching contest now.
21:302 years ago

65' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Goodness gracious! Is that Oviedo almost scoring for Copenhagen? Yes it is! It was fine skill by Falk on the flank to work Solbakken's men into a dangerous position. Wind took up possession and he eschewed the shot, instead squaring the ball to Oviedo, who stormed onto the ball and blasted a shot that was blocked by Wan-Bissaka. As Oviedo ran onto the ball, he looked certain to score.
21:282 years ago

64' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

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63' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

United strike the post! This is certainly not their evening. Fernandes receives the ball from Greenwood, takes a touch to steady and then sends a dipping shot against the base of the post. The chances are starting to come more frequently for United and, more importantly, it is their own slight errors of judgement that are costing them rather than exemplary Copenhagen defending. Surely a goal is incoming.
21:252 years ago

62' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Maguire is booked for an off-the-ball foul on Kaufmann. Wind then mishit a shot straight at Romero from 12 yards, though I think the flag has gone up in the build-up.
21:242 years ago

61' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Fernandes flips another delightful pass over the defence, and this time Rashford mishits a volley that bounces up into the arms of Johnsson.
21:242 years ago

59' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Clearly Solskjaer has asked for more after the break. Ten minutes of sustained pressure and Copenhagen would be unable to cope.
21:222 years ago

58' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A double change for Copenhagen. Bryan Oviedo (yes him) and Mikkel Kaufmann replace Daramy and Biel.
21:202 years ago

57' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Further frustrations for United. They have the ball in the goal again but once more it is ruled out for offside. Firstly Greenwood moved into the area and struck the ball against the post. Then the rebound fell for Martial who put the ball into the net but the Frenchman was offside when the original pass was made.

Third time lucky maybe?

21:182 years ago

54' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A shot on target for United. On the edge of the area the ball is moved by single touches from Martial to Fernandes onto Williams to Fred, who then takes aim with a low daisy-cutter of a shot which travels straight into the arms of Johnsson.
21:152 years ago

52' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Martial’s snapshot is blocked by Nelsson. United are dominating possession at the start of the second half, but Copenhagen look fairly comfortable defensively.
21:132 years ago

49' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Having said that United just manage to manufacture a chance on the edge of the area. A few opportunities of a shot arise but when Pogba opts to take it, he sends the attempt up into the air and nowhere near Copenhagen's goal. It's better from United - just.
21:112 years ago

48' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

There is an evident lacklustreness about the United players involved, even at the start of the second half when they should be set ready to go. Certainly something has been lacking from their play so far this evening - we haven't seen the vim and vigour that took them up the table to a third-place finish in the Premier League.
21:082 years ago

46' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

That break went quick. Everyone's back out and the DJ is about to fade down the techno beats much to the annoyance of French referee Turpin. Anyhow he blows his whistle and we're back underway.
20:552 years ago

HT: Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

And the whistle is blown on an interesting first half. It was a 45 minutes that was far from easy for United. One does get the sense that Solskjaer's side are trying to play to simplistically, there has not been enough intricate play. Instead there have been too many aimless punts upfield, still that late disallowed goal would have changed Solskjaer's half time team talk.

Copenhagen have played well, though, it must be said and Solbakken will be relatively pleased with his side's showing. He would be even happier had they taken one of their chances that came in the earlier stages of the half. 

It's 0-0 at the interval.

20:512 years ago

45+2' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

There are five minutes of first half stoppage time, we're already in the second of those.
20:502 years ago

45' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

United have the ball in the net!! Greenwood is sent through and takes a lovely strike at the ball with his right boot. It swishes past the Copenhagen goalkeeper into the far corner. 

However, there is a check as to whether the 18-year-old is offside. VAR is taking a look and has ruled that he is indeed past the last defender when sent through. So no goal. It was well-taken by Greenwood, though, whenever he gets the ball in those positions he demonstrates what a fine finisher he is.

20:472 years ago

44' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A low cross is sent in by Wan-Bissaka from the right and Martial flings a right boot at it but can't connect properly. Then Rashford takes aim at Johnsson's goal but his effort is blocked. There was good work by Williams in the build-up to that.
20:452 years ago

43' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

The half is just petering out now, both sides seem happy to go in at the break without a goal. There won't be too much added time, one would assume, as there hasn't been too many stoppages.
20:442 years ago

40' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Rashford really is staying out wide when United make progress up the pitch. He isn't even really making inroads - he's got chalk on his boots.
20:422 years ago

39' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

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20:392 years ago

37' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A slightly mazy run by substitute Bengtsson almost gets the better of Wan-Bissaka in what is Copenhagen's first foray forward for some time. Bailly is then called into action to head clear a dangerous ball. He has certainly had to be alert from the off here.
20:372 years ago

35' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

After a slow start, Solskjaer's men are starting to find their feet and quickening the tempo. Crucially they're passing forwards but often they are slightly overhit.
20:362 years ago

33' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A high ball is sent over the centre-backs of Copenhagen by Fred and Rashford tries to get on the end of it but doesn't quite manage it. That was a good spot by Fred, as Copenhagen's defence are keen of deploying a high-line.
20:342 years ago

31' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Another long raking ball by Pogba finds Fernandes on the left. He plays to Williams, who has advanced upfield nicely, but then the full-back checks back and doesn't push the issue into the opposition's area. United need to keep this high intensity going, it's bringing them more action in the final third.
20:322 years ago

29' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A bit more space is starting to develop just outside the Copenhagen penalty area. The movement of Greenwood and Fernandes is crucial to this, Martial is always looking to run beyond the fairly high-line of Copenhagen, and Rashford and Pogba are playing with the heads up trying to find him. Still no meaningful chance on-target for United yet.
20:302 years ago

27' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

A nice turn from Greenwood and he draws a foul from Stage. It's about 25 yards out from goal and Fernandes is standing over it, along with Fred. It is the Portuguese who steps up but it's sent well over Johnsson's crossbar. 
20:282 years ago

24' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

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20:272 years ago

24' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

United need to sharpen up a bit here. They can have a drink and a think now.
20:272 years ago

23' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Now it's 2-1 to Inter across the way (Inter went two-ahead but Havertz got one back for Bayer Leverkusen).
20:262 years ago

21' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Now it's United's turn to attack. They send the ball into the area but it's cleared by the Copenhagen defence. There is a VAR check for a penalty which no one seems to realise is taking place but it doesn't matter because a United player is offside anyway so goal-kick it is.
20:202 years ago

18' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Another shaky moment for Solskjaer's side, Copenhagen really are pushing forward in these early stages. Fred’s dismal pass was intercepted by Wind, who eased it forward to Daramy in the area. He twisted Bailly inside out before hitting a shot that was blocked desperately by Maguire, and then Wind’s follow-up was booted away inside the six-yard box.
20:192 years ago

16' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Also Nicolo Barrella has made it Internazionale 1-0 Bayer Leverkusen in the evening's other quarter-final.
20:182 years ago

15' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Indeed, Pierre Bengtsson is going to replace Boilesen, who must have pulled a muscle or some such.
20:172 years ago

14' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Good chance for Copenhagen. Stage orchestrates a good move forward, it's out to the right where (I think) Goncalves Rodrigues plays it into the centre. Here's Daramy! He tries to bundle it in from five yards but Bailly has done just enough to impede him.

Meanwhile, Wan-Bissaka is down having taken a fierce delivery right in the gob and also Copenhagen's left-back Boilesen is down. It seems the defender has a hamstring injury and looks to be heading off.

20:132 years ago

11' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Pretty low-key start here, United have had the clearer openings but it's far from being one-sided. Fred has started reasonably well alongside Pogba, contributing a few nice passes in central areas.
20:112 years ago

09' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

United have a free-kick 30 yards from goal, Rashford drives it wide.
20:082 years ago

06' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Pogba rakes an outrageous crossfield pass to Wan-Bissaka. Eventually Fred drives a pass over the defence to Bruno Fernandes, whose header across the face of the goal is cleared by a Copenhagen defender. Martial wasn’t able to catch up with play.
20:072 years ago

04' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

United starting to settle now, slowing the game and dictating play. One anticipates the speed - of thought and movement - the full backs will be quite important for United this evening, especially as Greenwood and Rashford move inside.
20:052 years ago

02' Manchester United 0-0 FC Copenhagen

Stale Solbakken's side have started brightly in the opening exchanges. Plenty of energy from Copenhagen and moving the ball quickly across the pitch. Let's see how long that lasts in these humid conditions.
20:022 years ago


United are going to get us underway, kicking from left to right in their usual red strip. Copenhagen are all in white.
20:002 years ago

Players are out

The Europa League anthem blasts around the stadium as both sides lineup. 
19:562 years ago

Five minutes to KO

We've got French officials this evening led by the experienced Clement Turpin. He will be leading the teams out very shortly. It's currently a nudge of 30 degrees in the stadium in Cologne and so drink breaks will be in order come the midway points of each half.
19:422 years ago

Here is one bonkers stat...

Copenhagen have played 30 European games in a row without conceding more than one goal. That is seven more games than the second best on the list, one of the great Milan sides from the 90s. 

The last team to score more than one European goal against Copenhagen was Atletico Madrid in 2018.

That record surely will come to an end tonight, no? 

19:402 years ago

Romero starts as expected

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19:392 years ago

Teams Analysed

Quite surprisingly it's Fred who starts alongside Paul Pogba in the United midfield instead of Matic or McTominay. Solskjaer has opted for Matic in his starting XI often since football resumed but not this evening.

Romero continues in goal for United in Europe - he's kept seven clean sheets in the limited number of games he's played this season. Also Bailly plays in central defence with Maguire rather than Lindelof.

For Copenhagen it's a case of full strength with Wind the playmaker in the No10 role where he was so devastating against Istanbul Basaksehir in the second leg of the last-16. Whether that will be enough for the Danes this evening, though, is certainly doubtful but then again it's 90 minutes (not 180) and anything could(!) happen.

19:322 years ago
There is another quarter final this evening, Inter Milan take on Bayer Leverkusen.


19:282 years ago

Everyone's here (except the fans)

Both sides have checked in and are about to start their warm-ups.



19:272 years ago

Team News

Here are the starting lineups but in a prettier graphic



19:182 years ago

Starting XIs confirmed

Welcome back. Team news has arrived in Cologne...


Manchester United (4-2-3-1): Romero; Wan-Bissaka, Bailly, Maguire, Williams; Pogba, Fred; Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Rashford; Martial.

Substitutes: De Gea, Fosu-Mensah, Lindelof, Mengi, Andreas, James, Lingard, Mata, Matic, McTominay, Chong, Ighalo.


FC Copenhagen (4-2-3-1): Johnsson; Varela, Nelsson, Bjelland, Boilesen; Zeca, Stage; Biel, Wind, Falk; Daramy.

Substitutes: Andersen, Grytebust, Bengtsson, Papagiannopoulos, Bartolec, Oviedo, Mudrazija, Kaufmann, Boving, Hjaelmhof.


Referee: Clement Turpin (France)

20:242 years ago

Follow Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen live on VAVEL UK

Right that's it from us for now, we'll be back an hour before kick-off on matchday to bring all the team news, pre-match analysis and in-game commentary as Manchester United take on FC Copenhagen for a place in the semi-finals of the Europa League.
20:232 years ago

United & Copenhagen train in Cologne

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20:192 years ago

United press conference

Solskjaer, the United manager, spoke to reporters about Paul Pogba, who is expected to start on Monday...

We're delighted he's back playing. He's fit, he's enjoying his football. Of course, he's got to make up for lost time, and he's trying to do that. He's training extra, he's always a great personality in and around the place, and hopefully we can see him lift this trophy [like] he's done before.

Solskjaer also had a few words to say about Anthony Martial who has been in fine form since football's partial resumption...

Anto has made huge strides this season in many aspects his game. He's worked hard in the gym, and on his fitness, so physically he's at the best level he's been at in his career - there's more to come from him. 

United's manager will have to make the decision as to which goalkeeper he selects for the remainder of this competition, with Sergio Romero having been the regular starter in Europe and David De Gea having made some poor mistakes in recent months...

Sergio [Romero], David [De Gea] and Dean [Henderson] - three tops keepers. This season has shown how important Sergio has been for us. David has been performing there. We'll see what we'll do going forward. Difficult? Yes, but that's a good problem to have. 

United full-back, Brandon Williams, was also present at the pre-match press conference and spoke of the tremendous break-through season he has had which has led to a new four-year contract...

It has been a crazy season for myself and my family, to be honest. Obviously, I started with the reserves and now I am playing with the first team, and I just want to carry it on. I want to keep working hard, keep working on what I need to improve and try to play as many games as I can. 

20:112 years ago

Copenhagen press conference

Earlier Stale Solbakken, the FC Copenhagen manager, spoke to the media ahead of his side's quarter-final...

We have to play perfectly. We need a bit of luck. We maybe need a United that doesn't fire on all cylinders. We need to be perfect defensively. We need to take those one or two or three chances we get during a game like this. So, the chances are not great, but it's an advantage for us that it's over 90 minutes. You shouldn't  put your house on us tomorrow, but we will give everything.

Solbakken was a team-mate of Solskjaer's in the 1990s and he had plenty to say on his friend...

We're team-mates and friends from the national team in the 1990s, when Norway was the second-best team in the world - you won't believe that. At least we were rated number two in the world! He took his coaching badges. I think he came to me before the last-16 against Chelsea in the Champions League in 2011, so we have a good relationship. We're not close friends but I can say we are good friends.

Copenhagen midfielder, Carlos Zeca, also spoke about being a Man Utd supporter...

Since I was young, they are the team I've liked the most. I liked the way they play, I loved the stadium, the atmosphere, and it was always a dream for me to go there and see a game at least in this stadium. 

13:202 years ago

Press conferences later

When both teams arrive in Germany, the respective managers, along with a member of each team, will take questions from reporters in a pre-match press conference. We will have coverage of that later in the day.
13:192 years ago

They're on their way!

Both sides are currently travelling to Germany, taking all the necessary precautions. One will, however, be returning back home on Tuesday. The other will stay for the semi-final in a week's time.

13:162 years ago

Some video highlights of the recent second legs

13:102 years ago

How to watch Manchester United v FC Copenhagen - Live TV and Stream

On TV: this match is to be broadcast on BT Sport in the UK and will be hosted by Jake Humphrey and his panel. Ian Darke will lead the commentary team out in Germany.

On Radio: this match will be available on both BBC Radio 5 Live and Talksport.

Online: but best of all, this match can be followed directly on VAVEL UK - bookmark this webpage and return on matchday where you will be able to follow team news, updates and match commentary.

13:002 years ago

Jubilant scenes as Copenhagen progressed

FC Copenhagen fans celebrated with flares after the Europa League round-of-16 football match between FC Copenhagen and Istanbul Basaksehir on August 5, 2020 in Telia Parken in Copenhagen.


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12:572 years ago

Who's expected to start?

Solskjaer tinkered with his side in the return leg against LASK, opting to give a handful of second stringers a chance to show their worth, but in truth it didn't work. The performance was jagged and only when Anthony Martial came on, and scored United's second goal, did the home side look anywhere near their best. Of course, having a 5-0 first leg lead doesn't exactly make a team go into the second leg all guns blazing but it was a chance for fringe players to state their case. 

In Cologne on Monday, we expect a reversion back to Solskjaer's more stable starting XI. The likes of Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford will all return whilst Brandon Williams will continue to deputise for the injured Luke Shaw.

Solskjaer must decide, however, whether to stick with Sergio Romero, who has played in the all other Europe League games this season bar one and kept seven clean sheets, or go with first choice David De Gea, who has made numerous errors in the league this season.

Stale Solbakken, the former Wolverhampton Wanderers manager who is now in charge of Copenhagen,  is expected to make minimal changes to his starting XI after their impressive showing last week.

Guillermo Varela, who played 11 times for United during the 2015-16 campaign, will line up at right-back. Jonas Wind is regarded as one of Copenhagen's danger men after scoring twice and providing an assist against Basaksehir.


Possible lineups:

Manchester United - 
De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Williams; Pogba, Matic; Greenwood, Fernandes, Rashford; Martial

Copenhagen - 
Johnsson; Varela, Nelsson, Bjelland, Boilesen; Mudrazija, Zeca; Biel, Wind, Jensen; Kaufmann

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How have they got here?

This is the second time in four seasons that United have reached the Europa League quarter-finals, last time in 2017 they went on to win the tournament under then-manager Jose Mourinho.

This time around they have had a fairly easy run through the competition. FC Astana, AZ Alkmaar and Partizan Belgrade were United's opponents in the groupstage and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side were all but through after four matches. A tricky first leg of the last-32 against Brugge (1-1) was soon forgotten when United dispatched the Belgians 5-0 in the return leg. Then LASK Linz were thrashed by the same scoreline in the first match of the last-16.

FC Copenhagen entered the competition at the play-off round last August, and so if they reach the final they will have played in this season's tournament for exactly 365 days. After progressing past Riga, the Scandinavians emerged from their group of Malmo, Dynamo Kyiv and Lugano despite losing once and drawing three games. Copenhagen did the business away to Celtic in the last-32 and then came back from a first leg deficit to eliminate Turkish champions Istanbul Basaksehir by an aggregate score of 3-1. 

This is the first time the Danes have reached this stage of the European competition.

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We've decamped to Germany

And so from here until the final on August 21, the rest of the Europa League knockout stages will be played in Germany around the region of Cologne. Every game is a straight knockout in a single leg format.

This game between United and Copenhagen is being played in Cologne's stadium, kick-off is at 20:00 BST on Monday. The winners of this Europa League quarter-final will face the winner of Sevilla vs Wolves, which takes place on Tuesday, and so there is the possibility of an all-English semi-final.

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