Yilmaz praises teammates as Turkey over power the Czech Republic

The forward lauded his team as they beat the Czechs to secure third.

Yilmaz praises teammates as Turkey over power the Czech Republic
Yilmaz celebrates his opening goal (source: the Independent)

Turkey beat the Czech Republic 2-0 as they claw their way to third place. The win was Turkey’s first of the tournament as if results got their way they have a chance of still qualifying for the next round.  The result also consequently saw the Czech Republic knocked out of the tournament.

Burak Yilmaz opened the scoring in the first ten minutes, after scoring a half volley, which left the Czechs on the back foot for the rest of the game. Turkey then doubled the score line after the hour mark through an Ozan Tufan strike. The second goal was controversial as many do not understand the decision and timing behind the free-kick which led to the goal.

We took our chance

The Turkey goalscorer admitted that the game last night was their “last chance” to carry on in the tournament. Yilmaz knew that “it wasn’t enough just to win but to win by two clear goals”. The result does mean that Turkey have a chance of qualifying as a third place team, but they will have to hope that other results fall into their favour due to their low goal difference. The forward added that “everything went just like [they] wanted” as they “hoped to score a goal early on” and so forcing their opponents to “[leave] space at the back” to create more chances for a second goal.

Proving the doubters wrong

Yilmaz added that the team are “very happy” as they put their “thoughts and feelings”. He added that “many things were written and said about us” but they did so “without knowing what’s going on in the squad”.  The forward also commented that everyone “fought very hard” and showed the world “the Turkish national team they have been missing”. However he also admitted that the team “lacked experience in the first two game” especially as it was a lot of players first tournaments.