The "dream" 11 for Juventus next term including Isco and Cavani

La vecchia signora had a bad start but went up and in Champions League they went out faster than they thought.

The "dream" 11 for Juventus next term including Isco and Cavani
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The Italian team had a difficult start and was eliminated in the round of 16 of the  Champions League by Bayern MunichJuventus managed to climb to the top of the Serie A  but the club didn't like been eliminated of the Champions League so they already are thinking in bringing some big caliber players to avoid this situation in the next season.

The reinforcement

According to fichajes Juventus has his eyes on two incredible players, they are Edinson Cavani from PSG  and Isco Alarcón from Real Madrid. This is not the first time the Uruguayan and Spanish player has been related to the Italian club. Bringing this two to the team it would be logical, recent rumors are saying that Alvaro Morata is returning to Real Madrid so buying Cavani would be a great replacement, in case that Morata doesn't go it would be a great reinforcement for the offensive of the bianconeri this move could happen because Mario Mandzukic is far away from his best shape and there is a possibility that Paulo Dybala also go away from Turin. Buying Isco it would be also a great replacement for Paul Pogba who is been related to other clubs, and if he stays Isco could represent a competition for the position in the middle of the field, thing that could push the other teammates to keep a constant good level on the pitch.

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A better role in Europe

Juventus was eliminated by the Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the Champions League, those who see both games saw that the two teams played a really good game the whole time but after the last game the team from Turin wasn't satisfied and they aspired to achieve something grater the next season, if Juventus would have this two on the bench or on the pitch things could went a little different and Juventus could been in the quarter finals so facing the next season the coach Masimilliano Allegri could have two more players in whom he could rely on.