As It Happened: Jordan smash and grab sees them defeat Kosovo
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That's all I've got for you tonight, hopefully you enjoyed the coverage of this game as Jordan beat Kosovo 2-0 in Pristina in the end.

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Jordan - What It Means

Jordan will know this wasn’t their greatest performance they’ve ever had, having to dig deep at the back for some time, but their resilience defensively, as well as their smash-and-grab technique late on, will stand them in good stead in the future.


Their next game is another international friendly in Europe, this time away to Belarus for a game next Tuesday at 5:00 PM GMT, meaning it is 8:00 PM local time.


Following on from that game, they’ll be looking to set their sights on the 2023 Asian Cup, which they are in the third round of qualification for that will continue next summer.

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Kosovo - What It Means

For Kosovo this will be seen as a frustrating result, in that they had the lion’s share of possession as well as an abundance of chances but were unable to take any of them in the end.


They are set to face Greece on Sunday, in the final match of their World Cup Qualifying group but unfortunately for them they can no longer get to the tournament in Qatar next winter.


After that, the focus will shift to the Nations League tournament, and from then on it will be back to attempting to qualify for a major tournament for the firs time in their history again.

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All the key stats from the game

Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Shots: 16 - 8

On Target: 5 - 4

Possession: 54% - 46%

Corners: 9 - 1

Fouls: 12 - 15

Yellow Cards: 2 - 3

Red Cards: 0 - 1

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The mood among Kosovo fans...

18:5318 days ago

Match Summary

Jordan had to be strong in defence for much of the game, but two goals - one early and one late - gave the visitors the victory in Pristina against a poor Kosovo side.


It was Jordan who got the opening goal of the game just under 20 minutes in, when an excellent run from Faisal ended in him attempting a shot which, after a big deflection, ended up in the back of the net.


The rest of the first half was relatively short of action, but it did include some rather nasty challenges, which the referee surprisingly let by, despite their physical nature in just a friendly game.


During the second half it was Kosovo with almost all of the opportunities, as well as most of the ball, but they could do nothing with it in the end and after a second goal in the 85th minute for the away side, the game was all but over.

18:5218 days ago

Player of the Match - Baha' Faisal

There were a few Jordan players I could’ve opted for, including at the back, after a very solid defensive performance put in by the away side.


As it was however, Baha’ Faisal’s opening goal in the 18th minute set up Jordan’s gameplan for the rest of the 90 minutes so the player of the match accolade must go to the 26-year-old striker.


He made an excellent run from within his own half, using his strength to keep off Kosovo defenders before letting fly with a shot that, after a fortunate deflection, landed in the net to give his side the lead, and the eventual win.

18:5218 days ago

FULL TIME: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

And with that the referee blows the whistle for full time here in Pristina, as Jordan get the win against a Kosovo side who rarely threatened the visitors goal too much.


The opening goal came in the 18th minute, when Faisal charged up the pitch form just inside his own half, before letting fly with an effort that took a huge deflection and found its way into the net.


For much of the second half the game followed a very similar pattern throughout, with Kosovo having most of the ball but unable to break down their opponent quite enough.


Jordan had to stand firm for some time, but they got a second in the 85th minute to secure the victory, and will be pleased with the performance they put in when they analyse the game.

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90+2: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Also during that time, the fourth official showed there was four minutes of added time at the end here.
18:4918 days ago

90+1: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Al-Rawabdeh is sent off late on here for a second yellow card just moments after Jordan see another chance saved by Muric.

Lots of action near the end here!

18:4618 days ago

88: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Abulaila now makes an excellent save, preventing Muriqi from getting a goal back for the hosts late on here.
18:4518 days ago

87: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Muric makes a brilliant save to prevent a third going in and that gives them a tiny, tiny chance of pulling this back still.
18:4318 days ago

GOAL!: Kosovo 0-2 Jordan

Jordan have their security goal!

Aldaradreh gets in behind, pouncing on a Kosovo mistake and finishes ruthlessly past the goalkeeper.

18:3918 days ago

81: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A fierce strike from Zhegrova looks threatening but it flies over the bar, to the frustration of all those in support of Kosovo.
18:3818 days ago

80: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Jordan have a rare chance to get a second but they waste the opportunity, which could come back to bite them if they don't see this through.
18:3318 days ago

75: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Just under 15 minutes left in normal time here, can Kosovo find the equaliser they've been searching for?
18:2918 days ago

71: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A brilliant ball into the box from Vojvoda is headed down by Muriqi but the striker heads it straight at the goalkeeper, much to Kosovo's frustration.
18:2618 days ago

68: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Abulaila has gone down with an injury I'm not quite sure how he's picked up considering he hasn't been running around a whole lot.

Then again, we are talking about a goalkeeper who has been trying to time waste since his side went ahead in the 18th minute, so it's not too surprising.

18:2318 days ago

66: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

It's attack after attack from the home sides and it appears as though a big chance will finally materialise but so far the final ball has been poor, allowing Jordan to clear with ease.
18:2118 days ago

63: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Vojvoda puts the ball in but it's defended well by Al-Dumeiri and he wins the foul for his side too.

He's been heavily involved in the first 15 minutes of this second period of the game.

18:1918 days ago

61: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

... which is then headed down by Fazliji but the keeper is there to collect with relative ease.

The search for an equaliser goes on.

18:1818 days ago

61: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A poor free kick from Jordan but they do win a corner out of it...
18:1718 days ago

59: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

There's a few substitutions for both sides throughout this game, owing to the large amount of changes allowed.

I won't go through them all, not least because it would take me about three hours to write them all out.

18:1318 days ago

55: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Rashica shows off an excellent piece of skill to get away from his man but again his shot is blocked.

That was a smart turn from the Norwich City forward there, but perhaps he should've passed to a teammate instead of taking the shot on.

18:1118 days ago

53: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Jordan have a corner which is swung in from the right hand side but is easily cleared away, setting Kosovo onto a potential counter attack but that too is closed down.
18:0918 days ago

47: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A Kosovo corner comes in which is headed over by Muriqi.

That's a much better start from the hosts than in the first half though.

18:0418 days ago

46: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Kastrati and Zhegrova come on for Halimi and Kryeziu at the start of this second half which is now underway.
17:5918 days ago

Kosovo fans aren't too happy...

17:5418 days ago

The key statistics

Shots: 5 - 3

On Target: 2 - 1

Possession: 52% - 48%

Corners: 4 - 0

Fouls: 8 - 7

Yellow Cards: 1 - 1

17:4918 days ago

HALF TIME: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

The referee blows the whistle for half time, neglecting to add on any additional time after what was a half lacking in too many clear cut opportunities.

A goal did come in the 18th minute as Faisal made a great run forward, not being closed down by any defenders, before his deflected strike made its way in.

For the remainder of the half, few chances were created but there were some big challenges going in, making the game more than watchable for the opening 45 minutes.

That said, the hosts do need to improve if they are to get anything out of this game, with Kosovo being relatively poor throughout so far.

17:4618 days ago

45: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Rashica puts a brilliant ball in, heading towards Muriqi in the box but it is cleared away from a corner which is far too deep.
17:4518 days ago

44: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Shala makes a positive run forwards but his final pass is poor and can't penetrate the Jordan defence.
17:4318 days ago

42: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Al-Rawabdeh picks up a yellow card for a cynical foul.
17:4218 days ago

41: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Halimi goes in with yet another big challenge and being on a yellow card he does need to be careful about the fouls he is committing here.
17:4118 days ago

40: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Primaz Gliha isn't best pleased with his side's performance so far, as they have struggled to create any clear opportunities and have looked shaky at the back too.

They'll need to improve in the second half.

17:3918 days ago

38: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A big challenge comes in from Halimi on Faisal and it's actually starting to become quite feisty here despite it being a so-called 'friendly'.
17:3718 days ago

36: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Jordan are doing well to both cut out Kosovo attacks and look to create their own chances on the break too.

They're getting closer to a second.

17:3418 days ago

33: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Faisal fires a free kick from very far out looking for his second goal of the game but can't keep his effort down.
17:3118 days ago

30: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Vojvoda tries to put the ball into the box first time after a cross-field pass comes towards him in the air but gets it spectacularly wrong, sending it out for a Jordan goal kick.
17:2718 days ago

26: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Abulaila makes a great stop to deny Muriqi after he fired an effort towards the bottom left corner.
17:2618 days ago

25: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

A great delivery from the resulting corner and Rrahmani gets his head on it but it goes just wide.
17:2518 days ago

24: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

It's a decent effort from Berisha as his effort flies just over the crossbar but not quite close enough.
17:2418 days ago

23: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Kosovo get a free kick right on the edge of the box after Abdullarman commits the foul.
16:3918 days ago

22: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Rashica appeals for a penalty after he attempts to put a cross in but the referee waves the appeals away.
17:2218 days ago

21: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

Kosovo have responded well to going behind but it means they're leaving gaps at the back by pushing more players forwards.

It feels like there could be more goals in this one!

17:1918 days ago

GOAL!: Kosovo 0-1 Jordan

There's the opening goal!

Jordan race forward on the counter attack and Faisal runs almost the whole pitch before hitting a shot from distance which deflects off of Fazliji before somehow finding its way into the net.

17:1818 days ago

17: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

Jordan have a free kick just inside the Kosovo half which Abdullarman swings in but it comes to nothing.
17:1518 days ago

14: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

It's not the busiest this stadium has ever been but there is a decent noise coming from the home fans, helped by a drum in the crowd too.
17:0918 days ago

8: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

Jordan get forward for the first time but can't do much to threaten the hosts' defence.
17:0618 days ago

5: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

The corner comes in and Kryeziu gets his head on it but it takes an unfortunate deflection of a teammate and bounces behind for a goal kick.
17:0518 days ago

4: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

It's another good cutback by Berisha which forces a corner and this has been a good start for Kosovo.
17:0418 days ago

3: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

A good ball in from the left wing looked dangerous but no Kosovo attackers could get on the end of it.
17:0018 days ago

KICK OFF: Kosovo 0-0 Jordan

The game is underway in Pristina, stick on this page for all the updates from the game.
16:5018 days ago

Ten minutes to go...

There's not long now until the game gets underway in Pristina, with the teams set to emerge from the tunnel shortly.
16:4418 days ago

Jordan: Recent Results

Jordan have also had a mixed bag in recent games, though they have fared much better since their new manager has come into the frame.

After losing 1-0 to Australia in World Cup Qualifying in June and 2-0 to Haiti at the start of September, they have since gone on to pick up three wins.

The first was against Bahrain, where they won 2-1, and then their two most recent results, wins against Malaysia and Uzbekistan have been particularly impressive, winning 4-0 and 3-0 respectively.

16:3918 days ago

Kosovo: Recent Results

Looking back at their last five games, it's been something of a mixed picture for Kosovo.

They've lost their last three, to Georgia 2-1, to Sweden 3-0, and finally to Spain 2-0 back at the start of September.

However, before that game they had picked up a point at home to Greece drawing 1-1, and won away at Georgia 1-0, so it's not been the worst pattern of results for the home side.

16:3018 days ago

The Managers: Adnan Hamad

For the visitors, their manager is not much longer in the job than his opposite number on the touchline, with Adnan Hamad only taking over in June of this year.

The Iraqi former player has been in charge for four games thus far, losing his first 2-0 in Haiti, but winning each of the three following that inaugural loss.

That has included wins against Bahrain, Malaysia and Uzbekistan, the last two of the three they beat 4-0 and 3-0 respectively, but whether they can repeat such a result away from home remains to be seen.

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16:2418 days ago

The Managers: Primoz Gliha

Looking at Kosovo first of all, and their manager is currently in a caretaker position after the previous one, Bernard Challandes, was sacked.

Primoz Gliha has not yet managed the team, and confirmed he would only be in charge for this game, and their final one of this year away to Greece on Sunday.

He was previously an assistant coach under Challandes but has been temporarily promoted in order to fill the gap left by the departure of his predecessor.

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16:1718 days ago

View from the home fans...

16:1018 days ago

Jordan Starting XI

...and here's what the away team looks like.
16:0518 days ago

Kosovo Starting XI

Here's the lineup from the home team... 
15:5518 days ago

5 Minutes Until Team News!

There's not long to go until we get team news from Kosovo, stay right here for all the updates.
15:0418 days ago


You can follow the game live here on VAVEL for all the latest updates.
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Tune in here for Kosovo vs Jordan

I'll see you back here very soon when I'll be bringing you team news from this one, so don't close this tab.

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What time does the game kick-off across the world?

  • India: 10:30 PM
  • South Africa: 7:00 PM
  • Australia (Sydney): 4:00 AM
  • Japan: 2:00 AM
  • USA (New York): 12:00 PM
14:4918 days ago

What time does the game kick-off?

This game will be being shown live on the red button of Sky Sports so, if you are subscribed to the channel, you can watch live coverage of the game itself.

It is scheduled to kick off at 5:00 PM GMT, which is 6:00 PM local time, but there will be some brief build up prior to the match getting underway.

Otherwise, you can always follow the game right here on this live blog with me if you prefer, where I'll have regular updates throughout the 90 minutes.

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Kosovo vs Jordan Prediction

Being just a friendly, this sort of game can either go one of two ways: a boring 0-0 draw which is remarkably empty of chances, or a thrilling match in which one side edges it.

I'm going to be optimistic and go for the latter of those two options, so I'm prepared for a goal-filled match this afternoon in Kosovo.

As such, my prediction is for a 3-3 draw - though perhaps there will be a late winner on the cards for one side to end a hopefully enthralling game, even if the result itself doesn't particularly matter.

14:3918 days ago

Latest games between Kosovo and Jordan

With Kosovo only starting to play matches regularly in the 2013/14 season, they have never gone up against their upcoming opponents in the form of Jordan ever before.

In fact, they've only played 38 matches in their entire history, meaning the likelihood of them facing any team previously is relatively unlikely in the grand scheme of things.

Therefore, this is a chance for a historic result for either side to mark the first win for their country in this fixture, setting a precedent each time it's played out in the future.

14:3418 days ago

Key Player from Jordan - Baha' Faisal

From Jordan, it was slightly more difficult to pick out just an individual, with their national team squad changing relatively regularly, but I've gone with Baha' Faisal.

The forward, who plays for the Qatari club Al-Shamal currently, is something of a goalscoring machine, getting an incredible 36 goals in just 38 games for his club side.

His form is also up there with some of the best for the national team too, having got 14 goals in 46 appearances, which he'll be hoping to add to tonight against Kosovo.

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14:2918 days ago

Key Player from Kosovo - Amir Rrahmani

For the home side in this game, there were a few players that could've been chosen as a potential one to watch based on both club and country form in recent games.

The person I'm going for though, is the national team captain Amir Rrahmani, who has made 41 appearances for his national side since his debut in 2014.

In that time, being a centre back, it's impressive to see he's notched up five goals, so he's one to look out for not only for his defensive responsibilities, but also going forward, particularly at set pieces.

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14:2418 days ago

Probable line-ups of Jordan

Team News of Jordan
  • Jordan announced their squad on November 5th ahead of this fixture
  • Based on the player selected in that, they have no obvious injury concerns
  • They should be able to field whatever squad they like out of the players called up

Predicted XI

Yaseen; Khairullah, Yaseen, A-Arab, Al-Dmeiri; Abdel-Rahman, Haddad, al-Bakhit; Faisal, Al-Saify, Al-Dardour

14:1918 days ago

Probable line-ups of Kosovo

Team News of Kosovo
  • Elbasan Rashani has had to leave the squad due to an injury
  • Both Lirim Kastrati and Bersant Celina were requested to be withdrawn by their clubs - Legia Warsaw and Ipswich Town respectively
  • Zymer Bytyqi has been ruled out with a muscle injury

Predicted XI

Muric; Vojvoda, Rrahmani, Hadergjonaj, Aliti; Berisha, Loshaj, Drešević, Domgjoni; Muriqi, Rashica

14:1418 days ago

Who is the referee and his assistants?

The referee for Kosovo vs Jordan will be Dejan Jakimovksi and his assistants will be Dejan Kostadinov and Kushtrim Lika.

On fourth official duties will be Aleksandar Grujoski​​​, with all of the officials coming from North Macedonia for this particular game.

14:0918 days ago

Jordan: Building back stronger

As for Jordan, they've already unfortunately missed out on their chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup after coming third in their group on goal difference.

Therefore, their hopes will now turn to the 2023 Asian Cup, which they remain in qualifying for, the next round of which is due to take place at some point next summer.

This game gives them a chance to test out any new tactics, and indeed new players, in preparation for what will be a tough run of games to get to a major tournament for only the fifth time in their history.

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14:0418 days ago

Kosovo: Looking to build confidence

For Kosovo, this fixture will be primarily seen as a time in which the squad of players, and indeed the fans, can regain some confidence in their abilities.

They've not had the greatest qualification campaign for the World Cup, though for a country with a population of just 1.8 million, they've not done too badly whatsoever.

They currently have four points in a group containing Spain, Sweden and Greece, which is a very respectable tally, and will want to build up teams spirits ahead of their final game in the group on Sunday.

(Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)
(Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)


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The match will be played at the Pristina City Stadium

The Kosovo vs Jordan match will be played at the stadium Fadil Vokkri Stadium, in Pristina with a capacity of 13,500 people.

Having opened back in 1953, this arena has hosted Kosovo  international games since the country's independence in the late 1990s.

It has seen many different opponents come to visit, including Spain, England and Sweden to name just a few away sides.

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Welcome to's coverage of the 2021 International Friendly match: Kosovo vs Jordan Live Updates!

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