Tripic seriously injured after nightclub fall

The Norwegian attacking midfielder fell from a gallery in a Nürnberg nightclub.

Tripic seriously injured after nightclub fall
Image credit: Greuther Fürth - Sportfoto Zink

Greuther Fürth have confirmed that attacking midfielder Zlatko Tripic has been "seriously injured" following a fall in a nightclub.

The incident occurred on Easter Sunday into Easter Monday in a venue in Nürnberg, with the club saying that an investigation is ongoing into how the fall happened.

This is the second serious accident to a Fürth player in as many seasons, after Ilir Azemi suffered major injuries in a car crash.

Long absence

For Tripic, there is not set date for him to return. A similar situation faced Azemi when he was involved in a car accident in the same city.

Their star striker still hasn't returned after the horrific crash, he was confirmed to have multiple broken bones and a lung contusion. He did, however, sign an extension in July.

The Norwegian is said to have suffered "head and spinal injuries" after falling from a nightclub gallery. It is not yet clear how far the the 23-year-old fell.

A statement on the Trolli-Arena outfit's website said that "the further course of recovery remains to be seen".

Martin Meichelbeck, speaking to, is trying to look on the bright side: "We hope for a positive healing process."

Tripic has found form hard to come by since moving to Germany. | Source: kicker
Tripic has found form hard to come by since moving to Germany. | Source: kicker

Tripic trying to adapt

Since arriving on deadline day during the Winter window in 2015 from Start in Norway, it has been hard going for the 23-year-old.

Happy to play in any of the attacking positions behind the striker, Tripic was involved as recently as the Shamrocks' last game - a dramatic 2-2 draw with VfL Bochum.

Despite a run of matches before the late substitute appearance before the international break, the attacker has yet to register a goal or assist during his time in Franconia.

However, VAVEL can only wish Zlatko a speedy recovery. Hopefully he is back on the pitch soon.