Di Francesco tells how his team must work

The Sassuolo tactician says how the team should work, what he expects from his players and why he couldn't work with Mario Balotelli

Di Francesco tells how his team must work
Di Francesco in a match- source: www.lineadiretta24.it

In an interview with Sassuolo coach Giuseppe Di Francesco from La Gazzetta dello Sport he said how the teams under his command must do the things.    He was asked if he could work with Mario Balotelli  and he laugh and said "I want first of all players who are prepared to sacrifice themselves and work for the team. If they don’t all work together, then everyone struggles." 

There is no doubt that Balotelli is a great striker, but he is far away from his best form and we all know the character from the Italian player, the technician also said that "I want forwards who take men on and go for the goal. Otherwise, if everyone is running along lateral lines, then you run out of pitch" after this declaration we can understand why doesn't want Balotelli in his team.

How his 4-3-3 works

It is well known that Di Francesco likes to play football in a high tactical way, since he is on the bench of Sassuolo it's a team that anyone can underestimate and he said why his offensive is a great one "The way my trident works, put simply, is that one forward goes on the wing, one attacks the first post, one attacks the second." The Sassuolo has two great Italian strikers such as Domenico Berardi and Nicola Sansone both players are very young and have a great chemistry between them and the coach is happy with them "The three strikers have to move in a coordinated fashion and in that sense Domenico Berardi is the best. Nicola Sansone comes straight after him in that list." Berardi play in the right side of the trident so he can have a major control of the attack "First he has to control the ball already preparing it for the next move. Then he has to move the ball towards the Centre and run at the goal. He mustn’t go wide, I don’t like him crossing, as the full-back and midfielders have to focus on providing width."

His favourite "9"

He first said how a centre forward should play according to his thoughts "The centre-forward must always attack the goal and run in that direction. Only the linesman should run towards the corner flag, not the striker." After this statements he said that his "ideal" number 9 would be Simone Zaza, who is currently playing at the Juventus. He is also a great fan of  Edin Dzeko, Carlos Bacca, Diego Perroti and Francesco Totti, he like the work of the last two as false 9.